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SalezShark Email Integration CRM in the USA

Email integration in CRM is one of the most powerful techniques that can help your business to grow by leaps and bounds in no time. It helps your business in various ways that strengthen your business communication with customers and prospects. It automates your email management process in a few clicks. It allows you to send, manage, and track your sales and follow-up emails right from the CRM. On a similar note, SalezShark CRM email integration offers you the same convenience of driving email engagements right from the CRM where you can manage your emails, create and send email follow up campaigns, create automated email workflow like follow-up emails and boost seamless communication with your target audience that results in better sales performance.

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What is SalezShark Email Integration CRM?

Undoubtedly, if you are driving your email management activities manually then it consumes a lot of your productive hours and is also a tedious process. Not only that but it also ends up in making a lot of human-bound errors resulting in poor performance of email campaigns that a cause a major dip in customer communication & sales. SalezShark email integration in CRM plays a vital role in overcoming such challenges by automating the entire email management process. This CRM helps you to automate all the email activities right from the creation of emails to sending email and finally tracking the performance of email campaigns. The sole purpose of SalezShark email integration in CRM is to drive your email campaigns seamlessly and that enhances the email performance that includes an open rate of emails, click rate, and subscribe rate. It also works great in reducing the bounce rate of your emails by bringing them to almost zero.

SalezShark email integration CRM USA brings your Gmail inbox and SalezShrak CRM to one unified platform that helps in scaling up your email productivity. Emails are mostly preferred by all sizes of businesses to build seamless communication with prospects and existing customers. Manually creating and sending emails through your different set of email software and juggling your email inbox and CRM altogether is a time-consuming and tiring process. However, once you implement SalezShark CRM all can be done under one unified platform. With SalezShark email integration, you can easily access and manage your third-party email account(s) directly from your SalezShark CRM account without juggling between multiple apps and software.

Close deals quickly & stay productive

SalezShark email integration in CRM helps you to improve your email management activities by connecting your email inbox to SalezShark CRM. It helps you to sync your calendar and existing interactions with email recipients. It automatically keeps and maintains a record and maps all incoming emails of respective email recipients. It eases your job of sending emails and saving your customer email responses, all from a SalezShark unified portal. Hence you don’t need to constantly toggle between your Gmail inbox and SalezShark CRM which helps you to stay more productive and focus more on core sales.


Make lead capturing quick

As per many salespeople, lead capturing is one of the most crucial tasks nowadays. Manually capturing leads through emails eats up a lot of productive hours that often end up in a huge loss of good leads due to human-bound errors. Apart from this, clicking on every single email to open it and then capturing interested leads' responses waste a lot of time. To get rid of all such challenges you must implement SalezShark CRM email integration that automates your entire lead capturing process. It helps you capture leads through emails in no time. Simply by signing in on SalezShark CRM you can get all leads captured under one unified platform of SalezShark CRM gathered from multiple email campaigns.


Automate email follow-ups

SalezShark email integration CRM USA not only automates lead capturing but also automates your daily email activities. Have you ever imagined how difficult it would be to create and send mass emails and follow-up emails to every customer manually? Also don’t you think it will leave room for errors? So, in order to get rid of all such mistakes, you need to implement email integration CRM like SalezShark which automates your complete email management process that saves your time and enhances the productivity of your team by leaps and bounds.

SalezShark email integration CRM USA helps you to build automated email responses to various emails you receive from customers. There are certain emails by prospects and existing customers that need special attention as soon as they land into your email inbox; here SalezShark CRM enables you to create automated email responses to such emails. For example, if any new customer enters into the system, SalezShark CRM email integration immediately sends an automated response to a customer through a welcome email. This quick email response delights customers and generates a bond of trust between you and your customer.

Apart from designing automated follow-up emails, SalezShark CRM also allows you to set up reminders to shoot email campaigns for any specific event or date to any specific set of the target audience. It helps you to schedule your email campaigns in advance for any specific occasion or day, date, based on any geographical location, time zones & so on. By doing so you never forget to send emails to your customers at the right time which eventually helps you in boosting the email performance in terms of better open rate, click rate, and subscribe rate. So, SalezShark email integration is a powerful technique that automates your entire email process and helps you in building seamless communication with customers.

Drive email campaigns effectively & effortlessly

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Enhance communication & lead conversion

Nurturing leads effectively is a difficult task as it involves driving seamless communication with customers and educating them. Generally, sales executives fail to do it effectively and lose the chance to build a strong relationship with leads and existing customers. While nurturing a lead you should have a lot of patience, drive seamless communication, and make the target audience curious to know more about your business and take interest in your products & services. To do this effectively you should have a strong email follow-up strategy that enables you to be in constant touch with your leads and existing customers. As we know SalezShark CRM automates your follow-up emails process and apart from that it also helps you in creating personalized email campaigns in a few clicks. By creating personalized emails we mean that in mass email campaign creation while sending emails to an individual customer, your emails will be received by your target audience with their first names that add a touch of personalization into your mass email campaigns.

Besides this, SalezShark CRM also offers a wide range of email template galleries, where you can select highly customized readymade email templates to create and send multiple emails to leads/customers in a few clicks. As we know nurturing a lead demands you to educate your target audience on your business products and services and generate curiosity among them to know more and buy from you. So, to do this effectively you should stay in regular touch with your target audience by scheduling rigorous follow-ups through emails. It’s an old saying “out of sight is out of mind”, so to be always in the eye of a customer you must plan a strong follow-up emails strategy in the SalezShark CRM and set reminders for follow-up emails. By doing so, you can build seamless communication and relationship with your target audience and enhance the opportunity of lead conversion.

So, don’t wait for more to elevate your brand to the next level and boost your sales in no time, choose SalezShark email integration that acts as a solution to all sorts of email challenges. It is highly affordable and customizable as per your business & industry requirements that guarantee the bullet-proof security of your data by offering cloud-based CRM with easy accessibility on mobile phones as well.

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