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In the last few decades with the arrival of several advanced technologies (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big data Analytics) the dynamics of sales and marketing evolved tremendously. Gone are the days when businesses used to drive their sales process manually, now with the latest sales application like SalezShark Engage CRM, it’s very quick and easy to drive sales, boost customer engagement and generate revenue. The power of automation provided by this sales app helps business to automate their day-to-day sales activities and allow sales agents to focus on driving core sales activities that enhance productivity, boost sales, and helps in building strong relationships with prospects and existing clients.

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What is the SalezShark sales application for small businesses?

Sales play a vital role in any size of organization - small, medium, or large. Driving sales and generating revenue are a few objectives that are similar to any business in any industry. Similarly, the usage of sales app is equally beneficial for all sizes of businesses. It doesn’t mean if you have a small business, you don’t need a sales application. SalezShark sales application for small businesses helps small businesses in driving their sales effectively and automates every process involved in the lead management cycle; right from capturing the leads to nurturing the leads and then converting them into paying customers. In the absence of the SalezShark sales application for leads, it is difficult to drive all the stages of the lead management cycle manually. This consumes a lot of productive hours and also invites the chances of human-bound errors resulting in the loss of good leads and a huge dip in sales figures.

SalezShark sales application for small businesses automates every stage of the lead management cycle that primarily involves lead capturing, lead scoring, lead tracking, lead distribution, lead nurturing, and finally lead conversion. As we discussed above, manually driving all these stages of the lead management cycle is not only time-consuming but also invites a lot of human-bound errors. Also, manually it’s not an easy task to track all your leads and work on them together in a planned manner. You need a powerful and intuitive sales platform like SaleShark Engage CRM, where all your leads can be arranged under one platform that you generate from various sources like through calls, emails, and so on. Hence for small businesses using a powerful application for sales is very important to enhance sales and business growth.

Automate Lead Capturing

Capturing leads manually is not at all advisable nowadays. As we know capturing leads from multiple sources like through emails, landing pages, and social media portals consumes a lot of productive hours, so in such a situation logging every portal to fetch leads manually can be a herculean task. Here you need to have the power of automation that SalezShark Engage CRM offers you and helps you to automate the lead capturing process. By deploying SalezShark you can automate the entire process; without logging on multiple portals just by logging SalezShark CRM you can fetch all the leads from all sources automatically and can view them under its unified platform. Hence, you save time, enhance productivity and start building relationships with leads instantly without wasting much time.


Track Leads Easily

Only capturing the lead is not enough until you know how the lead originated and what is your lead’s buying preferences, needs, and pain points. SalezShark Engage CRM makes lead tracking quick and easy. It helps you understand the source of your leads, and wherefrom they originated, so by analyzing that you know where from which source you can fetch the maximum no. of leads. It also tracks pages visited by leads and all sorts of interactions make with leads in the past and present. Hence, by deploying SalezShark you know when to communicate with a lead and how you can offer your products and services to a lead as a solution to their issues and challenges.


Score & distribute leads

Another challenging task in managing the leads is to score them and distribute them among sales executives. If you fail to score leads then it would be difficult for you to know the quality of leads. Scoring of leads helps you to know the relevancy of leads and at the same time, you know the chances of leads turning into a deal. SalezShark automates this process of lead scoring by allowing you to set any rule or parameter based on that lead gets a score and it becomes easy for you to prioritize leads and first work on the leads with the good scores as they can turn into paying customers quickly and rest of the leads later. In this manner, you save time and start building relationships with leads faster.

After lead scoring, the next step is to distribute leads among various sales executives. Again at this stage of lead management, you can automate the process of lead distribution by setting any rule or parameter. Once the rule is set by you in the SalezShark sales application then all leads get automatically distributed among sales agents. Based on the rules and caliber of sales agents, leads are assigned to them, hence every lead is managed by the sales agent who is an expert and can resonate with the needs of a lead. By automating these stages the chances of leads falling through cracks during distribution also become zero and it ensures that leads are assigned to the right sales executive which amplifies the chances of lead turning into a deal.

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Turn leads into deals

Lead nurturing is not an easy task and is also one of the most crucial stages of the lead management cycle. Many sales agents find great difficulties in driving this stage and end up losing good leads. They fail to understand that while nurturing the leads you need to have a lot of patience, initiate seamless communication, and create curiosity among leads to know more and take interest in buying your products and services. Well, to do this effectively you need to make a strong email follow-up plan that helps you to be in regular touch with leads. As we say “out of sight is out of mind”, similarly you need to be in regular touch with leads through follow-up emails. At every stage of their buying journey, you must educate them on how your products and services can be a solution to their issues. To do this effectively you can do follow-up calls, emails, chat, and so on. However, the best organic way to do follow-ups with leads is through informative emails. SalezShark automates your email follow-up campaigns too which helps you to share informative content to leads at every stage of their buying journey. You can schedule follow-up emails in advance into the SalezShark system based on any date, event, or holiday, which can also be based on any time zone and geographies. Hence by scheduling follow-up emails you never miss touch with your leads and can educate them on your products and services at the right time of their need. Besides this, you can also set reminders for follow-up calls, product demos, and so on in the SalezShark Engage CRM. Hence by doing all of this with the help of SalezShark you can build strong communication and relationship with leads and enhance the chances of lead turning into a deal.

As we discussed above SalezShark sales app automates your lead capturing and nurturing process but besides this, it also helps you in turning leads into deals. While you nurture the deals and make interactions with deals you need to do that systematically. Here you need the help of SalezShark visual sales funnel. By using this visual sales funnel, you can arrange all your leads into it from top to bottom. Leads with which more interactions are made and display the higher chances of turning into deals can be moved to the bottom of the visual sales funnel and one with which chances are less stay at the top of the funnel. The movement of leads from top to bottom can be done easily by using the drag and drop functionality. It helps in arranging all your leads into this visual sale funnel together and makes your job easy in keeping a track of all leads together zeroing down the chances of missing out on any lead. By using this visual sale funnel you can easily, prioritize leads and work on those leads first that are at the bottom of the funnel and can turn them quickly into paying customers and the rest of the leads later. SalezShark's visual sales funnel also offers great advantages not only to the team of sales executives but also to the team of senior sales professionals. It makes their job of sales forecasting easy and accurate. Just by looking at the placement of leads in the sales funnel they can easily calculate the no. of leads expected to turn into deals and the expected amount of revenue that can be generated out of them.

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