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Best Automotive Lead Management System

The market for the automotive industry is getting competitive. Acquiring new leads is complex, making it necessary for dealers to shift their marketing strategy from manual to automated. Because managing leads is as important as generating, it can be managed and tracked easily if your data is located in a centralized location. If you are having trouble organizing and tracking your leads? Then the SalezShark automotive lead management system is just what you are looking for.

Our lead management system can easily integrate with other software car dealers use to make their day-to-day work more manageable. This makes it the best car dealer lead management software.


SalezShark automotive lead management system is designed with the help of professionals who have years of hands-on experience in the car dealership. Hence, they know exactly what problems a salesperson encounters in his daily routine. This car dealer lead management software allows you to manage your leads from the first stage of the sales funnel to the last step effectively and efficiently.

We understand that each lead is different from another; therefore, our automated lead management system designs a specific sales process to help you and your team close the deal faster. You will witness an increase in the number of test drives and the sale.

Benefits of implementing High-quality Automotive DMS

In this era of digitalization, customers want all information about the vehicle on their fingers tips which makes it necessary for car dealers to use the top automotive dealer management systems, which helps them provide flawless and personalized services to their customers by assisting them in their day-to-day work. This increases the customer's overall purchasing experience, which increases the probability of closing the deal. Here are some other benefits that a high-quality automotive lead management system provides:

All-in-one solution

Suppose using one mobile for calling, another for texting, another for social media, and one for WhatsApp. Wouldn’t it be weird and a nightmare situation? Thank God! All these activities can be performed with a single phone. This is what a dealer management system can do to your software needs. They can manage all the business activity from one place.

An automotive lead management system can manage all the business activity from one place. By replacing all the other software, it will reduce the headache of your team member and make their work convenient. Another benefit is that it stores all the data at a centralized location, increasing its accessibility.

Improved customer service

Selling a car in this digital world is getting tough day by day. Because not only you are competing with other local dealers but also with various websites. These websites have several advantages as they sell at the convenience of the purchasers, and they provide all information to their customers at their fingers tips. This is why there is a shift in customers' buying process. Today their decisions are greatly influenced by the various ads they see on social media.

According to a study, around 70% of customers' buying decisions are influenced by social media. Therefore, if you are a small dealer and looking for ways to survive in this competitive world. Then providing exceptional personalized service is the only way.

Data and marketing

Sales data has always been a critical factor for ages, and its importance has increased many times in this digital world. Dealers who clearly understand the data can perform exceptionally well with their sales. A data management system helps business owners and dealers understand the data by generating various reports customized according to their business needs. The automotive lead management system also helps them understand their customer's demands by providing more insights like their searches, website visits, or requested information. The marketing team can then use this data to create campaigns on social media platforms that produce desired results.


One major misconception among dealers about car dealer lead management software is that it is meant for extensive showrooms and big dealers. But the fact is that the automotive lead management system is much more beneficial for small dealers than big ones. For a small dealer, it provides an organized lead and, through automation, reduces their workload and improves efficiency. It can send follow-up emails to the customers and can register their responses. Not just with lead generation, but car dealer management software can help in every aspect of the business. It provides complete business solutions on autopilot mode, from invoicing to scheduling test drives to invoicing. You don’t have to hire a separate team for each task. Thus, it saves you a lot of money.

Challenges faced by Automotive Industry

Today, people working in this industry face various challenges like increasing manpower costs, high operating costs, multiple types of taxes imposed by the governments, increasing expectations of the customers, etc. according to a survey, around 71% of the dealers said that they did not achieve their expected revenue in the last year. They are also expecting a lower revenue in the coming years. So they are forced to reduce their operating cost to increase their sales value.

It is essential to do a proper follow-up with your lead to convert them into potential customers. This can only be achieved by implementing the automotive lead management system. This is where the lead management system comes into action. It sends relevant content to the customers, which keeps them engaging and helps them convert them into customers. It helps reduce the operational cost by increasing the work efficiency of the persons.

This software also helps the dealer provide a transparent and convenient experience to their customers, which is very important. Because nowadays, customers are more educated and aware of the particular systems. It helps them to increase revenue through strategic planning and execution. It also allows them to create plans needed to grow and improve.

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  • ●   Digital presence
  • ●   Campaign Management
  • ●   Online Service Management
  • ●   Business Analytics
  • ●   Car Sharing Management
  • ●   Lead Management
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Increase your market share with SalezShark Automotive Lead Management System

Customer experience is significant for a car dealership because purchasing a car is a costlier affair and is full of emotions and expectations. Families generally have a lot of trust in a car dealership before making any decisions. That is why a car dealer no longer can afford to ignore the customer's experience. In this digital world, various sites provide customers a place to share their car purchasing experience, and believe us, you will not like any of your customers to give negative feedback to you as it will have an enormous impact on your sales. SalezShark automotive lead management system can help you provide the best purchasing experience to your customers. It enables you to understand your customer in a better way by providing more insights about them.

  • ●   Reverse the reputation with vital service
  • ●   Create an enhanced customer experience
  • ●   Make your customer's lives easier
  • ●   Offer a complimentary maintenance program
  • ●   Reward customer loyalty
  • ●   Add a personal touch
  • ●   Do something unexpected

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