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Are you tired of going sorting your email lists, drafting textbook email responses, and/or personalizing each and every email you send out? What if all that and more could be done for you by an AI powered email automation software? It can. We can. Introducing SalezShark, the most affordable and intuitive marketing automation system.

Automate Your Email Marketing

Automate Your Email Marketing

Go from an idea to reality in mere minutes. Pick one our 100+ templates, have the system personalize every single one, and schedule all your email campaigns for the week in one sitting.

Let the AI respond to customers!

Introducing SalezShark drip marketing, which allows the software to send follow-ups based on customer behavior. Save time, money, and resources, by sending pre-written and timed messages and remove the scutwork out of your marketing efforts, freeing up time for more worthwhile endeavors such as strategy development and innovation.

Let the AI respond to customers!
Automated Lead Tracking & Filtering

Automated Lead Tracking & Filtering

Don’t waste your time on sifting through website traffic to find warm leads. Let the AI-powered automation systems take the lead and filter through the leads to find the warmest ones worth your time.

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What can you expect from the SalezShark Connect+ marketing automation system?

Three words: Intuitive. Affordable. Powerful.

Unlike other automation providers, whose jobs are done once your subscribe to their tool, our job only begins when you get in touch. Customer satisfaction is our obsession and creating tools that will help businesses better impact the future is our passion. We genuinely want you to succeed. As such, SalezShark Connect+, our all-in-one marketing solution, provides the tools necessary for the all important reach out (email automation, social media management, and soon text messaging) together with the 15 million strong B2B database. Two for the price of one!

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Do away with tedious yet important tasks such personalization, designing, and follow-ups.

Cost Effective

At a starting price of only $40, SalezShark is not only over 50% more affordable than other database providers, but also provides all the tools necessary to actually reach out as well.


The AI-powered SalezShark marketing tool can discern between cold and warm leads so you don’t have to.


Can’t find the tools you are looking for? No worries. At SalezShark we also provide custom built solutions and integrations to meet your needs specifically. You can request a custom build here .

Many More Features…

15M+ B2B Database

Utilize our built in database with over 15M datapoints to maximize your lead generation efforts.

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Mobile App Support

Send emails, get analytics, and connect with your customers on-the-go with our SalezShark Android/IOS app.

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Tons of Integrations

Utilize Zapier, Google, Linkedin, Sendgrid, ALL email providers, and 50+ other integrations for better communcation.

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The top stories, according to our clients!


Using SalezShark Connect+ as our campaign platform was a game-changer for us. With SalezShark’s' user-friendly interface and powerful features, we saw a remarkable increase in our campaign's reach and engagement. It allowed us to target the right audience effectively, resulting in a 30% boost in lead generation and a 20% increase in conversion rates.

Chayanika Bhattacharya

Co-Founder -


We were facing several challenges in our marketing efforts, from acquiring a targeted industry-specific database to finding a user-friendly email marketing solution. SalezShark stepped in as the solution to all these challenges, providing us with the tools and expertise needed to streamline our sales and marketing endeavours.

Navin Khaware

AVP-Sales at Check An Invoice


I have had exceptional service from SalezShark Connect after struggling with the complex & expensive marketing tool for 10 months. I have experienced handhold support at every step of my usage journey. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

Sr. Marketing Manager

Legal Services


SalezShark Connect is intuitive to use, and well laid out. Their support system is available 24/7 on mail, calls & chat. The easy accessibility of tracking engaged visitors, new leads and clients is a blessing for us to serve our customers more efficiently.

Sales Head

Travel & Tourism


The tool is indeed simplest and fabulous to use. It makes our communication look professional and at the same time provides detailed analysis and reports that assist us in tracking the engagement.

Content Strategist

Digital Agency


We really appreciate the contribution of SalezShark Connect in helping us to become ‘automated’ in our marketing initiatives. The workflow automations are well-versed and replaced my 5 other existing tools for being connected with both customers and new leads.


Real Estate Company



Email automation refers to the process of using software to automate email-based tasks. This can include anything from sending out automated welcome emails to new subscribers to automating marketing campaigns. Email automation can be a helpful way to improve efficiency and optimize email-based communications. It can also help to improve the quality of customer service by ensuring that customers always receive prompt and accurate responses to their inquiries. Additionally, email automation can help to reduce the amount of manual work required to manage large volumes of email communications. As a result, it can free up time for other tasks and allow businesses to better focus on their core objectives.

Marketing automation software can help businesses streamline and automate their marketing tasks. By using this type of software, businesses can save time and resources by automating tasks such as email marketing, social media campaigns, and targeted ads. In addition, marketing automation software can help businesses to track and analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns, providing valuable insights into what is working and what needs to be improved. Ultimately, marketing automation can help businesses to improve their overall marketing efficiency and effectiveness, leading to better results and a higher return on investment.

In order to be effective, a marketing automation tool must have a number of features. First, it should be able to segment your customer base into different groups. This will allow you to send targeted messages to each group, increasing the likelihood that they will engage with your content. Second, the tool should be able to track the customer’s journey from initial contact to purchase. This will help you to identify any pain points and areas where customers are dropping off.

Finally, the tool should provide robust reporting capabilities. This will allow you to see how your campaigns are performing and make necessary adjustments. By having these features, a marketing automation tool can help you to streamline your marketing efforts and improve your ROI.

Marketing automation systems are a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. By automating repetitive tasks, they can help marketing teams to focus on more strategic tasks and improve efficiency. When integrating a marketing automation system into your business, it is important to consider your specific needs and objectives. Once you have determined which features are most important to you, you can begin to evaluate different systems and select the one that best meets your needs. Once you have selected a system, it is important to take the time to properly train your team on how to use it. By taking the time to integrate a marketing automation system into your business, you can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

At SalezShark, we offer 24/7 support with out team ready to help you set up and integrate your systems with our marketing tools every step of the way. You can learn more about what we offer here.

Drip marketing is a type of lead generation in which potential customers are slowly “drip fed” information about a product or service over a period of time. This can be in the form of emails, targeted ads, or even physical mailers. The goal of drip marketing is to keep the potential customer’s attention focused on the product or service until they are ready to buy. While it may take longer to generate a sale using this method, drip marketing can be an effective way to create long-term customers. And, because each contact with the potential customer is carefully planned and orchestrated, it can be a very cost-effective way to generate leads.