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Simple. Affordable. Automated. Email Marketing

One tool to rule them all. SalezShark Connect+ is an award winning all-in-one email marketing tool that offers cutting edge email automation to personalize, optimize, and design breath taking emails in seconds.

 Automate Every Task

Automate Every Task

Save time and money by automating away tedious tasks, such as scheduling emails, creating follow-ups, and personalization. Send emails to your entire list with a click of a button!

What’s more, use our brand new drip marketing tool to create elaborate customer response based follow-ups and maximize lead conversion.

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Minimize Design Anxiety

Use our email marketing tool to select from tons of pre-built templates to design masterfully crafted emails to woo your target demographic and maximize click through rates.

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Minimize Design Anxiety
Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics

Get detailed reports about click through rates, open rates, spam scores, bounced emails, and more to optimize future emails and maximize lead conversions.

Many More Features…

15M+ B2B Database

Utilize our built in database with over 15M datapoints to maximize your lead generation efforts.

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Mobile App Support

Send emails, get analytics, and connect with your customers on-the-go with our SalezShark Android/IOS app.

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Tons of Integrations

Utilize Zapier, Google, Linkedin, Sendgrid, ALL email providers, and 50+ other integrations for better communcation.

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Why SalezShark

Three words: Simple. Accessible. Affordable.

And unlike other CRM and marketing automation providers, we walk the talk. We are an honest company where you will get exactly what you bargained for, nothing less but perhaps more. No hidden pricing. No outsourced customer service. 100% commitment to your cause.

Just like your business, SalezShark is a startup that had to think outside the box to find customers and scale. We used, and still use, our own products to build our brand, secure 1600+ clients, and win numerous award as a result. And all we hope to do is allow you the time to think differently by automating away tedious tasks with our AI-powered solutions, and this commitment to your success if what helps us stand apart and make us the best email marketing tool for your business.

Our Story

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The top stories, according to our clients!


Using SalezShark Connect+ as our campaign platform was a game-changer for us. With SalezShark’s' user-friendly interface and powerful features, we saw a remarkable increase in our campaign's reach and engagement. It allowed us to target the right audience effectively, resulting in a 30% boost in lead generation and a 20% increase in conversion rates.

Chayanika Bhattacharya

Co-Founder -


We were facing several challenges in our marketing efforts, from acquiring a targeted industry-specific database to finding a user-friendly email marketing solution. SalezShark stepped in as the solution to all these challenges, providing us with the tools and expertise needed to streamline our sales and marketing endeavours.

Navin Khaware

AVP-Sales at Check An Invoice


I have had exceptional service from SalezShark Connect after struggling with the complex & expensive marketing tool for 10 months. I have experienced handhold support at every step of my usage journey. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

Sr. Marketing Manager

Legal Services


SalezShark Connect is intuitive to use, and well laid out. Their support system is available 24/7 on mail, calls & chat. The easy accessibility of tracking engaged visitors, new leads and clients is a blessing for us to serve our customers more efficiently.

Sales Head

Travel & Tourism


The tool is indeed simplest and fabulous to use. It makes our communication look professional and at the same time provides detailed analysis and reports that assist us in tracking the engagement.

Content Strategist

Digital Agency


We really appreciate the contribution of SalezShark Connect in helping us to become ‘automated’ in our marketing initiatives. The workflow automations are well-versed and replaced my 5 other existing tools for being connected with both customers and new leads.


Real Estate Company



How to email automation tools help business?

Email marketing tools help businesses by allowing them to automate email marketing tasks. This automation can save businesses time and money while also increasing email open rates and click-through rates. Email automation, a subsection of email marketing, can also help businesses track the results of their email campaigns and make adjustments based on data. It’s further substantiated by a rising star of feature in the CRM space called…

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Not to brag, but we believe that our CRM software tool, SalezShark, is right up there when it comes to low-cost email marketing tools. Why? Because, unlike other b2b CRM software, our low-cost tool boasts the following features:

  1. Ease of integrating contacts (literally a click of a button).
  2. Ready-made templates for speedy email marketing campaigns. We mean if it takes more than 5 minutes to run a campaign, it doesn’t cut it!
  3. Personalization function. Imagine having a list of 1000 subscribers. You do not (we repeat, you do not!!!) want to personalize every single email, now do you?
  4. And the ability to monitor results. If you can’t monitor, you can’t optimize.

Of Course! SalezShark offers tons of integrations to be able to upload contacts not only from other CRMs and email marketing tools but excel files, Gmail, and even CSV. files.

There are four different ways you can go about writing and designing an email in our CRM software:

  1. We have ‘the plain vanilla’; AKA, write a plain text email like the kind most people do most of the time.
  2. Create a custom template using our in-built template builder. You can build amazing professional-grade email pages, with all sorts of designs, images, and everything in between. And no coding background is required!
  3. Choose one of our hundreds of pre-built templates so that the only thing you have to do is press ‘send.’
  4. If you’re an adventurer, you can also write custom code (HTML) to write your email!

There are a variety of email marketing tools available on the market, each with their own set of features and benefits. When choosing an email marketing tool, it’s important to consider your specific needs and objectives. Some email marketing tools are designed for smaller businesses (affordable and intuitive like SalezShark), while others are ideal for larger organizations (with hundreds of different features that a small business would never need). The best way to determine which email marketing tool is right for you is to take some time to research the different options and compare them side-by-side. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you can then contact the different providers to get more information about pricing and implementation times.

While different businesses, budgets, and goals will entail different prerequisites, in general, you would need two things to be in place: good working knowledge of email marketing and how it works (reputation mgmt., spam score mgmt., frequency mgmt., etc.) and more importantly, a large enough contact list to work off. While the former can be learned relatively quickly, especially when using some of the best email marketing tools on the market, a contact list is by far more important.

You won’t need an email marketing tool to reach out to 5 customers, but if you’re a blogger with 100+ subscribers and the budget to buy an email marketing tool, the latter may be a real timesaver, with its automation tools, pre-built templates, reputation mgmt. (which is a pain), etc. Even if you don’t have a customer list, you can solve this problem by literally buying data on your target demographic (like our 15M+ B2B database) and getting going overnight! So it really only depends on your budget, timeline, and your customer list.