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SalezShark Lead Management Software for Real Estate

Amplifying the performance of your lead management process is directly associated with the enhancement of sales and revenue generation of your business. With the growing competition, in the real estate industry, it is essential for real estate businesses to shake hands with advanced technology and start implementing lead management software for real estate like SalezShark CRM. This lead management system helps you to automate your entire lead management cycle and helps you in various stages of the lead management process. It doesn’t matter whether you run a small, medium, or large business, the need for lead management software is undeniable and highly required to beat the competition and make your leads turn into deals. If you have apprehensions regarding how feasible it will be to your business or industry then also you don’t need to worry as the SalezShark system is highly customizable as per your business and industry requirements. By using the SalezShark system you and your team of sales and marketing executives can build strong relationships with prospects by knowing their buying preferences, behavior, and their position in the buying journey.

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What is the SalezShark Real Estate Lead Management System?

SalezShark real estate lead management system offers you a highly user-friendly interface accessible via the internet. This cloud-based software offers you the ease of accessing your business anytime from anywhere via the internet. Not only this but it also offers you the ease to access it on your mobile phone which helps you to work remotely and stay in constant touch with your leads, colleagues, access reports, and so on. Hence its cloud-based technology and mobile-friendly interface help you and your team of sales and marketing executives to stay productive and never miss any chance to turn leads into deals. Hence, SalezShark is truly a lead management system. Apart from the easy accessibility, this software's core function is to manage your leads. It helps you to automate your entire lead management cycle. Manually managing leads often result in losing good leads, end up in human bound errors and causes a huge dip in sales and revenue generation, by deploying SalezShark you can overcome such challenges and make your lead management process produce a good number of lead conversions resulting in the growth of sales and revenue generation. SalezShark automates your daily activities performed with leads and enables you to create automated workflows for every lead interaction that helps you to stay more productive by saving time and resulting in turning leads into deals swiftly.

As your daily interactions with leads get automated you get a lot of time to work on more and more leads and maximize customer engagement. Now you can manage more leads in less time which enhances your productivity and also the chances of turning leads into paying customers also increase. Besides, daily interaction with leads there are other tasks as well that are important and also consume a lot of time if done manually such as lead capturing, scoring, distribution, nurturing, and conversion. So, there are several stages in the lead management cycle, and driving every stage manually can be time-consuming and also leaves room for human-bound errors. Due to this, you can also lose some good leads that cause a dip in sales growth. Therefore to get rid of such a situation you must deploy SalezShark which leaves no scope for human-bound errors and automates your entire lead management cycle that helping you in turning more leads into deals effectively and swiftly.

Manage leads with SalezShark Real Estate Lead Tracking Software

SalezShark real estate lead tracking software helps you in automating your entire lead management process that majorly involves capturing the leads, scoring them, distributing, nurturing, and then finally converting the leads into paying customers. When it comes to lead nurturing then it is a tedious process to capture leads manually from multiple portals like social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram), landing pages, email campaigns, and so on. To make it quick SalezShark automates this process and with a single sign-in into the SalezShark system you can see all leads get captured from multiple portals automatically and imported into the system. By leveraging this power of automation without wasting any time you can start working on leads instantly and amplify the productivity of your lead management process. Besides lead capturing, with the power of SalezShark automation, you can automate the process of lead scoring and lead distribution too. Here you need to simply put any rule or parameter in the system and after that when any lead enters the system it gets a score automatically, based on that sales and marketing executives can evaluate the relevance of leads and start building interactions with leads. Once all the leads get scores they also get automatically distributed among sales executives based on the rule set by you in the system. Every lead gets assigned to the most appropriate sales executives based on his/her area of expertise which ensures all leads get nurtured efficiently.


Strengthen your relationships with leads

As you automate the process of lead capturing, scoring, and distribution; the next step is to build strong relationships with leads and that gets only possible with a robust lead nurturing process. This is the most crucial stage because if leads are not nurtured properly they tend to lose interest in your products and services and you might lose good leads. At this stage, they need to be educated properly on your products and services but simply educating won’t work. You need to share informative content on your products and services in a manner that resonates with the needs and pain points of leads. Your content should generate curiosity among leads to know more about your products and services and should start believing that your products and services can act as a solution to their issues. You can do this effectively by calling the leads and also by sending regular emails and building seamless communication with leads. By doing so you keep a constant touch with leads and the chances of missing any lead become negligible. SalezShark real estate lead management system helps you in automating this process too by allowing you to draft, schedule, and run multiple mass email campaigns that generate awareness and curiosity among leads to buy from you. You can create a follow-up email campaign quickly by accessing the SalezShark email template library gallery which offers a variety of highly customized email templates. You can choose your desired email template and by using the drag and drop functionality you can create email campaigns in a few clicks. After that, you can schedule these email campaigns based on any event, date, holiday, time zone, and geographies that ensure your emails deliver at the right time. Apart from that, you can also personalize every email in the mass email campaign by addressing every email recipient with his/her first name which enhances personalized communication and relationship with leads/prospects.


Boost lead conversion

At last the most crucial phase that can either make your sales up or down is the lead conversion phase of the lead management cycle. This is the phase where your leads make a buying decision. This is the time when they are not only interacting with you but also with your competitors. Hence this is the most crucial time for you and your sales team to maintain the stickiness with leads. Here if you miss any communication or any query made by a lead can be lethal for your business, you won’t only lose a good deal but also the brand reputation might go down. So to get rid of such a situation SalezShark offers you a feature of building a visual sales funnel. In this sales funnel you can keep all your leads together arranged based on the kind of interactions and their probability of buying from you. As the lead shows more interest in buying, you can move it to the bottom of the funnel. This can be done easily by using the drag and drop functionality. This visual sales funnel also helps you in prioritizing leads and you can work first on those leads that are at the bottom of the funnel with high possibilities of buying from you and then the rest of the leads. In this manner, you can work on all leads together and can also know when to give attention to which leads helps in boosting the lead to client conversions.

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Advantages of SalezShark Lead Management Software for Real Estate

SalezShark offers you numerous advantages that make the job of your sales and marketing professionals easy in driving the lead management process and producing a good number of sales that boost your revenue generation. By using SalezShark not only do sales and marketing agents get the benefits but also it helps senior sales professionals in forecasting sales accurately. As you place leads into the sales funnel it automatically calculates the expected amount of revenue that can be generated from every lead. Hence, just by looking at the sales funnel it becomes easy for senior sales managers to calculate the overall expected number of sales and revenue generation for any period of time. Also by using SalezShark, you can rest assured of its accessibility as it is cloud-based software so it can be easily accessed from anywhere with the help of the internet. SalezShark also offers you a highly safe online environment where all your documents and customer information are secured. It allows you to set permissions to online documents and based on that you can either allow or deny access to view or edit the information by any employee of your company.

Last but not least the onboarding process of the SalezShark real estate agent lead management software is very quick and simple. SalezShark offers a seamless onboarding process and it doesn’t require much effort by employees to start using it on a daily basis. With multiple training sessions and live tutorials, the process of onboarding becomes easy and quick. So, if you are keen to boost your lead management cycle performance and elevate customer engagement to the next level resulting in the growth of sales and revenue generation then choose SalezShark CRM now.

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