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Most of the brands nowadays struggle in tracking customer engagement and chasing marketing qualified leads. By deploying marketing software, brands can scale up their marketing campaigns and deliver more personalized & targeted communication. SalezShark Connect+ best marketing software Punjab is AI-driven marketing software that promises to deliver seamless, personalized experiences at scale. Let’s explore how Marketing Company in Punjab helps brands drive marketing activities effectively.

How does SalezShark marketing software Punjab help various brands?

Automate day-to-day
marketing tasks

In a fast-paced marketing world, and brands usually feel pressure to do more with less. Marketers always work under pressure to generate more leads, grow more revenue, and close more deals in less time. Once one marketing campaign is finished, another starts immediately. By deploying SalezShark Connect+ marketing software in Punjab, marketers can get a sigh of relief as marketing tools Punjab automates day-to-day marketing tasks that enable them to focus more on building a relationship with leads and existing customers.

Nurture leads effectively

Most of the time, marketers complain their leads aren’t converting, or they have a leaky sales funnel. According to B2B Technology Marketing Community, 61% of B2B marketers face a hard time generating high-quality leads. Managing poor leads that fail to convert is frustrating, but it can be fixed by deploying powerful marketing software. Marketing Company in Punjab enables you to nurture leads with relevant and useful information across multiple channels until they get convinced to buy your products and services.

Design customer experiences that fetch repeat businesses and loyal clientele

By deploying SalezShark Connect+ best marketing software in Punjab, you can create customer experiences that bring repeat business and loyal customers. Marketing tools Punjab helps you make every customer interaction memorable without doing anything manually. You can use this software to draft and send beautifully designed newsletters and ask customers to review your product and services with automated engagements.

Create & automate buyers’ journeys that capture & convert new leads

SalezShark Connect+ best marketing software Punjab automatically captures leads from multiple sources like websites, emails, blogs that not only save your time but enable you to nurture them with personalized emails. It automates your entire buyers’ journey by educating new leads, assigning leads, booking appointments, and following up with leads. It integrates various popular applications you already use to understand and engage your prospects and existing customers. Hence best marketing software Punjab becomes easy for you to capture and convert leads into deals quickly.

Create & manage marketing campaigns in a few clicks

SalezShark marketing tools in Punjab enable you to draft and send highly personalized mass email marketing campaigns in a few clicks. Marketing Company in Punjab helps you draft and send customized email marketing campaigns using highly customizable and readymade email templates that save a lot of your productive hours. Apart from this, you can showcase your products and services in front of your prospects effectively by sending such emails. It also enables you to schedule follow-up emails in advance to fetch good sales & revenue.

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Create an intelligent list of contacts for
effective email marketing

SalezShark Connect+ marketing software in Punjab helps you to create a list of email addresses from multiple sources, and also it has an integrated database of b2b contacts of various organizations that helps in the creation of the most relevant email list. Hence, by using this feature, you can easily manage & update all the entries in the list. Apart from this, Marketing software Punjab automatically manages the bounce & unsubscribed list of email addresses & also offers some intelligent insights on the list performance.


Design personalized
email campaigns

SalezShark marketing tools in Punjab prove to be a great help in designing multiple mass email marketing campaigns in a few clicks. Manually drafting and sending mass email marketing campaigns with a touch of personalization is a tedious and time-consuming task.You can draft and send mass email campaigns in a few clicks, and it ensures that every email recipient gets addressed with their first name in the received email that instantly builds a personalized bond with the email recipient.


Leverage highly customized
email templates

The sophisticated marketing tools of Connect+ enable you to draft marketing emails quickly. Offers various highly customized and readymade email templates that help you prepare marketing emails rapidly and provides an option to add relevant CTAs and links into Marketing software Punjab, which enhances the performance of emails in terms of open rate, click and subscribe rate. These email templates also enhance the visual appeal of your content and entice email recipients to know more about your products and services.


Track & optimize customer

Tracking and optimizing customer engagement is essential, and many marketers face significant issues in doing it. However, deploying SalezShark marketing tools in Punjab makes it easy to capture, track, manage, and score leads. Marketing software Punjab automates the entire marketing process, enabling you to optimize customer engagement and build a strong relationship with customers. It offers you an easy way to provide the right content to the right target audience on the right platform, where they are comfortable getting engaged with you.


Get access to marketing reports and
dashboards in a few clicks

SalezShark's best marketing software Punjab eases your job in creating various marketing reports in a few clicks. It also gives you access to multiple auto-generated marketing reports that save your time, and you can present those reports to senior management. These reports are in the form of easy-to-understand graphs and pie charts that help you deliver the marketing campaigns’ performance presentation effectively. All these reports are also segregated into different Dashboards that allow you to view the overall marketing process performance at a glance.


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