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To market your products and services effectively it’s highly essential to target the right audience with the right messaging that resonates with the pain points of buyers. And as the competition is rising exponentially in the marketing domain you can’t afford to invest all your time in only creating a product messaging. During such times it is essential for you to deploy powerful marketing automation software like SalezShark Connect+ into your marketing process that improves the overall success ratio of your email marketing campaigns.
List of Email Ids of Companies

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How does Connect+ help?

SalezShark Connect+ offers you a unique combination of email marketing tool clubbed with integrated b2b database entailing accurate list of email ids of companies. This powerful platform helps you in building highly targeted email campaigns that result in converting leads into deals in no time and elevate your overall email marketing efforts.
List of Email Ids of Companies

Leverage Connect+ integrated database

Connect+ enables you to capture leads directly from its integrated database and create a list of email ids of companies you wish to target. It saves your time and helps in creating buyers' persona more accurately and relevant. By leveraging the Connect+ integrated database you get access to key decision-makers of your targeted industries and companies that makes your lead nurturing effective and helps in creating more targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns.

List of Email Ids of Companies

Get SalezShark email analytics

SalezShark email analytics in Connect+ offers some smart insights that enable you to keep track of your email campaigns performance and also helps you to respond to unique customer behavior and take decisive actions by contemplating the same. A study states that marketers who believe in data-driven marketing tend to achieve a competitive advantage in driving customer engagement and earning customer loyalty.

Let your data drive marketing

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Make email marketing effective with Connect+

Create smart email lists in no time

SalezShark Connect+ makes your job easy to create a smart email list for email campaigns. It gives you an option to import a list of email ids of companies you wish to target from its integrated b2b database. In a few clicks, you can add a list of email ids of companies manually from the integrated database of Connect+ and can create an email list. Besides this the new leads that submit your web for automatically added to your existing email lists for example to your newsletter distribution list, etc.
List of Email Ids of Companies

Build professional emails

SalezShark Connect+ offers you a wide variety of highly customized and ready-to-use email marketing templates that give your marketing emails an enticing visual appeal, professional look, and feel it requires. You can go through Connect+ various email marketing templates, select the email template that fits your requirement, craft your email body, and schedule the time to send. You can also customize these email templates with no advanced programming experience.
List of Email Ids of Companies

Add personalization

By using Connect+ you can easily add a touch of personalization into your email marketing campaigns by merging contact attributes into your emails. By using the Connect+ integrated database you can access each email recipient’s respective name, geographic location, industry, and more that helps you to add a personal touch to your emails and enhances your customer engagement. Hence, while sending mass emails also you can personalize every email.
List of Email Ids of Companies

Track email performance

If you are just driving email marketing campaigns and not tracking their performance then it leads you nowhere. SalezShark email analytics helps you to track the performance of your email marketing campaigns. It offers you a comprehensive performance review of your email campaigns by showing your emails’ open rate, click rate, bounce rate, and so on.
List of Email Ids of Companies

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