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Connect+ Email Verifier

Connect+ email verifier is a powerful tool that verifies user’s email addresses which ensures a good rate of delivery and and Connect+ in-built email verifier can be used before sending an email campaign. It eliminates all sorts of spam traps, addresses with typos, and non-existing addresses from your email list. It helps you not only in verifying the email addresses of an existing mailing list but also enables you to upload a new email list in TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX formats. Once the email verification process is done by the Connect+ in-built email verifier, an automatic virtual report gets generated that tells you "valid" and "invalid" email addresses and the separate email list with valid email addresses.


How does the
Connect+ email verification process work?

Connect+ email verifier verifies your email list in three ways.
Here they are

Check Syntax

Connect+ email verifier checks the syntax of your email address and ensures if it’s active or not. It checks whether your email address is written correctly by ensuring that it contains no spaces or commas and must have the right structure with the mailbox name at the start and domain name or address in the end just after the “@” sign. Hence, if it identifies any kind of typo error in the email address, it considers it to be invalid.

Check Domain

While verifying your email address Connect+ email verifier also ensures that your email’s domain address is registered and functions properly. If it fails to work this means all email addresses hosted on that particular domain are no longer valid. In such a situation such an email address is also considered as an invalid email address.

Check MX record

One of the most sophisticated ways to verify email addresses by Connect+ email verifier is through MX record check. MX record here stands for Mail Exchanger record that identifies that for receiving emails which server is responsible.

Connect+ Email Personalization


Email personalization is an email marketing process that gets better with the Connect+ email marketing automation suite. It helps you in leveraging your customers’ or email subscribers’ personal information that helps in creating more targeted email campaigns. Connect+ helps you to drive personalized email marketing that enables you to offer individualized treatment to every customer and amplify email marketing metrics massively. Connect+ while sending bulk emails also ensures that every email recipient is addressed with his/her first name that helps you to personalize with your email recipients effectively.

Significance of Connect+
personalized email marketing


Reward customer with a new experience

Understanding your email recipient’s personality is important to you in order to deliver a highly personalized email that resonates with his/her issues and pain points. Connect+ AI-based marketing automation suite helps you understand your target audience and offers you various insights that help in personalizing with email recipients and enable you to offer a new experience to them.


Improve relationship

By leveraging Connect+ personalized email marketing you can humanize communication with your email recipients. Connect+ personalized emails ensure that your email recipients feel privileged and feel that you know them and you can understand their issues as well. It helps you to respond to your email recipients’ tastes and needs.


Stand out

Nowadays customers are being bombarded by tons of marketing and promotional emails. In such a situation not all emails are opened by email recipients. To stand out in the crowd you need something different and this is the time when you can use the power of Connect+ email personalization to make your email stand out in the inbox of your email recipient.

Connect+ Email Template Library

If you are running out of time and not in a mood to create email marketing templates from the scratch, then in that case you can leverage the Connect+ pre-built email template library. It gives you access to various responsive email templates that drive results. By using these responsive email templates you not only save time but also get your email marketing campaigns off the ground with a professional look in no time.

Connect+ email template library offers you highly customized email templates that enable you to create action-oriented email campaigns which compel your email recipients to connect with you. It offers you an option to place relevant CTAs (Call to action) in the email that makes your emails action-oriented. In the content of your email, you can place these CTAs strategically to get the attention of email recipients and connect with them instantly.


Benefits of using Connect+ email template library

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    By leveraging the Connect+ email template library you can produce email campaigns faster and more efficiently since the underlying code is already written. You don’t need to rewrite an entire email from scratch for every email campaign; just add a copy, insert images, and links to an existing email template before you test and send it to your email recipients.

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    With the Connect+ email template library you can protect your brand reputation by keeping your emails error-free. In the case of rewriting the code from scratch for every email, there’s a chance of making mistakes in that code resulting in broken emails. However, by using Connect+ pre-built email templates you can get rid of such scenarios and maintain consistency in your emails.

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    One of the best ways to scale up your email campaigns production is to enable more employees to create campaigns without the help of developers. Connect+ email template library allows you to do that, but only if every employee of your team has access to it and knows how to properly use it.

Connect+ Email Scheduler

By leveraging Connect + email scheduler you get the ability to schedule marketing, sales, or personal emails for a time in the future. The email scheduler feature of Connect+ helps you to create a beautiful email campaign on your own time and then you can schedule emails’ delivery based on any specific time or event when your email recipients are most likely to read it.

By leveraging Connect + email scheduler you can schedule multiple email marketing campaigns in a few clicks. It enables you to stay more organized while formulating multiple email marketing campaigns. You can plan and populate your marketing calendar in advance and schedule multiple mass email marketing campaigns in advance for any particular date or event or based on the geographical location of the email list to gain more open & click rates of emails.


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