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Simplify your email marketing with email list segmentation


An email list segmentation is a technique that divides the contact list into different groups to trigger the right message to the relevant consumer base. Thanks to the framework of marketing automation that helps in segmenting databases based on location, device usage, behavior, and statistic. It effectively manages the client data and filters information based on specific criteria.

Send your customers what they are willing to see. When you sell precisely what your customers need, they will show interest in what you have to sell. That is here, segmentation comes in and without segmentation, and nothing functions well as it ought to.

What is Connect+ Email List Segmentation?

Without Segmentation

  • Sending the same message to everybody
  • You will receive random clicks and the recipients must be wondering for what reason you are emailing them
  • Your email marketing will be less rewarded and more exhausting

With Segmentation

  • Sending personalized messages to each contact as what they need to see
  • With the right target audience, you will see high email engagement
  • With personalized content, your marketing feels more personal and improves results

Basically, it divides your contact lists into smaller groups and segments on the basis of – industry, demographics, website views, company size, and a lot more. The lead information that you gathered from the pop-up form is initially your building stone to work upon the interested leads. With enough databases, you will be able to plan personalized campaigns based on the actions and provided information. For instance, it is easier to create a quick lead with basic information like name, company name & contact number. In case, you receive vital information from the prospect such as their business requirements, the number of employees, and total turnover, you may add them to the particular list(s).

Connect+ Email List Segmentation Strategies

As we have already discussed, the feasibility of bifurcating your contacts go ahead of basic demographic information. Below you’ll find examples of the different types of list segmentation that are required for effective email marketing.

Demographic data

Segmenting by demographics is a common place to start since it depends on more substantial data. Demographic segmentation factors include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income

Contact behavior

The moves made/made not by the contacts also offer signs about their interest in your organization’s offer. Here are a few exercises to track for division:

  • Email marketing analytics like open rates and clicks
  • Interactions with your website
  • Purchase history

Psychographic characteristics

Psychographic division goes above and beyond socioeconomics, as you consider who a contact is as well as the mental variables inspiring buyer conduct. These may include:

  • Interests
  • Lifestyle
  • Values

Geographic factors

This is a key division procedure for stores with numerous locations or businesses with a global presence.
You might group contacts by

  • Country, area, town, or postal district
  • Time zone
  • Language

Why Email List Segmentation is important?


The segmenting list enables you to send the correct messaging to the most relevant list at the perfect time. You can segregate your lists of contacts and leads depending upon the real-time activities of interesting prospects such as clicks on a particular CTA, viewing your pricing page, just requesting a demo but didn’t revert. Based on these actions, you can simply draft the content and engage the prospect with any offer or discount.

For example, if a lead visits your pricing page, it may be looking for your product and nearing a buying choice. That is extraordinary! You would now be able to trigger mechanized supporting messages to proceed with that discussion and draw them nearer to purchasing.

How effective is Email List Segmentation?


With the right assistance of list segmentation, marketers and salespeople are able to nurture leads more effectively to the sales funnel and get new clients. Studies show that focusing on email content on the basis of buyer persona increases email click-through rate by 15% and all thanks to list segmentation that enables you to separate your group of recipients into various lists so you can send them content that adjusts all the more closely with their interests.

At times, your contacts’ advantages don’t line up with your objectives (converting leads into clients) – and that is alright. Turn the group of non-buyers who constantly open your messages, however, aren’t a solid match into the network base: Send them an intriguing substance that they can share within their network.

You should likewise segregate your engaged and highly interested leads from the individuals who don’t open your messages ever. Simply make certain changes in the recurrence of messages sent to various degrees of connected leads to increase customer engagement and lessening unsubscribe rates. For instance, if any lead is already in the conversion stage, downsize your messages to them. On the other hand, if few leads are ending up less connected, possibly increase their email recurrence.

Where would you be able to utilize it?


You can utilize segmentation with any marketing capacities that depend on contact records. This incorporates messages and marketing automation (counting drip marketing process, which is a progression of automated messages dependent on explicit criteria).

You can likewise incorporate your segmented records with different channels to help your lead sustain. For instance, a new call-to-action (CTA) on your blog can assist you in dividing a specific group of interested readers, with the goal to entice new readers. Keep in mind, your sole objective isn’t to produce leads but to generate business. That implies you have to generate a full marketing funnel for salespeople. Sending relevant substance to the correct group of audience at the perfect time is the formula for inbound marketing success.

SalezShark Connect+ supports marketing operations of small and medium-sized businesses to manage all prospect interactions at a single platform. Our customers credit us for the increase in their sales conversion, a surge in sales volume, and leveraging customer experiences single-handedly.

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