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Connecting with the target audience and identifying them as marketing qualified lead is no more an easy job these days. Most marketers face challenges in doing it because the competition is rising day by day and even the customers are way smarter than ever. You just can’t market anything and everything to your target audience. You must first what they wish to buy and how your products and services can be beneficial to them. So once you know who your target audience is then you must start building strong communication with them. This can be done effectively by sharing informative content on your products and services through emails. To do this effectively you need to have a strong email campaign strategy in place and in that SalezShark Connect+ campaign management software helps you in creating and sending email campaigns effectively. This is the best Campaign management software that offers an integrated b2b database helping you to create a relevant email list where you can send emails to the key decision-makers of various businesses and start building strong relationships with them that result in amplified business sales.

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Connect+ email campaign management tool

SalezShark Connect+ email campaign management tool makes your job quick in not only sending emails to your target audience it also simplifies your job of creating email campaigns by offering readymade email templates and email lists by offering an integrated b2b database. Once your campaign is created and sent, SalezShark Connect+ campaign management software tools also ensure the accurate tracking of these campaigns’ performance and offer intelligent insights in form of reports explaining to you the open rate, click rate, bounce rate, number of subscribers, and unsubscribes of your emails. Hence, by deploying Connect+ campaign management software tools you can automate your entire email marketing process and build strong and personalized relationships with your target audience effectively. You don’t need to drive the email process manually anymore, creating and sending email campaigns manually is a time-consuming process that reduces your overall productivity. However, by deploying the best campaign management software like Connect+ whole process gets automated. By leveraging the Connect+ email template library offering you a wide range of customized and readymade email templates you can create mass email campaigns in a few clicks. Not only this you can also add a touch of personalization to your mass email campaigns which is a herculean task if you doing manually. Connect+ ensures every email sent in a mass email campaign is received by the recipient with his/ her first name that instantly connects with the email recipient.

Besides the creation of personalized email campaigns, the Connect+ email campaign management tool also helps you to schedule these email campaigns in advance based on any event, date, or holiday that can also be based on different time zones and geographies. In this manner, you ensure that your email campaigns are getting delivered at the right time to the right inboxes. Now once your email campaigns are set and delivered, you also need to analyze the performance of your email campaigns. Only creating the campaign won’t help in boosting your sales. Connect+ campaign management software tools simplify email campaign tracking by giving you a detailed report on emails’ performance displaying the open rate, click rate, bounce rate, number of subscribers, and unsubscribes of your emails. By understanding these reports you can strategize future email marketing campaigns more effectively.

How does Connect+ help in creating
a smart email list?

Even before creating an email campaign, you must know to whom you want to send those emails. You should have a list of all relevant contacts that can resonate with your products and services. Mostly it’s not an easy task to get the contacts of all relevant leads, however, with Connect+ you can leverage its integrated b2b database that offers you various filters to narrow down your search and extract the contacts that are resonating with your products and services. Besides this, Connect+ also helps you in capturing leads from various sources such as landing pages, emails, social media portals, and so on. With a single sign-in on Connect+, you can get to see all the leads captured from multiple sources and consolidated under one unified platform of Connect+. Hence by fetching leads from everywhere now you can create a smart list of contacts for email campaigns that ensures your emails deliver to the relevant people. Apart from this with connect+ smart list also filters out the contacts that unsubscribed from your emails and ones that got bounced. In this manner, your future email marketing campaigns get better and better.

Connect+ email analytics

Once you are done with the creation of the email smart list and sending of email campaigns, the next step is to measure its performance. Just imagine you put so much effort into something but in the end, you fail to measure its performance and get no reasons for its success or failure. SalezShark Connect+ campaign management software offers you some smart email analytics to help you in analyzing the performance of your email marketing campaigns. These email analytics helps you to understand the performance of your email marketing campaigns by offering performance reports displaying your emails’ open rates, click rates, bounce rates, and subscribe rates. Hence by analyzing these reports you know what went wrong and what right and accordingly you can formulate your future email marketing campaigns.


Get more leads with the Connect+

Connect+ campaign management tool offers great helps in working on more and more leads in less time. It expands your reach And allows you to capture more and more relevant leads. Besides offering its lead capturing automation and integrated database, it also helps you with various other features that make your search for good leads smarter and quicker. By leveraging its Smart Search in a few clicks, you can narrow down your search for any b2b data from its integrated database that may include any company or executive contact information which makes prospecting painless. Another feature that makes lead search quick is the Radius search that helps you, especially during the times when you are looking for relevant prospects' information in any vicinity, and helps you connect with them instantly. It helps you to locate the right leads that can be interested in buying your products and services. Hence Radius search feature makes your search for the right prospect fast.

Connect+ campaign management software tools also offer an Organization Chart of multiple organizations from various industries. These Organization Charts make you understand the hierarchy of any enterprise. These charts display various designations of any company’s employees & narrow down your search results based on it. Another feature that makes your search for good leads faster is the Social intelligence feature of Connect+ which makes your job easy in building relationships with your prospects by tracking their social insights before you interact. Based on these social intelligence insights including your prospects’ buying behavior, interests, and pain points you can create a perfect sales pitch that enhances personalized communication and make prospecting painless.


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Benefits of Connect+ email campaign management software

By deploying a powerful and intuitive email marketing automation suite like Connect+ you can simplify your entire email marketing process and make it more result-oriented. It helps you in more than one way and offers ample benefits. This campaign management tool not only automates the email process, and helps in lead capturing but also empowers you to add the power of personalization into your marketing campaigns. It helps you in knowing your prospects’ buying preferences in advance and based on that you can craft highly personalized email campaigns resonating with their preferences, pain points, and needs. Besides this when you create mass email campaigns then it’s not easy to address every email recipient with his or her first name, however, by using Connect+ you can do it with the power of automation, and your every email recipient in a mass email campaigns can receive an email with his/her first name that instantly connects your email recipients with you and the chances of good communication with prospects begin.

Connect+ also makes your marketing efforts highly measurable and produces results quickly. It empowers you with various metrics to analyze the performance of your email such as you can track the open rate, click rate, and the number of people who subscribe to and unsubscribe from your marketing emails. By analyzing these metrics you can formulate your future email marketing campaigns. Connect+ is also accessible through smartphones. Its interface is not only responsive to desktops or laptops but also viewable on mobile screens. This means now even if you work remotely, you can stay connected with your leads, colleagues, and subordinates. As this software is cloud-based so you can access any business information anytime from anywhere through mobile via the internet which enhances your productivity and amplify the chances of sales. Last but not least is the kind of bullet-proof security Connect+ offers. It keeps your all data safe on the cloud and you can set permissions for who can view data or who can edit it. Besides this Connect+ is highly affordable and can fit into the budget of any small to large enterprise.

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