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A massive customer database to discover prospects in your industry? What?

‘You are better off selling $1M worth of goods to one customer than $1 worth of goods to 1M customers’ – Jim Cathcart, motivational speaker, and business coach.

B2B marketing can be a lucrative and rewarding endeavor, offering lower prices for larger orders as well as the potential to build lasting relationships. B2B software enables businesses to take advantage of these advantages by providing powerful strategies for direct contact with other organizations.

Cue, SalezShark, is an affordable and easy-to-use B2B marketing software that offers its customers all the tools they need to discover, connect, and engage with their B2B target demographic. In fact, SalezShark CRM specializes in helping B2B businesses succeed. We proudly serve some of the biggest names on a global scale, like Nasscom and Indian Oil.

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SalezShark Connect+ B2B marketing software

SalezShark Connect+ B2B marketing software is one of the most powerful and intuitive marketing automation platforms that harness the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to automate many of the tedious tasks associated with B2B marketing by using prebuilt templates, personalization, email scheduling, and DRIP marketing (automated responses based on the response of the target).

And here’s the best part: it offers all the same features that supposed market leaders like HubSpot and Salesforce do, but at less than 70% of the cost!

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Why use SalezShark?

Discover 15M+ strong B2B database… and growing
We don’t just offer tons of integrations, such as Gmail, Outlook, CSV files, etc. to allow for a seamless transfer of your own customer database into the software, we also provide

  • - up to verified 15M+ B2B marketing data, which can be filtered by company size, job seniority, revenue range, etc.
  • - Easily discover email ids, phone numbers, and other contact information for email marketing and instant connectivity.

Can’t find email ids on LinkedIn? No problem

SalezShark CRM also comes with a complimentary LinkedIn chrome extension, allowing users to create their own B2B marketing data by compiling verified email ids of their target LinkedIn profiles' contact information immediately and en-masse.

Did you know that over 40% of businesses that have CRMs don’t actually use them because they are too complex or inconvenient?

Well, say goodbye to complexity and hello to affordable simplicity. Get the 2-week free trial for our B2B marketing software, complete with its prospect data. And there is no training, credit card, or strings attached. Just sign up and get going.

Our global customers

  • bmw
  • canon
  • amex
  • samsung
  • indianexpress
  • starfox
  • audi
  • tcs


SalezShark was formed on the singular belief that sales and marketing needed to be intuitive and affordable. No more complex and counter-intuitive CRMs. Even those that seem cheap or even free, actually come riddled with hidden costs.

At SalezShark, we are a diverse team of serial entrepreneurs and marketers who saw pervasive issues in the SaaS industry and wanted to be the change we wanted to see. Hence, after 2 years of relentless efforts, we created SalezShark, the simplest marketing tool on the market. And after years of hard work, tons of industry awards, and 300+ customers, we come to you.

Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive and affordable all-in-one marketing tool that covers all aspects of the customer journey: customer discovery, connection, tracking, and customer service.

The first two are packaged into Connect+ , our flagship marketing tool that offers everything under the marketing Sun, namely our customer database, email marketing automation, DRIP marketing, SEO, landing pages, etc. The second last is the sales automation and lead generation platform known as Engage. And the latter, customer service software, is still in development but will be available by the latter half of 2023.

Yes! We understand that you might have some specific requirements based on your business process, so we’ll assist you with product customization as well. Just get in touch with our development team by clicking the button below and request a custom solution. Tell us what you need and we will custom-build it for you!

You bet! SalezShark offers 24/7 omnichannel support whereby you can get in touch with us through our application, online software, website, social media channel, phone number, whatsapp, etc.

You can learn more about our product or troubleshoot any issues by contacting the customer support or going through our detailed documentation here.

A business-to-business (B2B) database is a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses to reach their target audiences more effectively. By storing contact information for potential and current customers, as well as key decision-makers within those organizations, a B2B database enables businesses to market their products and services more efficiently.

In addition, a B2B database can also be used to track customer behavior, allowing businesses to better understand their needs and preferences. As a result, it can be an invaluable asset for any business looking to boost its sales and grow its customer base.

Our data is updated on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy and freshness, and we have a team of data experts who are always available to help you find the leads that you need.

We offer both pre-packaged and custom data solutions, so you can find the exact leads that you need for your business. And our customer service is top-notch, so you can be sure that you're always getting the best possible service. Furthermore, if you can't find the leads you are looking for, you can use our LinkedIn extension to gather and upload the email ids in the system yourself!

If you're looking for high-quality B2B marketing data, then SalezShark may be the perfect solution for you.

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