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SalezShark CRM enables you to achieve desired sales targets faster and better by automating and augmenting your sales process. A successful sales deal is often reached by driving multiple interactions with leads at the right time and with the right intent. SalezShark sales automation software in Texas enables you to move those interactions right by streamlining all parts of your customer interactions. Lead management Texas allows you to close sales deals quickly by:

  • Managing all leads coming from multiple sources under a unified portal.
  • Automating lead scoring and lead distribution using a lead management tool in Texas.
  • Establishing synchronization between the sales and marketing processes.
  • Automating daily lengthy and repetitive sales and marketing workflows using Marketing Automation tools Texas.

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SalezShark Lead Management Tool in Texas

  • Automatically capture leads from multiple sources like websites, social media portals, etc.
  • Tracking leads by knowing the pages visited by leads, the forms filled by leads, etc.
  • Segregate & assign leads automatically to the sales reps. based on any rule set by you in the system.
  • Nurture leads effectively via various channels such as email campaigns, SMSs, and social media portals.
  • Place leads into the sales funnel to prioritize leads and focus on those leads first that have higher chances of converting into paying customers.

Sales Funnel

  • Manage all your leads together by arranging them into the sales funnel.
  • Get a pictorial view of leads placed in the funnel enabling you to never miss touch with any lead.
  • Lead management Texas Work on all leads together and prioritize leads based on converting into paying customers.
  • Segregate your leads by tagging them such as Hot, Warm, and Cold for better conversions.
  • Forecast sales accurately by understanding the momentum of leads into the sales funnel.

Email Templates

  • Automate the email process to establish seamless communication with your leads & existing customers.
  • Marketing Automation tools Texas Enhance your sales communication with leads by using highly customizable email templates.
  • Create emails that bring personalization into your messages and resonate with leads' pain points.
  • Automate the email process enabling you to schedule mass email campaigns for specific dates or events.
  • Utilize email analytics to gauge email campaigns’ performance including open rate, click rate, and bounce rate.

Advanced Reporting

  • SalezShark CRM software in Texas automates your daily sales reporting system.
  • Get a brief description of sales reports in the form of Dashboards that explain sales achievements
  • Get access to sales reports that are easy to understand as they are presented in the form of graphs & pie charts.
  • Get graphical reports enabling you to compare current year v/s last year's revenue, and so on.
  • Evaluate and compare your sales team’s sales performance with the pre-set sales targets.

Mobile CRM

  • Manage your sales and marketing campaigns anytime from anywhere by using SalezShark CRM Mobile.
  • Get on-the-go access to the right sales and marketing tools via SalezShark CRM mobile app.
  • Leverage the power of a highly intuitive mobile interface enabling you to access and edit campaigns and reports.
  • Sync leads’ information directly to your SalezShark mobile CRM & stay updated at all times.
  • Be in constant touch with your teammates, seniors, and subordinates anytime from anywhere.

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Our team of Marketing Automation tools Texas experts are ready to help you implement the SalezShark CRM into your business that enables you to deliver a seamless customer experience in no time.

Robust Support

Our team of CRM expert is here to help and guide you in dealing with all sorts of issues related to CRM and believes in providing high-end user adoption.

Integrate all platforms

SalezShark CRM can integrate all your internal platforms that facilitate efficiency across sales and marketing teams.

On-Cloud Technology

A web cloud-based CRM enabling you to assess your business database anytime from anywhere by using the internet. Your data with SalezShark is in safe hands that simplify your data management & storage issues.

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