What is Social CRM?

Social Customer Relationship Management or social CRM is one of the effective and advanced ways for businesses to interact with customers through various social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Social Customer Relationship Management integrates social media portals with customer relationship management (CRM) system to offer intelligent insight into customer interactions with a brand, and to enhance the quality of customer engagement. In a nutshell, social CRM is a unique method that can be used by businesses to establish customer relationships by using various tools on social network platforms.

Traditional V/S Social CRM

Social Media CRM Tool & Strategies

As we know customer engagement is a primary source of Social Customer
Relationship Management system, so based on that it applies the following
metrics to analyze the level of successful customer engagements

Difference between Social CRM & Social Media

The Power of Social CRM

Advantages of Social CRM

Social CRM is a personalized and unique way to connect with consumers
effectively. Incorporating social CRM as a central component of business can
create wonders and offers great advantages that are as follows