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keeping track of sales is an essential and crucial part of your business that typically involves tracking what’s happening with your sales process in the present and what's expected to happen in the future. A decade ago, Excel was the most preferred free sales tracker tool used by many businesses to keep track of their sales. However, this manual tool had some limitations that left room for errors and limited the thorough sales analysis. Keeping the formulas and formatting of Excel in mind wasn’t easy for most sales professionals and made sales tracking more complicated.

As the times changed and the automated sales tracking system arrived, it simplified the process of sales tracking by refraining sales professionals from formatting endless spreadsheets and making it more user-friendly. SalezShark sales tracking system offers you a simple sales tracking app enabling sales experts to keep track of sales that happened in the past, tracking leads and quotes in progress, and transforming them into insightful and actionable reports making the sales process a breeze.

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SalezShark free sales tracking software gives your sales team an edge over the others. It enables them to nurture customer relationships through every sales stage. This cloud-based sales tracking software enables senior management of a business to keep track of sales staff performance. The best free sales tracking intuitive app technology is created to manage and organize data for sales experts, with tools to generate project analysis reports that give them a bird's eye view at any time to precisely analyze what's happening in the sales process. Let’s look into a few significant features of SalezShark sales tracking software.



A Leaderboard is a unique feature of SalezShark sales tracking software that gives a pictorial view of all sales executives’ ranking based on actual sales and sales activities performed. Best sales tracking software helps them stay competitive by constantly viewing their performance and enhancing their productivity, and bringing transparency to the sales team. Best free sales tracking app leaderboard enables senior sales to evaluate their sales team and individual sales executive’s performance on a real-time basis which helps them achieve desired results against a time-bound target.



SalezShark free sales tracking software also offers various dashboards that enable sales experts to access sales progress reports entailing the sales key performance indicators via graphs, charts, tables, and so on. sales tracking apps gives a bird's eye view of the sales figures achieved or lost that help sales professionals to stay updated with the sales process's overall performance.



The activity and task feature of the SalezShark sales call tracking software can be defined as a process that enables sales experts to engage past, present, and future customers through emails, phone calls, meetings, product demos, or any other medium. Once the lead is created in the system, the sales executive can start interacting with the lead by performing various activities to convert the lead into a customer. Any completed task is called activity in SalezShark sales commission tracking software. So, once the task gets completed, sales tracking software for small business is vital to mark that scheduled task as completed in the system to be referred to as performed activity.

Benefits of Implementing SalezShark Sales Tracker Software

SalezShark free sales tracking software is highly effective in providing a unified platform enabling sales experts to manage all their leads and contacts into one central space. This unified small business sales tracker platform offers a shared database of contacts to multiple sales teams where all sales executives can keep a regular touch with their leads and nurture them effectively by sending follow-up emails, scheduling appointments, product demos, and calls. SalezShark sales call tracking software also enables sales executives to keep and store all contact information. It offers various valuable and smart insights entailing what their existing clients purchased and when, the number of interactions existing clients had with sales executives, and so on. Hence, free sales tracking software for small business tracks and manages new leads and keeps track of existing clients’ activities. Let us look into a few benefits of implementing the SalezShark sales tracking software for small business.

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