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SalezShark sales engagement software leaves no stone unturned when it comes to amplifying your sales process. It ultimately proves to be a game-changer in transforming the way you sell products and services to your clients. This powerful sales engagement platform is not only devised to cater to the needs of only large organizations worldwide but can also be easily customized based on the requirements of small and medium organizations that are willing to re-discover their sales process and grow their sales figures swiftly. In the last few years, every industry and all sizes of enterprises have witnessed immense changes, and as the competition is rising day by day, SalezShark sales engagement tools are the right choice for you that can help in matching the pace of transformations and re-shape the structure of your sales process.

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How does SalezShark Sales Engagement Software help?

SalezShark sales engagement software automates your entire lead management process. It helps you in driving your lead management process effectively by managing leads at every stage of buyers’ journey. It brings the power of sales automation that empowers your sales team to integrate multiple 3rd party applications into it such as chat, telephony, and email applications/tools that help in capturing and managing leads effectively and also help in keeping constant touch with them. These 3rd party applications integrations help your sales executives not only keep regular communication with leads and existing customers but also keep a record of every interaction made with leads and existing customers for future reference. SalezShark sales engagement platform offers you and your team of sales professionals a unified platform where you and your team of sales professionals can collaborate and work together to achieve individual and common sales goals. By deploying this platform into your sales process you bring transparency to your sales process activities. This transparency in your sales team motivates sales executives as they can see each other’s achievements and also learn from each other’s mistakes. By leveraging the sales automation of this platform, you can save all sorts of interactions and an activity performed with leads/existing customers and keep it intact for future reference. Thus, this unified sales engagement platform helps you in establishing seamless synchronization among various sales teams that eventually accelerate sales productivity.

It has been observed that many times sales professionals waste a lot of their useful and productive hours in streamlining and managing lengthy and tedious manual sales activities. These manual sales activities involve mostly calling leads and existing customers, sending follow-up emails, saving contact information & interactions made with leads & existing customers, and so on. Doing all such sales activities manually consumes a lot of productive hours that drastically reduce overall sales productivity. Due to this, sales professionals don’t get much time to work on all the leads and end up working on limited leads only. Hence, to get rid of all such hassles of driving sales activities manually, SalezShark sales engagement software enables you to create automated workflows of your day-to-day sales activities that save you time and enable you and your sales team to focus more on driving core sales activities like prospecting leads by educating them on products and services and converting those leads into paying customers. Another way how SalezShark sales engagement tools help you in driving sales activities seamlessly is by offering its easy accessibility on your smartphones. SalezShark sales engagement software can be accessed easily on your smartphone. It helps you not only track your sales performance remotely but also if you have multiple sales teams and executives reporting to you, then you can also interact with them through your mobile and can keep a track of their daily performance remotely by using the SalezShark Engage mobile app. anytime from anywhere. It makes your job easy to drive your daily sales activities from any mobile device via the internet and also you can keep a constant touch with your colleagues, seniors, and subordinates 24x7 remotely. Apart from this, it proves to be highly beneficial in staying in constant touch with your leads and existing customers anytime from anywhere. You can also attend to their queries and turn leads into deals quickly.

Know more with sales dashboards

SalezShark sales engagement tools offer you various sales dashboards consisting of useful insights explaining the performance of your sales process. Not only this but it also makes your job easy in tracking the sales numbers; creating sales reports from those sales data-driven metrics and also an option to get auto-generated sales reports in a few clicks. By leveraging the feature of SalezShark sales dashboards you can analyze the overall performance of your sales process in a few clicks. It gives you a bird’s eye view of your overall sales process that helps you in understanding where what is going right or wrong in your sales process. It also helps you in making your sales reporting system faster and simpler. It offers you auto-generated sales performance reports with key performance indicators in the form of easy-to-understand graphs, statistics & pie charts. By using these sales reports you can easily and quickly give sales presentations to your seniors and subordinate which helps in strategizing future sales. Hence every time you look at the sales reports inside the sales dashboard you can easily calculate the exact sales numbers achieved or lost which helps you to stay updated with the sales process's overall performance.


Make the most of SalezShark Leaderboard

SalezShark sales engagement software also offers one more useful feature named Leaderboard. This feature is very interesting as it works on the gamification technique that helps you and your team of sales executives to keep track of sales performance and motivates you and your sales team to strive for sales excellence. The Leaderboard feature offers you a platform where you can see and track your and your sales teams’ number of sales achieved which gets automatically ranked on the platform and based on that individual sales executive is also ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position. It displays all these ranks of sales executives in a Leaderboard that motivates every sales professional to stay competitive by viewing each other’s sales performance and ranks. Hence by using the Leaderboard feature of SalezShark Engage CRM you can bring transparency mong your sales executives. And keep them motivated to strive for sales excellence.


Boost sales productivity

SalezShark sales engagement tools boost your sales productivity to the next level. It helps you in maintaining strong communication with make with leads and existing customers to crack sales. SalezShark Engage CRM makes sales engagement easy and effective by offering a feature of Activity & Task that enables you to automate, plan and schedule day-to-day sales tasks and activities that majorly involve emails, phone calls, meetings & product demos with leads/existing customers. By using the SalezShark Engage CRM platform in a few clicks you can easily automate and schedule your email follow-ups with leads/existing customers and set reminders to never miss any planned sales follow-up through calls and emails. Apart from this, SalezShark Engage CRM also automatically maintains a record of all sales activities performed with clients like emails and calls that can be viewed by you in a few clicks which eventually enhances your sales traceability.

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Multiply conversions with SalezShark sales pipeline management

Creating a strong sales pipeline is often a challenging task for most sales professionals. Often sales executives fail to create a strong sales pipeline and end up filling the sales pipeline with leads that are not even sales-qualified and hence can’t be converted into profitable deals. Here you need the power of the SalezShark sales engagement platform that helps you in creating a strong sales pipeline. It helps you in creating a sales pipeline by simplifying this whole process of managing leads and organizing them all together to work on them. SalezShark Engage CRM offers you a unique feature of creating a visual sales funnel that automatically keeps a record of every lead that enters the CRM system and you and your sales executives can work on those leads till the time it gets converted into paying customer. This visual sales funnel allows you to keep all the leads arranged in the funnel based on the kind of interactions made and the chances of their conversion into paying customers. By using the drag and drop functionality you can easily move leads into the sales funnel from top to bottom based on their chances of conversion into deals. As the lead progresses from top to bottom into the funnel, it indicates that the lead is getting closer to turning into a paying customer. By getting such indications you can easily analyze every lead and can keep all your leads intact and organized which zeroes down the chances of missing any good sales opportunity. Apart from this, by using SalezShark Engage CRM visual sales funnel, you can prioritize your leads based on their position in the funnel. You can work on leads with higher chances of conversion first and the rest of the leads later. Besides lead tracking and lead prioritizing, SalezShark Engage CRM makes the process of sales forecasting more accurate. By analyzing the position of leads in the funnel you can easily gauge the chances of conversion and the expected amount of revenue generation can also be calculated which makes sales forecasting better and more accurate. Hence SalezShark sales management is one such software that helps you drive all the phases of your sales process and helps in amplifying your sales effectively.

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