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Like any other industry, the Real Estate industry also has its own challenges in driving its sales and marketing processes. With the growing competition in the real estate sector often it gets very difficult for real estate agents or brokers to manage, entice, and retain clients. Moreover streamlining the overall sales and marketing process and turning leads into deals is a tedious task as it requires a lot of manual effort. Therefore, the real estate industry also needs the power of automation that helps them to manage their customer relationships seamlessly and grow sales quickly. SalezShark real estate sales CRM software is a perfect choice for the real estate industry that can help real estate agents or brokers to manage and drive their sales and marketing operations through SalezShark CRM’s unified platform. Through this platform sales and marketing teams can work in sync, stay productive and make more sales in no time by managing leads and nurturing them effectively by leveraging the power of automation.

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What is the SalezShark real estate
sales CRM software?

SalezShark real estate sales CRM software is designed to cater to the needs of the real estate industry. It helps you in driving all sorts of sales and marketing processes by automating them completely. Like any other business in any industry, lead generation plays a vital role. The more leads you have in hand, the more chances to convert them into paying customers resulting in the growth of sales and revenue generation. SalezShark CRM makes the process of lead generation quick and easy by offering you some seamless 3rd party integration with real estate online portals like and MagicBricks. By integrating these two online portals into the SalezShark CRM you can fetch good leads that are relevant to your business and can be turned into paying customers quickly. You can set the automation of capturing relevant leads automatically from these real estate portals ( and MagicBricks) and start building interactions with leads instantly. In this manner, you can generate relevant leads for your real estate business. Besides this SalezShark CRM not only automates the process of lead capturing but it helps you in automating your entire lead management cycle involving lead capturing, scoring, distribution, nurturing and finally converting leads into deals.

SalezShark real estate marketing CRM software helps you in driving all sorts of marketing activities by allowing you to create automated workflows that help you and your team of marketing professionals in staying more productive and focus more on turning marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads. This CRM not only automates your daily marketing tasks but also enables you to create automated workflows for sales activities that amplify your sales process and help you in elevating the level of customer engagement and overall sales. Once your daily sales and marketing activities get automated you can focus more on building interactions with more and more leads and elevate customer engagement. The automation saves your time and also you can zero down the scope of any human-bound errors that used to happen before when you were driving all the sales and marketing activities manually.

Manage leads with SalezShark real estate marketing automation software

SalezShark real estate marketing automation software helps you in automating your lead capturing, scoring, and distribution processes effectively. With time the sources of capturing the leads increased. Nowadays leads are captured from multiple platforms such as social media portals (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram), landing pages, email campaigns, and so on. Just imagine if you want to capture leads from the platform and manually log into each platform, isn’t it time-consuming and a tedious process. Also the chances of missing leads while importing the leads manually from multiple sources increase. However, by deploying SalezShark CRM you can get rid of all such hassles and automate the entire lead capturing process resulting in no loss of leads and you can start building relationships with more leads in less time. Besides lead capturing, you can also automate the process of lead scoring and lead distribution with SalezShark CRM. Simply by setting any rule or parameter in the system you can give scores to leads and distribute them among employees. Now, as and when any lead enters the system it automatically gets a score that helps sales and marketing professionals to gauge the relevance of leads, and based on that they can start building interactions with leads. After scoring the next stage is a lead distribution where again as you set the rule in the SalezShark system and based on that every lead gets assigned to the most appropriate sales agent based on his/her expertise which ensures all leads get nurtured properly.


Strengthen your relationships with real estate buyers

Once your processes of lead capturing, scoring, and distribution get automated; it becomes essential for you to initiate strong series of communication with leads and start building strong relationships with them. To achieve this objective you need to have a robust lead nurturing process. When it comes to lead nurturing it requires a lot of effort where you need to educate leads on your products and services but just educating the lead will take you nowhere. While educating the lead you must also keep in mind to showcase your products and services as a solution to their needs and pain points. As soon as they receive any informative email on your products and services it should entice them to open that mail and the body of mail must resonate with their needs. So, to achieve this objective SalezShark helps you in creating strong follow-up email campaigns. Manually creating multiple follow-up email campaigns is time-consuming. However, by deploying SalezShark you can automate the complete process. It enables you to draft, schedule, and run multiple mass email campaigns in a few clicks. This gets possible by leveraging the SalezShark email template library which offers various highly customized email templates. By choosing the desired email template you can quickly create emails. The drag and drop functionality makes it even quicker and in a few clicks, your email campaigns can be created. You can also personalize these mass email campaigns by addressing every email recipient with his/her first name which boosts personalized communication and connects your email recipient with you instantly. Once the email creation is done you can also schedule the delivery of email campaigns in advance based on any event, date, holiday, time zone, and geographies that ensure your emails get delivered at the right time.


Boost real estate sales

Last but not least is the lead conversion stage where sales executives need to be extra cautious while dealing with leads. This is the buying decision stage. In this stage, your buyers know what all offerings you have made so far and how those offerings can help the buyer. However, even at this time, they are not sure about making business with you because they also interact with other real estate agents too. This is the time they compare your offerings with other brands. So here you need to be extra attentive and must not miss any query rose by the buyer. If you miss it and you have not updated the lead status as a hot lead then you might lose a potential deal. So to avoid a situation SalezShark real estate sales tracking software offers you a feature of a visual sales funnel where you can keep a track of all your leads and just by looking at the sales funnel you can evaluate the status of leads as cold, warm, or hot. Leads can be arranged and moved into the sales funnel based on the kind of interactions and their probability of buying from you. Leads with higher chances can be moved to the bottom of the funnel while the rest of the leads can be at the middle or the top of the funnel. The simple drag and drop functionality makes it easy for you to move leads into the sales funnel. By doing so, you can also prioritize leads and can focus first on hot leads and then the rest of the leads. Hence by leveraging the sales funnel feature of SalezShark real estate sales tracking software you can work on all leads together, prioritize leads and convert leads into deals in no time.

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Advantages of SalezShark real estate sales tracking software

SalezShark offers some great advantages that simplify the job of your real estate sales and marketing agents in executing the processes, building relationships with prospects and generating a good number of sales that boost your revenue generation. By using SalezShark real estate sales CRM sales professionals get a lot of benefits that we have discussed above, but these benefits are not only limited to real estate sales and marketing agents but also useful for senior sales professionals. As we know the sales funnel feature helps sales agents in the process of prioritizing leads and converting leads into deals; at the same time, this feature also helps senior sales professionals in the process of doing sales forecasting accurately. In the sales funnel as and when any lead enters it automatically displays its expected amount of revenue. Hence by looking at all leads in the visual sales funnel, senior sales managers can quickly calculate the total number of expected sales and total expected revenue generation through leads in a particular period of time.

So, as we have discussed the significance of the SalezShark real estate sales CRM then you must also know how seamlessly it can be deployed into your real estate business. Its process of onboarding is very quick and simple. SalezShark process of onboarding doesn’t require much effort and your sales and marketing employees can start using it on a daily basis just by attending a few training sessions and live tutorials of SalezShark CRM. Its graphical user interface is highly user-friendly that can be adapted quickly which makes onboarding more easy and quick. So, if you want to beat the competition in the real estate industry and elevate the level of your customer engagement resulting in the growth of sales and revenue generation then choose SalezShark real estate sales CRM software.

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