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Best CRM software in Mumbai

SalezShark brings you the best CRM software in Mumbai to streamline your sales and marketing process. Over these past few years, Customer Relationship Management has undergone a massive transformation - no longer are large enterprises alone using it for basic customer database functionality but SMEs too have begun leveraging its benefits. A study by GlobalData reveals that spending on CRM is expected to reach $2.3 billion this 2023 growing at an impressive CAGR!

Ready for a sales revolution? Thanks to the best CRM software in Mumbai, businesses all over Maharashtra are transforming the way they handle their marketing and making leaps on their path to success! Get ready - customize your own CRM from trusted providers today.

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Automation for the win! CRM software in Maharashtra revolutionized sales and marketing, streamlining & simplifying tedious manual processes. With time, it's evolved to build personal connections with customers - now that's a real game-changer!

Many organizations in Mumbai now rely on Salezshark CRM software in Maharashtra that provides excellent business automation features which enable businesses to streamline their daily tasks and build stronger and personalized relationships with customers based on their needs and expectations.

Sales Automation

SalezShark is the best CRM software in Mumbai offering the sales automation feature that enables businesses to amplify their sales process & turbocharge their sales professionals’ efficiency to close more deals in lesser time. Let’s look into the different aspects of this feature of CRM.

Lead Management

Lead management is an important feature of our CRM Mumbai. It enables sales professionals to keep a record of all potential leads/buyers along with their relevant information in a unified platform for easy tracking & management. Here sales experts can automate the various process of lead management entailing lead generation, lead distribution, lead nurturing, and lead conversion.

Account & Contact Management

Our CRM Mumbai takes sales automation to the next level with a platform that allows sales pros to effortlessly manage leads, customers, and contacts based on profiles. One account can have many associated connections — giving you an instant overview of your business relationships in just one click!

Opportunity & Sales Tracking

Get your sales pipeline under control with our powerful tracking feature! Keep tabs on all deals and opportunities, so you know exactly which ones are ready to close. Maximize success--secure more customers by analyzing high-probability leads.

Activity & Task Management

Keep your customers engaged & boost retention with the CRM Mumbai sales automation feature! Sales pros can easily track activities and schedule meetings using the app's comprehensive calendar schedulers. New tasks? Check. Past events? No problem - it's all covered for a productive workflow free of hassle.

Sales Forecasting

See what the future holds with forecasting! With its powerful feature, sales professionals can spot vital trends to help upper management make smart decisions for your business. Calculate & predict anticipated revenue through various currencies and time frame selections - get a monthly or quarterly forecast of all deals in no time.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation features of CRM in Mumbai enable businesses to drive more sales & revenue with far greater reach from online campaigns.

Email Marketing

Transform your marketing with CRM automation. Connect to customers in a personalized way and reap the rewards of increased email open rates & clicks. Send bulk emails and set reminders for follow-ups - let CRM take control!

Lead capturing from different sources

Capturing leads just got smarter! With marketing automation, all it takes is a simple form or email - and you're connected with buyers worldwide. Get the insights needed to create meaningful conversations that help build your revenue pipeline.

Smart List Management

Marketing automation simplifies the email list building process; no more manual entry! Plus, Mumbai-based CRM software providers like SalezShark automatically handle bounce & unsubscribe lists - freeing up time to focus on creating engaging campaigns.

Marketing Campaign Scheduler

Marketing campaign scheduler enables marketers to plan their marketing calendar in advance and set up email marketing campaigns for specific future dates or events. Here marketers can post email campaigns specific to different time zones across the globe & thereby assist them in getting high open & click rates.

Dynamic Reporting

This feature enables sales and marketing professionals to remain conversant with the significant business information from up-to-date reports generated from dynamic reporting software. Let’s dig into it.


Keep tabs on sales and marketing performance with real-time visual data! Dashboards bring all the KPIs to life through beautiful tables, charts, & graphs. Get business insights fast to take your campaigns up a notch today!


Power Up Your Performance with Leaderboard! Instantly monitor and motivate your team to stay on top of their game. Connect the actionable real-time stats and unlock rewards for those who excel in sales - right from your Smart TV screen. Let the competition drive better results, faster!

Standard & Custom Reports

Standard & custom reports facilitate sales and marketing professionals by saving their time. It gives them instant access to the 'ready-to-be-presented' statistics and with the help of these statistics; they can easily create customized reports and present them to upper management.


Integrations of CRM Mumbai enable businesses to gather all the valuable customer information from various mediums directly into the system. Let’s dig into it.

Data Search

This integration is very helpful with which businesses can search, identify & import relevant contacts into the CRM system and start interacting with them.


Chat integration with CRM enables businesses to collect and keep information on all customers contacted through chats.


This integration enables businesses to dial and keep a record of all calls made to customers.


Email integration enables businesses to send bulk emails through CRM and also helps in setting auto-responders and follow-up emails.

Lead Connector

It enables businesses to manage leads appropriately into their CRM. It makes us one of the leading CRM software companies in Mumbai.