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SalezShark offers you the best CRM software in Mumbai that makes your sales and marketing process a breeze. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is no more a new concept to businesses now. In the last couple of decades, the meaning of CRM has tremendously evolved to a large extent, especially in the Indian market. A decade ago it was predominantly used by large enterprises and was also limited to the basic functionality, generally customer database only. However, nowadays even small & medium enterprises have started to take advantage of CRM software. A recent study conducted by data and analyst firm GlobalData stated that the overall spending on CRM in India is set to reach about $2.3bn in 2023, with the CRM business estimated to witness a growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.3% during the forecast period. This software’s nationwide acceptance is growing rapidly by leaps and bounds. CRM software in Mumbai is proving to be highly effective in transforming the dynamics of the sales and marketing domain in the state of Maharashtra of India. Businesses can reap the maximum benefits of CRM by contacting CRM software providers in Mumbai who is selling CRM that is highly customizable as per the business and industry needs.

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Initially, CRM software in Maharashtra was used to automate and streamline the lengthy and tedious manual activities performed by sales and marketing professionals on a daily basis. Doing these activities manually is not only time-consuming but also invites many discrepancies. The arrival of CRM software solves these challenges by automating these activities that enable sales and marketing experts to focus on driving core sales and marketing activities. With the pace of time, CRM software in Mumbai evolved and is not only used by businesses to automate the sales and marketing process but also used to build a personalized relationships with past, present, and future customers.

Many organizations in Mumbai now rely on Salezshark CRM software in Maharashtra that provides excellent business automation features which enable businesses to streamline their daily tasks and build stronger and personalized relationships with customers based on their needs and expectations. Let’s explore these features.

Sales Automation

SalezShark is the best CRM software in Mumbai offering the sales automation feature that enables businesses to amplify their sales process & turbocharge their sales professionals’ efficiency to close more deals in lesser time. Let’s look into the different aspects of this feature of CRM.

Lead Management

Lead management is an important feature of our CRM Mumbai. It enables sales professionals to keep a record of all potential leads/buyers along with their relevant information in a unified platform for easy tracking & management. Here sales experts can automate the various process of lead management entailing lead generation, lead distribution, lead nurturing, and lead conversion.

Account & Contact Management

Another part of sales automation in our CRM Mumbai is a platform where sales professionals organize leads/customers/contacts based on profiles and segregate them under specific accounts to ensure quick traceability of all connections. The relation between the account and contact/lead/customer records is one-to-many. It means that with one single account many contacts can be associated or we can say an account can be known by the company name that can have many contacts associated with it.

Opportunity & Sales Tracking

Opportunities can be referred to as sales deals, and closed deals can be referred to as sales achieved. As the volume of deals goes high it becomes important to track them. Here sales tracking feature enables sales professionals to track & manage all sales deals and know the status of deals in the sales pipeline. In this manner sales professionals can easily analyze the deals with a high probability of closing into customers.

Activity & Task Management

Another part of the sales automation feature of CRM in Mumbai is where sales professionals can schedule meetings with customers & track activities through calendar schedulers. A task can be referred to as an activity that needs to be completed within a stipulated time period while an activity is an event that happened in the past. Here sales professionals can create new tasks & track all the activities on any particular lead/ contact/ account/ opportunity. Hence it helps in enhancing customer engagement & retention.

Sales Forecasting

It enables sales professionals to get a glimpse of all deals and track forecasted revenue to get an indication of the company’s sales growth. Sales forecasting enables upper management to make informed decisions for the business. The sales forecasting feature enables sales professionals to evaluate the number of deals that can be closed as customers in the future. Businesses can calculate and foresee the kind of revenue that can be generated in the future by selecting different currencies & time ranges to forecast sales on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation features of CRM in Mumbai enable businesses to drive more sales & revenue with far greater reach from online campaigns. Let’s look into the different aspects of this feature of CRM.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still considered the best mode to nurture leads and market products effectively. CRM automates this process efficiently. It enables marketers to craft emails based on customers’ buying preferences, behaviour, needs, and expectations. This helps marketers to connect with customers in a personalized way and the chances of email open rate and click rate increase. By using this feature marketers can schedule follow-up emails and bulk emails for various purposes.

Lead capturing from different sources

The marketing automation also helps in capturing the leads’/buyers’ information from different channels like website, chat & telephony. It helps marketers to build a revenue pipeline from interested buyers who fill their inquiries in the form attached in the website blog or emails that gives a fair understanding of buyers' contact information and basic needs. This eventually helps marketers to engage with buyers/leads effectively.

Smart List Management

Marketing automation enables marketers to create email lists from varied sources provided in your business account to send email marketing campaigns. Here marketers can manage & update all the entries in the list, however, the CRM software providers in Mumbai like SalezShark automatically manages the bounce & unsubscribe list.

Marketing Campaign Scheduler

Marketing campaign scheduler enables marketers to plan their marketing calendar in advance and set up email marketing campaigns for specific future dates or events. Here marketers can post email campaigns specific to different time zones across the globe & thereby assist them in getting high open & click rates.

Dynamic Reporting

This feature enables sales and marketing professionals to remain conversant with the significant business information from up-to-date reports generated from dynamic reporting software. Let’s dig into it.


Dashboards help sales and marketing professionals to see all KPIs relevant from the perspective of sales, marketing, and business activities. It gives real-time statistical data to sales and marketing professionals by providing business insights in the form of tables, charts & graphs. All sales and marketing campaigns’ performances can be viewed here.


Leaderboard enables upper management of the business to increase transparency in operations. It enables managers to track the real-time performance of employees and drive better results against a time-bound target. This actionable Leaderboard can be connected with the Smart TV to display real-time sales statistics & at the same time increase public recognition of top sales professionals, thereby enhancing the feeling of competitiveness to drive better sales.

Standard & Custom Reports

Standard & custom reports facilitate sales and marketing professionals by saving their time. It gives them instant access to the 'ready-to-be-presented' statistics and with the help of these statistics; they can easily create customized reports and present them to upper management.


Integrations of CRM Mumbai enable businesses to gather all the valuable customer information from various mediums directly into the system. Let’s dig into it.

Data Search

This integration is very helpful with which businesses can search, identify & import relevant contacts into the CRM system and start interacting with them.


Chat integration with CRM enables businesses to collect and keep information of all customers contacted through chats.


This integration enables businesses to dial and keep a record of all calls made to customers.


Email integration enables businesses to send bulk emails through CRM and also helps in setting auto-responders and follow-up emails.

Lead Connector

It enables businesses to manage leads appropriately into their CRM. It makes us one of the leading CRM software companies in Mumbai.