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The traditional office structure of 9 AM to 6 PM ‘cubicle time’ is getting blurred faster than ever. More and more start-ups, mid, and large size enterprises are adopting the culture of remote working and flexible working hours. This gradual transformation of work culture demands a technology like Mobile CRM that helps employees to work remotely. In the initial days of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology, some businesses have struggled to adapt and use the software. However, with the increasing use of mobile technology, those businesses started using mobile CRM software. The adoption of mobile CRM not only enhanced the use of the CRM software, but also the productivity of employees.

A study conducted by Forester has shown that 50% of teams improved their productivity by using a mobile CRM. A Nucleus Research report stated that businesses using mobile CRM, 65% are achieving their sales quotas. While only 22% of sales professionals using traditional CRM have reached the same targets.

Why do you need SalezShark Mobile apps CRM?

The availability and readiness of your sales and marketing team play a vital role in turning any opportunity into a paying customer. If your sales and marketing professionals fail to respond quickly, you could be missing out on a good opportunity. With SalezShark CRM mobile app, your sales and marketing professionals can keep in touch with leads on the move, log and access existing customers and prospects any important information, monitor their KPIs, and make data-driven decisions on the go. Hence SalezShark is the best mobile CRM helping your sales and marketing professionals to work smarter and faster.

CRM Mobile Apps

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SalezShark mobile CRM can be accessed on two operating systems such as the CRM android app and the CRM iPhone app. The compatibility of the SalezShark CRM mobile app on both of these operating systems enhances its user adoption rate more and helps companies to take their business on mobile easily. SalezShark mobile CRM gives you a competitive edge over your competitors. It enables your sales and marketing professionals to work remotely and combat the constant challenges in driving sales and marketing campaigns effectively. It helps them to remotely update, synchronize and share information with each other and achieve common and individual business goals in no time.

SalezShark CRM mobile app is highly responsive that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This means that the ergonomics of our CRM software adapt automatically to the device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) without compromising any of the quality and features. Its interface is very user-friendly that helps you to:

  • Update leads, opportunities, and contacts information on a real-time basis
  • Schedule and manage your synchronized calendar
  • Access dashboards and generate reports
CRM with Mobile Apps

How does SalezShark Mobile CRM help?


Transform business cards into CRM contacts

Often you end up stacking lots of business cards at the end of any trade show, promotional event, or conference. SalezShark CRM mobile app allows you to add details of interested contacts into it as a lead. In this manner, you can keep a track of all leads gathered during any trade show, promotional event, or conference and start building a relationship with them instantly.


Close more deals anytime from anywhere

SalezShark CRM iPhone app allows you to close more deals in less time from anywhere. This cloud-based CRM technology helps you to interact with leads anytime from anywhere. You can do multiple tasks like sending emails, tracking leads' status, tracking sales visits, sharing sales insights with your team members, and keeping a track of all interactions made with leads in a few clicks. Hence the turnaround time to convert a lead into a deal can be reduced from 15 to 20%


Establish a more responsive customer relationship

Another benefit of using SalezShark CRM for mobile is it offers you a unique way to establish a more responsive customer relationship. It enables you to set reminders for your day-to-day sales and marketing-related tasks. With the help of faster notifications, you can prioritize daily tasks and focus more on building a strong relationship with prospects and existing customers.


Make data-driven decisions on the go

SalezShark CRM android app enables your sales and marketing professionals to stay in constant touch with their campaign performance. The CRM analytics showcase the performance of sales and marketing campaigns in the form of various dashboards. These dashboards help you to keep a track of your KPIs, compare sales performance across teams, and turn your sales goals into achievable targets.


Stay in touch with your team members

SalezShark CRM for mobile works great when it comes to being in constant contact with your team members remotely. It helps you to interact with your team members anytime from anywhere and share information required to drive any campaign successfully or to convert a lead into a deal. It enhances employee engagement and retention too as the subordinates can also interact with their seniors and seek help on various issues instantly.


Enhance customer relationship quality

By using the SalezShark mobile CRM app you get access to extensive and up-to-date information on a real-time basis that enables you to meet the expectations of your prospects and existing customers. It not only helps you in driving day-to-day sales and marketing activities remotely but also helps you to understand the needs of customers and based on that you can do cross-selling/up-selling that results in an increase of turnover by 5 to 10%.

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