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In a highly competitive healthcare industry, customer service is key! 30% of patients strongly consider leaving their hospital or doctor due to poor experiences. A recent study indicates that patients prioritize personalized care and need-based solutions when selecting where they can receive treatment - making it increasingly important for the provision of attentive customer service at hospitals.

Keep up with healthcare trends and invest wisely in SalezShark Healthcare CRM- the easy to use platform that stores patient records safely and securely, accessible anytime from any device. All your data on one unified platform!

SalezShark CRM is the best healthcare CRM software that is intuitive and syncs seamlessly with your healthcare environment. It helps your staff to build cordial relationships with your patients and enables them to:

  • Store patient and doctor information in one place for immediate access.
  • Get a clear view of a patient’s entire medical record in a few clicks.
  • Keep a track of patient’s medical bills and the fees charged by doctors.
  • Manage appointments and retain patients by resonating with the pain points.

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Why do you need SalezShark healthcare CRM?

In the ever-changing world of healthcare, no two days are alike! Doctors and nurses must be prepared to handle emergencies, as well as master sudden shifts in patient numbers. Whether it's a long-term regular or an unexpected surprise visit - every consultation brings its own unique adventure!

Amidst life's unpredictability, your patients rely on you for trust and loyalty. Equip yourself with the right tools to make their journey seamless: SalezShark healthcare CRM keeps data safe across different software - ensuring access when it matters most!

With SalezShark’s best healthcare CRM software, healthcare just got easier! Our powerful CRM features help hospitals and staff members streamline daily tasks like capturing patient interactions, understanding history & keeping records organized with a few clicks. Get the most out of your care today!

Get better healthcare for everyone with SalezShark! Automate day-to-day activities, get accurate bills on time, track them easily and keep your patients informed - all with just one Healthcare CRM.

SalezShark CRM revolutionizes healthcare, streamlining the work of lab technicians and simplifying senior management with auto-generated reports. Easily comprehended graphs and pie charts aid users in analyzing data quickly to draw helpful conclusions - it's an essential tool for staying one step ahead!


How does SalezShark CRM
for healthcare industry help?

Capture all interactions & know
your patients completely

  • Get a complete view of the patient’s information like contact details, doctors assigned, and medical bills.
  • Add notes on the patient’s profile regarding symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments for future reference.
  • Schedule and view upcoming appointments of patients with the doctor by syncing them with the calendar.
  • Track every patient’s interaction via email, chat, SMS, and phone call.

Track medical bills in a few clicks

  • Automate your billing process in a few clicks.
  • Track the medical bills of your patients using a visual pipeline.
  • Customize the billing process for each department by leveraging multiple pipelines.
  • Calculate doctors’ commissions for each treatment performed by creating a separate pipeline.

Automate personalized communications

  • Engage your patients by sending them personalized & informative newsletters about their illness.
  • Create & schedule email campaigns in a few clicks by automatically selecting recipients based on illnesses.
  • Track the performance of your newsletters sent through emails for the perfect outreach.
  • Keep your patients updated about offers and discounts on various treatments.

Automate day-to-day workflows

  • Automate day-to-day mundane tasks by creating intelligent workflows boosting productivity.
  • Automate tasks like sending appointment confirmation emails, invoice generation, etc. in a few clicks.
  • Set appointment reminders for doctors.
  • Notify your doctors about the patient information and timings as soon as an appointment is scheduled.

Make smart data-driven decisions with advanced reports

  • Track which department of your healthcare institution has the most number of patient visits.
  • Understand which department brings the maximum revenue, and which one needs a push.
  • Monitor the performance of your doctors, patients treated by them, and the revenue generated.
  • Get auto-generated reports in a few clicks and export them as CSV or PDF file for presentation.

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