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Your sales and marketing processes play a vital role in the growth of your brand. Driving these processes manually gets difficult as your business starts extending. Right from the creation and execution of numerous sales & marketing campaigns and then tracking the performance of those campaigns need your special attention and demand zero discrepancies. You should have a thorough understanding of what’s happening with your sales and marketing processes in the present and what's expected to occur in the upcoming days. Manually doing all of this is a tedious and time-consuming process that often leaves room for errors. Here you can introduce the power of automation to your brand and get your business processes automated with SalezShark best free CRM software. Highly user-friendly software that not only automates your lengthy and tedious sales and marketing workflows but also helps in building solid relationships with your past, present, and future customers.

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SalezShark Open Source CRM software is capable of providing your brand an edge over your competitors. Best free CRM for startups enables your team of sales and marketing professionals to nurture customer relationships through every sales and marketing stage. Get Free CRM login with cloud-based CRM software by automating the workflows makes the job of your sales and marketing executives easy and proves to be highly effective in enabling senior managers of a business to keep track of sales and marketing executives' performance. SalezShark Free CRM for small business is designed to manage and streamline data for sales and marketing executives. It offers a range of advanced analytics and intelligent reporting system that enables them to get a bird's eye view at any time to evaluate what's happening in the sales and marketing processes.


SalezShark CRM Metrics Making Your Sales Measurable



Leaderboard feature of SalezShark CRM gives you a pictorial view of all your sales agents’ performance, their rankings based on actual sales, and various activities performed. This feature works as a motivation for your sales executives and keeps them competitive as they can keep track of their performance that helping them in enhancing their productivity. Besides this, the best free CRM for startups leaderboard feature brings transparency to your sales team. The senior managers of your business can also gauge their sales team and individual sales agents’ performance on a real-time basis which helps achieve time-bound targets effectively.



SalezShark CRM offers smart analytics that eases the job of your sales executive in analyzing the performance of their sales campaigns. The Dashboard feature of our best free CRM for startups offers you multiple real-time based sales reports in the form of graphs, charts, tables, etc., that enable your team of sales agents to stay updated. They can track their sales pipeline, the number of sales closed, sales lost, and upcoming opportunities. Hence, Dashboard eases the job of senior managers too by making sales forecasting easy. By getting the accurate figures of prospects and leads in the sales pipeline.



SalezShark Free CRM for small business helps your sales agents streamline their interactions with customers. The Activity & Task feature allows your sales experts to engage with past, present, and future customers through emails, phone calls, meetings, product demos, etc. As leads get created in the system, your sales agents can start building interactions with them by performing various activities to turn those leads into paying customers. Any exchange designed via email, phone call, or product demo is termed a Task, and once it is completed, it is known as Activity. In this manner building interactions with prospects & existing customers get accessible, and also, very interactions get automatically recorded for future reference.

Why You Should Rely on SalezShark Free CRM?

Power of Integrations

Manually dialing multiple calls and sending numerous emails to prospects & existing customers consume a lot of time for your employees, reducing their overall productivity. Moreover, it becomes an arduous task to record all calls made and emails sent to prospects & existing customers. By implementing SalezShark CRM software, dialing multiple calls and sending bulk emails get automated. By its telephony and email integration your team of sales agents can easily make calls, send emails directly from the SalezShark best free CRM system., Every interaction made with prospects & existing customers via phone call or email gets automatically recorded, enhancing traceability.

Make Smart Decisions

SalezShark, the open-source CRM software, automates your entire data management process. Best free CRM for startups enables your senior managers to keep track of sales activities and updates in the sales process, which helps them to avoid any upcoming potential bottlenecks in sales. The real-time based sales reports make the job of your senior managers easy and enable them to make intelligent sales decisions at the right time. These real-time based sales reports are auto-generated that are showcased in a Dashboard. The dashboard gives a bird’s eye view of multiple sales campaigns’ performance that enables senior managers to make intelligent sales decisions, including sales forecasting.

Track Sales Activities

Tracking your sales get better with the implementation of SalezShark CRM software. It enables your senior business managers to get real-time updates of various sales campaigns and activities performed by sales executives on leads. Any activity made by any sales agent on a lead gets automatically recorded and can be fetched from the SalezShark CRM system that enables senior managers to gauge the chances of a lead converting into a customer. With the help of multiple metrics offered by our best accessible CRM, sales professionals can also evaluate the number of sales achieved, lost & upcoming opportunities. These figures also facilitate senior managers to strategize their future sales campaigns and forecast sales accurately.

Easy Accessibility

SalezShark free CRM app runs on a cloud-based technology that helps you be in constant with your business processes anytime from anywhere. SalezShark also offers you a mobile app that can be accessed through any mobile device. This ease of accessibility is highly beneficial for those working professionals primarily engaged in a traveling profile. Sales agents who are mainly on the field can reap the most of it by feeding any sales data anytime from anywhere that enhances their productivity and saves their time. Besides this, free CRM login also helps your senior managers be in touch with their teams remotely.

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