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Customer relationship management: The next competitive battleground,
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Right Customer Relationship Management Metrics help your company grow - how?

Do you know that the organizations which run on Customer relationship management have witnessed a 65% increase in sales during the Covid period?

Around 82% of companies use CRM to improve customer retention. You may use CRM to perform tasks like scheduling meetings, content delivery, lead generation, and get more customer insight. Customer relationship management metrics can help your company grow through effective client relationship manager and provide more accurate sales opportunity information to your team.


Considering all available communication channels makes the operation of the marketing and sales team more synchronized and effective. Most importantly, CRM reduces the complexity of the workflow, which makes tasks easy, effective, and on time. Customer relationship management metrics is the software that helps you to track the conversation and interaction that your customer has with your company. This tracking is essential as it helps understand the customers' demands.

Fundamental Customer Relationship Metrics for faster growth

If you are a small business owner, you know how difficult it is to keep up with large enterprises. Because you neither have the time nor the resources to hire a team of expert professionals for any specific job. This is where CRM metrics can help you.

Here are some Fundamental customer relationship management metrics that you should be measuring as a small business enterprise.

Customer Churn

These customer relationship management metrics are customizable as you can download data for a month or quarter. It gives you an idea about the number of customers that have dropped out of your services over some time. You can get feedback from those customers to improve your service or products.

Suppose you have 100 customers at the beginning of the month and you left with 90 customers. This means that your customer churn rate is 10%.

Customer Satisfaction Ratio

As the name suggests, these critical customer relationship management metrics will let you know the satisfaction level of the customers. Customer relationship management metrics help you understand your business's performance against your competitors.

It is calculated by dividing the positive response from the customers by the total number of responses and then multiplied by a hundred. A CSR of 80% is considered as good.

Rate of Renewal

Let’s suppose you run a subscription-based business where a customer has to renew the services monthly and yearly. You can quickly and accurately estimate the growth of your company. Then by calculating the percentage rate at which customers are renewing their services.

For example, out of 100 customers, 95 renew their services which means your renewal rate is 95%. This shows your company is offering long-term value to your customers.

Customer Retention Cost

About 80% of any company's revenue comes from existing customers, and if this is with you, you have excellent customer retention records. If not, you need to pay close attention to these customer relationship management metrics and try to improve them to retain your customers.

This will increase the customer lifetime value, which eventually will boost your revenue. Good retention also means that your customers are more loyal to your brand and will likely introduce your brand to their close relatives.

Close Rate

The close rate gives you the exact number of deals closed compared to the number of leads in the pipelines. It can depict various other information about the organization like the sales team's effectiveness, the problem they face in closing the data, etc.

It is also helpful for developing a new strategy for your business. Suppose the close rate is low. Then you need to integrate the reasons for it.

Customer Effort Score

It is yet another critical metric to measure the overall satisfaction level of the customers. These customer relationship management metrics tell you about the customer's effort while interacting with your business to get his queries resolved.

The higher the customer effort, the lower will be the score. These customer relationship management metrics will let you know whether your customer is satisfied with your support team or not.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer relationship management metrics will tell you how much a customer spends on your products and services. This will help you understand whether acquiring new customers is profitable or not. Because if the customer acquisition rate is more significant than CLV, then your strategy must be on resell or upsell instead of acquiring new customers.

Customer lifetime value is calculated by multiplying the average annual profit by the average customer retention time. The product is then subtracted from the customer acquiring cost. The final result is your customer lifetime value.

Length of Sales Cycle

It is the average time in which the prospect is converted into sales. Customer relationship management metrics are critical as it helps you track the prospects' activities in the middle of the funnel.

If any prospect is taking more time when compared to the length of the sales cycle, then it's time to trigger more customized messages or emails with discounts. These metrics also help you analyze your team performance as any member with a lower rate when compared to others needs proper analysis.

How to improve your sales figure with SalezShark customer relationship management?

Customer relationship management metrics help you build a long-lasting relationship with your customer, which is a typical job. Suppose a customer is loyal to your product or services. It means that they are satisfied with your products and most likely introduce you to the close ones. A CRM compiles data from previous sales and uses its artificial intelligence power to analyze this data and predict what is working for your business.

SalezShark also helps you find the right targeted audience, understanding their buying patterns and preferred mode of communication, which is very important for developing strategies for better communication. SalezShark CRM software helps segregate the customer into various groups depending on demographics, age, sex, etc. You can use these groups to make your email campaigns more effective. You can also run these campaigns in auto-pilot mode to send the latest offers to your customers.

Reaching your customer promptly helps keep them engaged with your business. By providing them with the correct information at the right time on the right platform. This allows you to present your service or product as an ultimate solution to their problems. Customer relationship management metrics also help reduce the lead's lifecycle to conversion.

SalezShark: The Perfect Client relationship Manager

Suppose you are looking for the best client relationship manager. In that case, the SalezShark customer relationship management metrics are what you are looking for. With over decades of industry experience, we know precisely the secret ingredient to growing your business. That is why we have been trusted by millions of companies and are increasing faster. We keep customer needs at the center of what we do. We provide solutions that are not only robust but also secure.

Our developers have developed customer relationship management metrics, which are user-friendly and help you to organize your work and streamline your leads. Our state of the art allows you to automate various tasks, which improves the overall efficiency of your team. Our main emphasis is on increasing leads and escalating sales. We optimize the latest technologies like artificial intelligence to predict potential customers, future sales, future demands, customers' expectations, etc.

SalezShark customer relationship management metrics are loaded with many features that provide you with the proper assistance to grow your business. You can set up the SalezShark platform as per your business convenience and requirements. You can integrate with various third-party apps, which gives it more flexibility and uses.

  • ●   Sales Team Automation
  • ●   Platform Customization
  • ●   Marketing Automation
  • ●   Automation and Process Management
  • ●   Better Team Collaboration
  • ●   Streamlines and automates your sales
  • ●   Interaction tracking
  • ●   Lead management
  • ●   Email integration
  • ●   Document management
  • ●   Quotes/proposal management
  • ●   Pipeline management
  • ●   Workflow automation

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