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SalezShark Engage CRM platform to boost sales

Gone are the days when spreadsheets were used by sales and marketing agents to keep records of their prospects and existing customers manually. Nowadays as technology advances in every field, even in the b2b and b2c environments sales and marketing reps. prefer to use a CRM platform that makes their job easy and quick. CRM means Customer Relationship Management software or system that automates every bit of your sales and marketing process and allows you to focus on core sales and marketing activities. SalezShark Engage CRM system is one of the CRMs that offer a powerful and intuitive platform. This AI (Artificial Intelligence) based CRM makes your job easy in understanding your target audience and helps you to automate various stages of the sales and marketing cycle. It automates the entire buyer’s journey and makes your relationships strong with prospects resulting in higher sales and better revenue generation.

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Why do you need the SalezShark CRM platform?

By deploying SalezShark Engage CRM you can simplify multiple complex processes of your business that you tend to drive manually. It automates all sorts of sales and marketing complex and time-consuming processes such as right from lead generation to lead nurturing and lead conversion. SalezShark Engage CRM platform is AI (Artificial Intelligence) based software that empowers you with smart insights on your target audiences’ buying behavior, preferences, pain points, and so on. Once you know who your target audience is and you get an idea regarding what exactly they wish to buy, then it becomes easy for you to build personalized relationships with them by offering the right products and services at the right time that resonate with their needs and pain points. Now after gaining a better understanding of your target audience you should also devise a way to capture such leads. Nowadays leads get captured from many platforms like landing pages, email campaigns, Google Ads, and social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on. In such a scenario manually capturing leads from all sources by individually signing in is a time-consuming process and also the chances of losing leads increases while manually capturing the leads. To get rid of this mess, it’s better to deploy Engage CRM which automates your entire lead capturing process and capture leads automatically from various sources and saves it under one unified platform of SalezShark CRM. Now with a single sign-in on SalezShark CRM, you can start working on all the leads from a single platform.

SalezShark Engage CRM also takes care of tracking of leads where you get to know the source of your leads’ origin. The power of AI technology makes tracking effective and accurate. It displays the completed information of buyers’ activities such as the pages visited, the forms filled, activities performed previously on the website by buyers, and so on. By tracking your leads’ origin you become sure about the platform from where the maximum no. of leads get generated and accordingly you can invest in that platform for future marketing activities. Also, by this intense lead tracking, you understand the needs and expectations of leads, and based on that you can start interacting with them to build strong relationships and turn them into paying customers. Now as we know CRM automates all sorts of processes then it also automates the process of lead scoring that helps the sales and marketing teams to stay away from the blame game. Generally sales reps. complain that marketers without qualifying leads pass on to them. So to remove this conflict and misalignment between the sales and marketing teams; the SalezShark Engage CRM system helps marketing professionals to score leads by automating it. By creating an automated workflow for lead capturing you can set any rule to score leads and based on that when any new lead enters into the system, it gets a score that helps marketers to qualify it as sales qualified lead and even sales reps. find it easy to prioritize leads and they can work on those leads first that have higher chances of conversion and the rest of the leads later.

Build seamless communication with leads

Lead nurturing is often considered a difficult process that takes a lot of effort and time for any marketer or sales rep. This stage is crucial as many leads during this stage lose interest in the product or service and stop interacting with a business. Here you need to be very careful in constantly being in touch and maintain seamless communication with leads through informative emails. You should generate curiosity among leads to know more about your business and how your products and services can be a solution to their issues and challenges. So to do this effectively you must deploy SalezShark Engage CRM tools that make lead nurturing a cakewalk. It offers you an option to create mass emails with a touch of personalization where every email is sent to the recipient with his/her first name which instantly builds connection and strong communication with leads. Besides this, you can also create automated follow-up email campaigns that help you to be in regular touch with leads and never lose them.

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Turn leads into deals in no time

Turning leads into sure-shot deals is the primary goal of any sales or marketing executive. To achieve this objective effectively, powerful and intuitive CRM software like SalezShark Engage CRM plays a vital role in boosting lead conversions. Its visual sales funnel feature offers great help to you and your team of sales executives to boost lead conversions effectively. By using this visual sales funnel it becomes easy for you and your sales reps to organize and prioritize all sales-qualified leads from top to bottom in the sales funnel. This placement of leads is based on their chances of conversion into paying customers. As the leads get closer to deals, they can be moved towards the bottom of the funnel by using the drag and drop functionality. In this manner, it becomes very easy for you to work on all leads simultaneously without losing the track of any lead. You can also prioritize leads, just by looking at the sales funnel and the leads which are closer to deals you can first focus on them and the rest of the leads later. Besides this, visual sales funnel is also very helpful to your senior sales professionals as they can do sales forecasting accurately and calculate expected revenue from those leads, just by looking at the sales funnel.

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Boost your business growth with the SalezShark CRM system

SalezShark Engage CRM offers you great helps in tracking every sales opportunity not only by automating the lead management process but also by offering a 360-degree customer view. This feature enables you to analyze when, how, and at what stage any lead can turn into a sure-shot deal. For any business, sales are the most important process but that doesn’t mean the marketing process has no importance. The marketing process is solely responsible for lead generation where they need to turn marketing qualified leads into sales-qualified leads, and then finally transfer them to the sales professionals. Doing all of this manually consumes time and to save these daily productive hours you must start using SalezShark CRM which enables you and your team of marketing professionals to automate daily marketing activities involving various tasks like lead scoring, distribution, lead nurturing, creating email campaigns and so on. Majorly email campaign creation and scheduling follow-up mass email campaigns manually is a time-consuming process. However with SalezShark CRM and using its readymade and customizable email templates this all can be done in a few clicks. You can also set reminders in the system to send mass email campaigns, product demos, telephone calls, and so on that help in enhancing your lead conversions.

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Why you should choose SalezShark CRM tools?

SalezShark Engage CRM comes with a highly responsive user interface. Its interface is very user-friendly and requires a minimum learning curve. It can be easily accessed on all kinds of screens like laptops, desktops, tabs, and even mobile screens. Yes as we know that these days most of us access our business from mobile, so SalezShark Engage CRM is also accessible on mobile phones. You can be in touch with your work, leads, and existing customers and can access any information on your mobile. As this software is also cloud-based so all the business information is secured and saved on the SalezShark Cloud. Due to this, you can access any business information from anywhere through any mobile device or laptop, or desktop via the internet. Besides this, it also helps you to be in touch with not only your customers but also with other staff members and subordinates. Overall your business growth never stops if you have Cloud-based Mobile CRM like SaleShark Engage CRM.

Last but not least is its affordability. SalezShark Engage CRM platform is highly affordable software that fits in the budget of even small enterprises. SalezShark Engage CRM software offers you a good value for money which means you get exactly what you pay for. There is no hassle of a bundled package where with CRM software you are forced to buy multiple unnecessary programs that multiply the price of CRM. Apart from this at the time of SalezShark Engage CRM deployment, the team of SalezShark Engage CRM experts is 24*7 ready to provide you support. It also offers various tutorials and training sessions on Engage CRM that makes your onboarding experience hassle-free and smooth.

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