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SalezShark Cloud CRM software Australia

Before we dig into knowing SalezShark Cloud CRM, it’s essential to know what cloud CRM software is. Cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is hosted in the cloud; it helps businesses in accessing their data anytime from anywhere, by logging through any device with internet access. SalezShark Cloud CRM software Australia offers you similar convenience of accessing your data anytime from anywhere and staying connected to your customers and colleagues remotely. Therefore if you are aiming to make your business highly accessible deploy SalezShark cloud-based CRM enabling you to work remotely with high efficiency.

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Advantages of Cloud CRM software Australia

By choosing SalezShark cloud-based CRM software and deploying it into your business you introduce the power of easy accessibility into your business that helps you and your team members to stay connected with their work, colleagues, prospects, and existing customers anytime from anywhere. This easy accessibility solves your biggest challenges across all stages of the customers’ journey right from lead generation to lead conversion. This AI (Artificial Intelligence) based CRM enables you to get access to your prospects’ data and insights such as their buying behavior and preferences in a few clicks. It simplifies your lead capturing process by capturing, consolidating, and transferring all leads from various portals like websites, landing pages, calls, etc. into one unified platform of SalezShark CRM. This AI-based cloud CRM boosts your business productivity, efficiency & predictability. It also offers you a 360-degree view of your buyers’ journey that helps you in converting leads into deals in no time.

SalezShark CRM enables you to acquire more leads in less time by automating the lead capturing process. By leveraging SalezShark’s power of automation into your lead capturing process you create an automated workflow for capturing and consolidating leads under one unified platform of SalezShark CRM coming from multiple sales channels such as websites, landing pages, social media platforms, etc. Hence, the time which was getting wasted previously in manually capturing leads can be utilized in building relationships with leads instantly. By deploying SalezShark CRM you get rid of the hassle of signing in to multiple portals individually to capture leads. Simply by signing in to the SalezShark CRM interface you can get a view of all captured leads consolidated in the system and start working on them without wasting any more time.

SalezShark CRM software makes you understand your leads better. It helps you track the source of your leads such as from where your leads originated. It helps you track pages visited by leads, the forms filled by leads, activities performed with leads in the past, and so on. This lead tracking insight helps you in analyzing the sources from where maximum leads are generated and based on that you can strategize future marketing campaigns. Besides capturing and tracking leads, SalezShark CRM also helps you to score your leads. Here you can create an automated workflow by setting any rule or parameter into the SalezShark system and after that whenever leads enter into the system, all of them get scores automatically. These lead scores help you in gauging the quality of leads and based on that you can prioritize leads and start building relationships with them.

SalezShark CRM besides automating your lead capturing, tracking, and scoring process also automate the process of distributing and assigning leads to sales executives. Simply by setting any rule or parameter into the SalezShark system you can create automated workflows for these processes. Once the rule and workflows are created then after that whenever and leads enter into the system, they get automatically distributed among sales professionals and assigned to individual sales executives. Hence, SalezShark Cloud CRM software enables you to create various automated workflows that save a lot of your productive hours and enhance the overall productivity of your work.

Create sales-qualified leads

Capturing leads get simple with SalezShark CRM but after that, you also need to make sure that lead turns into sales qualified lead and that gets only possible when you know and get a signal from your lead that they really want to buy from you. To simplify this, you should educate your leads on your products and services and generate curiosity among them to know more about your products and services. To do this effectively you can use emails and through this medium, you can share informative content with your leads. SalezShark CRM allows you to create quick emails by offering its readymade email templates that are customizable and also allow you to add a touch of personalization into emails by addressing each lead with their first name. You can schedule email campaigns in advance based on any event, date, holiday, etc. by using SalezShark and start connecting with leads at the right time that ensures your leads turn into sales qualified leads soon.

Cloud CRM Australia

Cloud CRM Australia turn leads into deals

SalezShark CRM amplifies your lead conversion process and by leveraging various features of SalezShark CRM you can turn prospects into paying customers easily. It offers you an option to create a visual sales funnel into the system. In this visual sales funnel you can keep all your leads organized from top to bottom based on their chances of conversion. From top to bottom you can move leads as they progress towards being a customer. By using this feature you never miss out on any leads and can work on all leads together. You can also prioritize leads based on their chances of conversion. So you can focus first on leads that can be converted easily and rest later. Besides this, the visual sales funnel also helps senior sales professionals when it comes to forecasting sales accurately. Just by a glimpse of the sales funnel they can calculate expected revenue generation and sales figures.

Cloud CRM Australia

Cloud CRM Australia make sales, marketing, & reporting simple

SalezShark Cloud CRM helps you track every sales opportunity by not only automating the lead management cycle right from lead capturing to lead nurturing and lead conversion but also offers you a 360-degree customer view that makes your job easy in analyzing at what stage you can convert that opportunity into a sure-shot sales deal effortlessly. It also offers you an option of creating the visual sales funnel that amplifies lead conversion and makes the job of sales forecasting better and accurate.

As we know sales are important to your business but at the same time, the significance of marketing can’t be ignored. Right from lead generation to lead nurturing and transforming that lead into a promising prospect is the responsibility of your marketing department. By deploying SalezShark CRM, the job of your marketing team gets easy and they can nurture leads effectively. Inside the SalezShark system, you can quickly create multiple email marketing campaigns by leveraging highly customized and pre-built email templates from the SalezShark gallery. By automating your email process by using SalezShark CRM you not only help the marketing team but also make the job of the sales team easy in engaging customers through robust follow-up emails. It helps the sales team to schedule follow-up emails and they can also set reminders to give calls and product demos to leads and existing customers.

SalezShark CRM comes with integrated telephony that helps you dial calls to customers directly from the system which saves your time and also all the calls made by you get automatically recorded which enhances the traceability of your telephony process. Not only this SalezShark CRM makes your reporting effective by offering you various auto-generated sales and marketing performance reports that help you track your overall business performance in a few clicks. These auto-generated reports can be viewed in the form of graphs, statistics, and pie-chart that make them easily understandable and also improve your presentations.

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Reasons to choose Salezshark Cloud CRM software

SalezShark cloud-based CRM Australia can be easily accessed anytime from anywhere through any mobile device with a strong internet connection. It offers a highly responsive user interface that makes it easily accessible and viewable on all sorts of mobile screens to laptops and desktops. Its easy accessibility not only helps you in accessing your data anytime from anywhere but also keeps you in constant touch with your team members, seniors, and subordinates. It helps you track the sales and marketing campaign performance remotely. It also offers you some smart CRM analytics that helps you in analyzing the performance of your sales and marketing campaigns effectively. By leveraging these CRM analytics you can gauge your emails’ performance such as its click rate, open rate, no. of subscribers, and so on.

SalezShark CRM software believes in giving you what exactly you paying for. It doesn’t come with a bundle pack of various unnecessary programs installed that makes CRM expensive and heavy on your pocket. SalezShark CRM software is highly affordable that can be adjusted into your restricted budget. SalezShark CRM experts are always ready to help you at every stage of its implementation. Moreover, its user-friendly interface is easy to understand which encourages you to use it more and more. By going through numerous product tutorials and training sessions of SalezShark your transition and onboarding go smooth. SalezShark cloud-based CRM software comes with bulletproof security that keeps your data highly secured by IP restrictions, single sign-on, identity, & access management.

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