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Cloud CRM software

Get connected and stay updated no matter where you are! SalezShark Cloud CRM software gives your business the ability to access all its data at any time, from anywhere or device. Leverage this flexible solution for greater productivity while remote working - reveal improved communication between employees and sky-high efficiency with a cloud-based CRM system.

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Benefits of Cloud CRM software

By introducing SalezShark cloud-based CRM software into your business you can easily stay connected to your work, colleagues, prospects, and existing customers.

  • - Easily accessible from any device—no need for local installations or updates.
  • - Greater customer satisfaction by offering personalized service and a greater level of convenience.
  • - Increased employee efficiency through quicker access to customer data, resulting in faster resolution of customer queries.
  • - Enhanced functionality that allows users to easily view client data and track lead progress in real-time.
  • - Lower overhead costs compared to traditional on-premise systems with less need for additional hardware, software, and staff resources required for maintenance and support.
  • - Flexibility to customize as business needs change over time, making it easy to scale up or down according to changing requirements within the company or industry verticals.

Convert leads into qualified prospects

  • - Automate marketing & emailing.
  • - Pre-built, customizable templates.
  • - Schedule campaigns in advance.
  • - Automated lead capture processes.
  • - Intelligent reporting tools tracking engagement.
Convert leads into qualified prospects
 Turn prospects into paying customers

Turn prospects into paying customers

  • - Amplify lead conversion process.
  • - Visual sales funnel to organize leads.
  • - Prioritize leads for conversion.
  • - Senior sales forecasting accuracy.
  • - Glimpse sales funnel and calculate revenue.

Enhance the efficiency of your sales, marketing, & reporting

  • - Automated lead management process.
  • - 360-degree view of buyer's journey.
  • - Enhance lead conversion & forecasting.
  • - Magnetic marketing campaigns for leads.
  • - Personalized emails to prospects.
  • - Schedule follow-up emails in advance.
  • - Automated reporting of performance stats.
Enhance the efficiency of your sales, marketing, & reporting

Get the best Cloud CRM software

Use SalezShark Cloud-based CRM software customizable as per your needs.

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Reasons to choose Salezshark Cloud CRM

  • - Freedom to access anytime from anywhere through any mobile device with internet access.
  • - Highly responsive user interface that can be easily accessed and viewed right from mobile screen to laptop and desktops.
  • - Easy accessibility enables regular touch with your team, colleagues, seniors, and subordinates.
  • - Track the performance of your sales and marketing campaigns remotely using the CRM analytics of SalezShark.
  • - Track emails’ click rate, open rate, no. of subscribers, etc for a better understanding of emails' performance.
  • - Affordable price that fits into a restricted budget without any unnecessary programs installed in a bundle pack.
  • - User-friendly interface with minimal learning curve supported by product tutorials and training for smooth transition and onboarding process.
  • - Bulletproof security keeping data and customer details completely safe with IP restrictions, single sign-on, identity & access management, etc.

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