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SalezShark Cloud CRM software Canada

Before we start knowing SalezShark Cloud CRM, it’s highly required for us to know what cloud CRM software is. Cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is cloud-hosted software; it enables brands in accessing their data anytime from anywhere, by logging through any device via internet access. SalezShark Cloud CRM software Canada provides you with the same ease of accessing your data anytime from anywhere and keeping in touch with your customers and colleagues remotely. So, if you want to bring this easy accessibility into your business then deploy SalezShark cloud-based CRM helping you to work remotely with high efficiency.

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Why do you need SalezShark Cloud CRM software?

By deploying SalezShark cloud-based CRM software into your business you empower your team with the feature of easy data accessibility that helps you and your team members to stay connected with each other, be more productive and serve prospects & existing customers anytime from anywhere. By introducing this CRM you can solve the biggest challenges across all stages of the prospects’ journey right from lead generation to lead conversion. This AI (Artificial Intelligence) based software offers you smart insights on your target audience that helps you to understand your target audiences’ buying behavior and preferences. Not only this but by using this software you can simplify your lead capturing process by capturing, consolidating, and transferring all leads from various sales channels like websites, landing pages, calls, etc. under one unified platform of SalezShark CRM. This software also offers you a 360-degree view of your customers’ journey that makes your job easy in converting leads into deals.

By deploying this software you can fetch more leads in less time. This software allows you to leverage its power of automation into your lead capturing process that helps you to create an automated workflow for lead capturing and consolidating leads under one unified platform of SalezShark CRM. This means now you don’t need to manually capture leads by signing in to multiple sales channels individually. In a single sign-in on the SalezShark CRM, you can access all the captured leads consolidated into the system and start building relationships with them without wasting any time.

This software also helps you to know your leads better as it enables you to track the source of your leads like from where your leads originated. This AI-based software tracks the pages visited by leads, the forms filled by website visitors, activities performed with website visitors/leads in the past, etc. The tracking process of leads helps you understand the sources from where more leads are generated and based on that you can plan your future marketing campaigns. Apart from lead capturing and tracking, SalezShark also offers you an option to score your leads. By deploying SalezShark you can create an automated workflow for lead scoring where you need to set any rule or parameter and after that whenever any lead enters into the system, it gets a score automatically. This lead score makes your job easy in understanding the quality of leads and based on that you can prioritize leads and start interacting with them.

SalezShark CRM apart from automating the lead capturing, tracking, and scoring processes helps in automating the lead distribution and assignment to sales executives. Here you just need to establish one rule or parameter into the system to create automated workflows for these two processes. Once the workflow is created, then after that any lead that enters into the system, gets automatically distributed and assigned to the most suitable sales professional.

Get sales-qualified leads
Lead capturing becomes easy and quick with SalezShark CRM but after that, another crucial stage starts that ensures that every lead turns into sales qualified lead. At this stage, you should ensure that your leads are relevant to your business and really look forward to buying from you. So to make sure your leads are relevant or not, you must educate them about your products and services and generate curiosity among them to know more about your business. This objective can be easily achieved by educating your leads through informative emails. SalezShark CRM makes this job easy by enabling you to create emails in no time by leveraging its readymade email templates that are customizable and also help you to add a touch of personalization into emails. In these emails, you can address each email recipient with his/her first name. You can also set and schedule email campaigns based on any event, date, holiday, and so on. Hence by doing so you can easily ensure that your leads are sales-qualified leads.
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Boost lead conversion
SalezShark CRM boosts your lead conversion process and by leveraging its multiple features you can turn leads into sure-shot deals easily. It offers you a unique feature of creating a visual sales funnel into the system. In this visual sales funnel you can organize and prioritize all your leads from top to bottom based on their probability of converting into paying customers. Through simple drag and drop functionality, you can move leads into the visual funnel as they progress towards being a customer. By leveraging this feature you stay connected with every lead and chances of missing out on any lead become zero. By looking at the position of a lead into the visual sales funnel you can also prioritize leads based on their chances of conversion. By doing so you can focus first on leads that can be turned into customers easily and rest leads later. Apart from this, by using the feature of the visual sales funnel, your senior sales professionals can forecast sales accurately. Just by a glimpse of the sales funnel they can evaluate expected sales and revenue generation.
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Enhance the performance of your business
SalezShark Cloud CRM makes your job simple in tracking every sales opportunity not just by simply automating the lead management process right from lead capturing to lead nurturing and lead conversion but giving you an option to leverage its feature of 360-degree customer view. By using this feature you can easily analyze at what stage you can transform any opportunity into a sure-shot sales deal. Also by leveraging the feature of visual sales funnel you can multiply lead conversion and enhance sales forecasting accurately.
Sales play a vital role in your business but at the same time, the marketing process can’t be underestimated. Your marketing department is responsible right from lead generation to lead nurturing and converting that lead into a sales-qualified prospect. By deploying SalezShark CRM, your marketing team can do the same effortlessly that resulting in nurturing leads effectively. SalezShark helps you in creating multiple mass email marketing campaigns in a few clicks by leveraging its highly customized and pre-built email templates from the SalezShark email template gallery. It automates your email process that enables your marketers to do more in less time and also your sales professionals can create and schedule multiple follow-up emails, set reminders to give calls and product demos to leads and existing customers that enhance lead conversion.
SalezShark CRM also helps you to save time by not juggling from phone to system and you can use integrated telephony of this software that enables you to dial calls directly from the system to customers where all the calls made by you get automatically recorded which enhances the traceability of your customers' interactions. Not only this, SalezShark CRM simplifies your reporting process. It offers various auto-generated sales & marketing performance reports that make the tracking of your overall business performance easy in a few clicks. These auto-generated business performance reports come in the form of graphs, statistics, and pie-chart that make them easy to understand and present in front of senior management.
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Why you should choose SalezShark Cloud CRM software?
As we mentioned above many useful features of SalezShark cloud-based CRM Canada; besides that this software comes with a highly responsive user interface that can be easily understood and used by sales and marketing professionals. Plus, this interface is easily accessible and viewable on all sorts of mobile screens, laptop screens, and desktops. The kind of ease of accessibility it offers you in accessing your data anytime from anywhere is highly recommendable. It helps you to keep in constant touch with your team members, seniors, and subordinates remotely. It helps you to keep a close check on your sales & marketing campaign performance remotely. It also offers you intelligent CRM analytics that helps you in evaluating the performance of your sales & marketing campaigns accurately. By leveraging the SalezShark CRM analytics you can also track your emails’ performance like as its click rate, open rate, no. of subscribers, etc.
SalezShark CRM software strongly believes in providing you with what exactly you paying for. It doesn’t come with a bundled package of multiple unnecessary programs installed that increases the price of CRM. SalezShark CRM software is not expensive and can be easily fit into your restricted budget. SalezShark CRM experts are helpful and provide impeccable assistance at every stage of its implementation. Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes your learning curve easy and short that increases its rate of adaptability. By going through multiple product tutorials and training sessions, your transition and onboarding go smoothly without any hassles. SalezShark cloud-based CRM software comes also leaves no stone unturned in offering bulletproof security that keeps tour data completely safe by IP restrictions, single sign-on, identity, & access management.

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