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The acceptance of CRM is rapidly increasing worldwide, and even the second last continent discovered by humanity's client management systems Australia is not untouched by it. It has been using it for many years now. Real estate CRM software Australia has evolved tremendously with the pace of time in the last ten years. It is proving to be highly effective in re-structuring and re-shaping the ever-changing dynamics of the Sales and Marketing domain effectively.

CRM in Australia, just like everywhere else, has completely changed the way of selling and marketing products and services. It has given a fresh approach to businesses in establishing a relationship with their customers and not just being restricted to selling the products and services to them.

The Growth of CRM Software Australia

A recent study conducted by one of the software review websites have provided direct insight into the needs of CRM buyers that highlights these significant findings:

crm software in Australia

Most of the businesses in Australia need CRM integrations entailing contact management followed by a calendar, company website, and accounting.

crm software in Australia

Around three fourth of businesses in Australia specifically request cloud-based CRM which makes sense as it significantly reduces upfront investment and installation costs.

crm software in Australia

In 2018 alone, Australian businesses spent around 2 billion dollars on buying CRM software, resulting in a 19.4% increase in revenue of CRM vendors compared to the previous year.


of companies in Australia wish to buy sales and marketing automation software while only 10% want a customer service application.


of businesses in Australia need end-to-end best CRM Australia integrated with sales force automation and marketing automation software.

crm software in Australia

What makes Salezshark the best CRM software in Australia

Australia has been one of the top adopters of CRM for the past few years, and that trend continues. The annual spending of businesses in Australia on CRM proves that. The best CRM for small business Australia is proportional to the size of your business and the scale at which you see it growing, along with the need to consider your end objectives and the problems you want it to address. Automated workflows should be a key consideration to save time for your teams and make them more productive, along with insights into forecasting, lead management, and conversion.

With our focus on CRM solutions for SMBs, we have an ideal CRM solution with many constructive features. With the right mix of AI and automation, it covers all aspects of data/contact management, sales management, reporting, and analytics. Let’s look into a few core features of our best CRM software in Australia.

Let’s look into a few basic features of the best CRM software in Australia.

crm software in Australia

SalezShark CRM enables you to create smart, automated customer journeys with automated online marketing campaigns to increase revenue and maximize efficiency. It also enables you to:

  • Bring onboard new users and re-engage existing customers by automating your marketing campaigns.
  • Create and schedule emails to build prospects and open the door for future business deals.
  • See exactly how well your campaign is doing with intelligent analytics, allowing you to pivot and improve your outcomes.
  • With automated bounce and unsubscribe features, as well as the ability to curate the list yourself.
crm software in Australia

SalezShark free CRM software Australia helps you streamline how you interact with the leads and data you collect. It is highly effective in enabling the sales teams to:

  • Automate all the manual and lengthy repetitive sales activities and focus more on selling.
  • Keep constant touch with their promising leads by organizing them into the sales funnel. This gives a pictorial view of all leads that interacted in the past and present. They can also arrange leads into the conduct of the sale based on interactions.
  • Track all the leads in one go and prioritize leads and focus first on those likely to convert into customers.
  • Amplify sales activities & get better results by checking real-time sales performance using LeaderBoard, a gamification technique SalezShark best CRM software Australia utilizes to motivate sales teams.
crm software in Australia

Enhance your customer relationships to new levels through comprehensive relationship intelligence insights.

  • Relationship Intelligence Software Know your past, present, and future customers by filtering contact and account information. Leverage the power of relationship intelligence by gaining access to intelligent insights on activities performed on various leads.
  • Data Cloud (Relationship on Leads & Accounts) Utilize SalezShark Data Cloud contextual intelligence to update your leads’ existing database entailing additional information like the organization they belong to.
  • Social Intelligence on Leads & Accounts Know the latest trends of your prospects’ organizations; get access to their areas of interest that helps in the process of lead qualification.
crm software in Australia

Advanced analytics and dynamic reporting are valuable CRM software features. Metrics & performance tracking are essential if you run any sales or marketing campaigns. Our best CRM Australia solution eases this task by:

  • Auto-generating various reports that help you gauge the performance of campaigns effectively.
  • Allow customizing your reports per the requirement.
crm software in Australia

Easily integrate with Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Facebook, homepages, and more for the entire organization with SalezShark the best CRM for small business Australia. These external integrations allow you to :

  • Search, identity, and import relevant contacts into SalezShark best CRM Australia for quick interactions and follow-ups.
  • Connect leads to the CRM system that comes from multiple sources like your social media platform or your landing page with our Lead connector integration.
  • Use Telephony integration that enables your sales and marketing executives to make calls directly from the CRM system and bridge the gap between phone and CRM systems. It enables you to track call activities and recordings that automatically get logged in the CRM system.
  • Integrate your Chat process with our CRM systems Australia to establish direct and instant relationships with past, present, and future customers. Address all sorts of customers’ inquiries and create curiosity among leads to know about various products and services through chat.
  • Use email integration that enables your sales and marketing team to automate sales and marketing email campaigns and establish strong relationships with past, present, and future customers.

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Benefits of Implementing CRM Software in Australia

The benefits of implementing our CRM software in Australia are endless; it acts as a catalyst in amplifying the growth of business sales and marketing opportunities. Not only large and mid-size but even small businesses and start-ups are implementing some of the best CRM for small businesses Australia to grow their sales and marketing opportunities. Let’s look into a few significant benefits of implementing Salezshark best CRM for real estate agents Australia:

crm software in Australia

Quick deal closures

Our CRM helps businesses amplify the deal closure process. It enables the sales and marketing experts to send personalized messages in emails to promising leads and existing customers by automating email marketing, which makes lead nurturing effective and boosts the chances of deal closure, which means tips turn into customers quickly.

crm software in Australia

Track customer interaction easily

One of the significant benefits of implementing our CRM is it acts as a one-stop-shop for all your sales and marketing team’s client/lead data. Customers’ demographic information, notes, meeting records, and actionable activities for a given contact or account enable streamlined business development activities.

crm software in Australia

Easy accessibility

Australia's cloud-based CRM systems Australia are highly effective in managing your dynamic sales and marketing teams. Our CRM’s mobile application lets your employees have essential customer data at their fingertips even when they are away from their work station. Our mobile application available on both Android and iOS stores ensure that your Sales and Marketing teams stay productive on the go.

crm software in Australia

Strengthen decision making

The real-time performance reports of sales and marketing campaigns enable the senior management to make more robust decisions while strategizing future sales and marketing campaigns.

What makes us different?

Why should you consider SalezShark CRM Australia?

1 1 Secure & reliable CRM software for SMBs in Australia

Our CRM systems in Australia are equipped with all required security measures like encryption, IP restrictions, and so on. Salezshark CRM enables you to protect your customer data and empowers you to access those users only you authorize.

3 2 AI-Enabled sales & marketing automation tools

Our best CRM software Australia offers game-changing AI-enabled business automation tools enabling your sales & marketing team to automate and streamline their sales and marketing tasks, allowing them to focus on driving core sales and marketing activities and connect with customers based on their buying preferences and behaviour.

2 3 Quick onboarding

With our CRM Australia, you need not worry about migrating your existing customer base to our customer relationship management solution. We offer seamless migration that allows you to bring your entire current database into Salezshark CRM in just a few clicks.

4 4 Competitive pricing with no hidden costs

We guarantee competitive pricing compared to other CRM solutions available in the market while providing many additional features and strong after-sales support. Salezshark best CRM software Australia comes to you without any hidden costs. We believe in keeping transparency by offering you the same what you paid for.

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