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SalezShark Lead Management Software Canada

Capturing relevant leads, nurturing them effectively, and finally converting them into customers is crucial and essential to your business. To do it effectively and swiftly you can’t rely on driving everything manually, which often results in consuming a lot of productive hours and leaves room for human-bound errors. SalezShark lead management software Canada helps you drive your complete lead management cycle without putting in much effort. By leveraging the power of automation provided by SalezShark you can automate your entire lead management process right from lead capturing to nurturing and converting leads into paying customers. The SalezShark automation enables you to create automated workflows in every stage of the lead management cycle that amplifies sales and revenue generation.

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What is SalezShark lead management
system Canada?

Saving time is equal to saving money, especially if you are running a business irrespective of any size – small, medium, large; utilizing time effectively ensure your business's success or failure. If we talk about driving the lead management cycle manually, then it’s not a wise step as it consumes a lot of productive hours of sales and marketing professionals and also invites a lot of human-bound errors. To overcome such challenges and do more in less time you must deploy SalezShark lead management software Canada. This software can create wonder in driving the lead management cycle. By leveraging its power of automation you can create automated workflows for every stage of the lead management cycle, right from lead generation to nurturing and finally turning leads into paying customers. By introducing the power of SalezShark automation into your business you can rest assured that your lead management cycle will be driven in a manner that yields a good number of lead conversions and sales.
This lead management tool helps you in automating every aspect of the lead management process that involves lead capturing, lead scoring, lead tracking, lead distribution, lead nurturing, and lead conversion. However, driving every stage of the lead management cycle manually is a challenging task as it wastes a lot of time and invites a lot of human errors that result in loss of leads and a huge dip in sales. Not only this but also keeping all your leads organized in one place is a difficult task. To simplify this SalezShark offers you a unified platform where you can keep all your leads organized and track them simultaneously. By leveraging the power of SalezShark automation you can capture leads effectively from various channels such as calls, emails and also from our integrated b2b database that provides sales-ready leads based on your business and industry needs. The integrated telephony, email, and b2b database simplifies your lead generation and lead capturing process.

Save time & effort while capturing leads

Nowadays in any size of business – small, medium, large; leads are captured from multiple channels such as landing pages, websites, emails, and so on. In such a scenario, if you start capturing leads manually and signing in on all the platforms individually then you will end up wasting a lot of productive hours, not only that but also the chances of falling leads increase in manually importing them to your system. So why not automate this process and deploy SalezShark lead management system that automates this process completely. With a single sign-in on the SalezShark platform, you can access all the leads captured from multiple channels and start working on those leads swiftly. Hence, the chances of losing any lead also become zero and you also save a lot of time.
lead management software Canada

Track leads effectively

Your interactions made with leads decide your success ratio of lead conversion. And to make impeccable interactions with leads you must understand your leads first and then pitch your products and services. To achieve this objective you can deploy SalezShark into your business and can track your leads' buying behavior, preferences, and so on by knowing the number of website pages visited by leads previously, scanning through their buying habits, preferences, and so on. These insights offered by SalezShark help you to know your leads better and based on that you can initiate productive interactions with leads that end up in better lead nurturing and result in a good number of lead conversions.
lead management software Canada

Score, distribute & assign leads

A random study suggested around 80% of marketing professionals transfer leads to sales professionals that are not sales qualified. As the leads received by sales professionals are not sales qualified, so a lot of their productive hours go in vain in nurturing leads that are not interested in buying. In such a scenario where leads are not qualified and can’t be nurtured, it becomes difficult for sales professionals to achieve their desired sales goals and revenue generation. And if sales professionals think they can work on such leads then it’s only a waste of time and resources that results in decreased productivity and stain brand image.
To overcome the challenges of dealing with unqualified leads, you should deploy the SalezShark lead management system into your business process that helps you in scoring leads. SalezShark offers you an option to score your lead before it enters into the system. This scoring can be set by you into the SalezShark system by setting any rule or parameter and based on that whenever any new lead gets captured it gets a score automatically and then enters into the system. The scoring ranges between numbers like 1 to 5 based on the quality and relevance of that lead to your business. By leveraging this feature of lead scoring you can easily filter leads that are best to work on and remove unqualified leads swiftly. By doing so sales professionals can also prioritize leads and work on those leads first that can be easily converted into paying customers.
So, after scoring your leads, SalezShark also offers you an option to distribute leads and assign them to sales professionals automatically. This can be done easily by you, by setting any rule or parameter, based on that whenever new leads get captured, they get automatically distributed among sales professionals and individually assigned to each sales executive who can handle that particular lead effectively. By automating this process by deploying SalezShark you ensure negligible chances of leads falling through cracks during distribution and all qualified leads can be quickly attended by the most relevant sales executives which amplify the chances of lead conversion.
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Enhance lead nurturing and conversion

Most sales professionals fail in nurturing leads effectively and the reason behind this is simple, lack of knowledge about leads’ buying behavior, preferences, and pain points. However, by deploying SalezShark lead management software this can be taken care of. This AI (Artificial Intelligence) based software offers some smart insight on leads’ buying behavior, preferences and pain points. By leveraging these insights you can understand what your prospect needs and how you can present your products and services as a solution to his/her pain points. This stage of the lead management cycle requires you to be in constant touch with leads and that gets possible with rigorous follow-up emails that explain to prospects about your products and services. Continuous follow-up emails and sharing informative content through them helps you to be in regular touch with prospects and also generates curiosity among buyers to buy from you. Now, how SalezShark amplify this process? SalezShark automates the process of lead nurturing too by enabling you to create automated workflows of sending follow-up emails. It also offers you an option to create highly personalized emails in a few clicks by leveraging pre-built email templates. You can choose the desired email template from the SalezShark email template gallery. These email templates are highly customized and you can easily add a touch of personalization into your email by adding email recipients’ first name that attracts prospects and generate a feeling of personalization in the mind of the prospect. In this manner, you personalize with leads, educate them and generate curiosity among them to know more about your product and buy only from you that helps in achieving desired lead conversions.
Now, last but not least, lead conversion is one of the most crucial parts of the lead management cycle. This lead management system helps you in driving lead conversions effectively. It offers you an option to create a visual sales funnel. This funnel amplifies lead conversion, but how? Well on a daily basis you capture so many leads and managing them all together can be difficult, but if you have all your leads visible in one place then you can focus on all of them together. SalezShark visual sales funnel helps you arrange all your leads into it. From top to bottom you can add and arrange leads into the funnel. As the lead progresses towards being a customer can be moved from top to bottom. The simple drag and drop functionality helps you in moving leads into the visual sales funnel. This easy accessibility of working on leads and moving them into the sales funnel helps you understand what leads you can focus on first and rest later. This means you can prioritize leads. Apart from this, as all the leads visible in one go into the sales funnel, so chances of missing out on any lead become zero. This visual sales funnel is not only helpful to sales executives but also helps senior sales professionals of business in calculating no. od lead conversion in a few clicks which means they can forecast sales accurately and calculate the expected amount of revenue generation and no. of sales figures.

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