Work Less and Get More Done: A How to Guide

Written By salezshark

Published on September 8, 2017

We have reiterated this, at innumerable instances- “time is never on our side”. Despite working atlest 9 hours of straight desk timing, we’re left with nothing to show for it.


In this current cut-throat world, time management has become essential. The rule of the sales world is that with every second wasted, there’s a new prospect lost. So, as a sales maverick, you have to wean time into becoming your friend. Although the proficient use of robust automation tools available might aid you, it can only weave its magic to a certain extent. Yet fret not!

Let’s take a look at few ingenious tricks that you can utilize for optimising on time management, in other words, getting things done in lesser time:

  1. Making use of smart tools

Tools have been invented to help mankind in various stages of work and sales tools are no different.  Starting from Lead management systems to marketing automation software, you have a basketful of tools at your disposal. Harness the power of profitability through these tools and watch your sales fly off the charts.

  1. Create a “must do” list for each day

There’s a wide difference between a “to-do” and “must-do”, yet people often run after the former, wasting valuable time in tackling undoable tasks. The urgency of requirement and importance of task should separate the valuable from the clutter. Make it a habit to start workdays with a list of must-dos, focusing on quality rather than quantity. This also helps decrease the self-expectation of finishing a massive task list every day.

  1. Don’t multitask the important stuff

Multi- tasking may be the best option in this competitive atmosphere. Yet, frequently switching tasks is said to hamper productivity by 40%. This isn’t unfounded as switching from task to task introduces unnecessary errors into your judgement, hampering work to a great extent as you lose your train of thought. Hence, it is important to set your focus on a said task. The mantras of quality over quantity fares here, too.

  1. Turn off the distractions

Present work scenario is prone to distractions- from pinging alerts to chatty co-workers that might cost your productivity to decrease. Plus, we indulge in a trove distracting habit, unaware of its detrimental capabilities in streamlining our workflow.  When you’re really angling to complete a project by a deadline, turn off these distractions until you’re finished. You can always let your co-workers know the plan so they’re not surprised when you don’t immediately reply.

  1. Set a deadline

In the name of over productivity and time crunch, we often forget to set deadlines thinking that this would help us in doing more. What it actually does is the opposite, by providing us a berth to meander and get distracted.  If you let work hang into the early evening and beyond, you’ll never let your sense of urgency kick you into overdrive to complete a project. Putting a virtual block on your calendar will help you get more done while capitulate in your surge of productivity.

Time Management may be a work of magic but with these above tips, you can certainly transform yourself into the wizard of productivity, in no time!