From Work Force to Your Dream Team

Written By salezshark

Published on March 1, 2016

Companies go through numerous strategies and plans before they start building their ideal sales team – from careful hiring to providing rigorous training workshops- a great deal of investment is made into nurturing their sales teams. It’s the dream of every entrepreneur, CEO, head of business or who so ever anchors the revenue generation, to form a strong foundation of company culture that encourages every individual there to contribute towards selling efforts of the organization. How would it be to have each employee of the entire organization to perform the role of a sales professional directly or indirectly? Moreover, how brilliant it will be if you empower all employees with cutting- edge innovations in technology such as Sales CRM? The revenues generated would multiply waving off your worries to meet and amplify your sales quota.

Who wouldn’t want that? Well, to clarify, this doesn’t necessarily mean labeling each employee as a sales executive.

What I am hinting here is a phenomenon to build and flourish the ‘Sales Culture” across your organization.  When you start building that, you make everyone believe that they are a part of the organization to sell (or contribute towards selling) the products that you create and support! But, this will happen, only when your employees have the faith in the product and are equally loyal as you being the owner towards it.

When each employee realizes this, what you have is a motivated, enthusiastic workforce, willing to give more to the organization! So here are a few ways you can really adopt to build a great ‘sales culture’: –

  • Collaboration:

    Help your sales executives collaborate with each other and with fellow colleagues in other work streams as a team. In any organization, Sales & Marketing are considered to be most vibrant forces. Tell your sales teams to share client meeting experiences, customer success and even how they handle customer grievances, with ‘non-sellers’. It will give them a flair of how and why a sales team is treated as the most important arm of any organization. The way they react to each other will go a long way in determining how they would react to their potential customers.

  • Word of mouth:

    Your employees are the immediate brand ambassadors. Encourage them to spread the word in their personal, social and professional network, about the good you and your offerings bring to your clients. I very well remember attending a conference where a Sales leader selling an enterprise networking product (ESN) was accompanied by his human resources head who was sharing the benefits gained by his own team using that ESN, as a success story.

  • The Right Mix:

    Encourage your colleagues to compete, but add a dash of fun to it. They should be looking forward to talking to the next potential client, resolving the next query and SELLING your products!

  • Actions before Results:

    Give importance to your employees making the efforts to sell. This will not only keep them motivated but will also eventually increase the sales and revenue.

  • Recognition:

    Go all the way to recognize and reward the leaders. Give others a chance to aspire to be in that position and push themselves to be there!

  • Extensive Training Sessions:

    When you introduce informative training sessions on various tools such as CRM Software Solutions and more, your employees not only get the knowledge of the subject but also start gaining more and more interest in the field, which eventually turns into yielding positive results!

Today, for organizational growth, you will have to build a spectacular, high performance team and encourage the idea of work- force to your very own Dream Team. Alongside, empower them with cutting -edge innovations in technology such as Sales CRM, Lead Management Software and more. Imagine, how easily you can multiply your sales then!