Why Santa Needs CRM?

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Published on December 23, 2019

Why Santa Needs CRM?

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Why Santa Needs CRM?

Whether real or fictional, the character of Santa Claus has a lot to teach us about establishing good relationships. In the spirit of the season, imagine Santa Claus as a business and children as his clients. Within this line of thinking, you will see Santa does quite a few things a good business should do as well. Without fail, every year, Santa Claus has a clear picture regarding which leads to follow up, based on the selection criteria of naughty or nice. His scheduling calendar makes sure that he meets all his appointments on time and can create the most efficient route plan based on those appointments.

Santa’s marketing plan is always perfect, which means that he never wastes his money out of season, promoting products and services that won’t be accepted by customers. He has created a massive loyal customer base that they eventually get in touch with him well in advance of their deadlines to let him know what they are looking for, to ensure he can get it for them on time.

He never fails to meet the tight deadlines; his marketing strategies are so perfect that he can take out time to go out canvassing for new customers in shopping malls and other target places.

Santa Claus has streamlined the “letters to Santa” concept with fast, simple web-to-lead forms in CRM. He can check the “Naughty or Nice” status of key contacts in real-time, anytime and anywhere using Mobile CRM on his phone. In recent times, Santa Claus has also had to make sure his CRM system is completely GDPR compliant, which enables him to store all that naughty/nice information without any risk of being out of business due to non-compliance fines.

The Customer is the king for Santa. Santa is so committed to his “customers” that he’s made the reward of children who have been good a matter of his life. As Santa does, make sure that your services meet customers’ needs, and your customers get exactly what they want at a time agreed.

Santa is a good listener. Children write letters to the North Pole, make wish lists, and whisper in Santa’s ear at the mall, all in complete faith that their desires will be heard and fulfilled. As a business, wouldn’t you want your clients to have such total confidence in you?

Santa finds resources, approaches, and technology to meet the ever-growing demand. When the population grew from 5 million at the dawn of agriculture to over 7 billion nowadays, Santa still finds a way to meet the increased demand. When your business is ready to employ new technologies and approaches, you can be the same efficient in client relationship management as Santa is. Find your faster way to navigate the growing number of chimneys.

Santa makes a list and checks it twice. In other words, he understands the importance of being complete and thorough in his duties. By using customer relationship management software, he can easily pull data regarding your customers, review it, and tend to their needs in a timely fashion.

Santa never fails to deliver on time, year after year. As a business, you always want to be seen as that reliable to your customers. Your goal should be excellent customer service, with goods and services delivered consistently on time, every time. But remember, Santa does not do this alone. In addition to the elves on his production line, he has eight reindeer to drive his sleigh and Rudolph to light the way. The success of your business depends on both the attitude you project and the excellent people you have surrounding you working towards the same goals.