Why is data considered the new oil?

Written By salezshark

Published on May 22, 2022

Any business today doesn’t matter its size small, medium, or large, and even doesn’t matter to which industry it belongs; growing its business sales is the key objective.Why is data considered the new oil? To attain this key objective, businesses must understand that their data is like oil that can drive the engine of their sales and marketing operations effectively. Hence the accuracy of data is important that can act as oil to drive sales and marketing operations effectively resulting in improved sales and high revenue generation.
Most businesses keep a massive workforce and advanced software to drive better sales, but they often tend to ignore the fact that in the absence of accurate and relevant data all sales and marketing efforts can bring no results. To grow your business by leaps and bounds you need to understand why it is essential to have accurate data to boost business sales.

Why is data considered the new oil

Now the question is how to get accurate data? SalezShark Connect+ is a marketing automation suite integrated with a sales-ready b2b database that can simply all the data needs of any business belonging to any industry. The integrated database of SalezShark Connect+ acts as a catalyst in boosting your lead nurturing and lead conversion process. With the presence of accurate and relevant data, your sales and marketing professionals can save a lot of productive hours that they were wasting before in searching and identifying the most promising leads. But with the access to SalezShark Connect+ integrated b2b data the lead generation process gets more relevant and quick which helps you to build direct relationships with the key decision-makers of various organizations that are more likely to buy from youWhy is data considered the new oil?. Just imagine the time, money, and workforce you spent on generating qualified leads, it must be high however buying accurate, organized, and relevant data from Connect+ is way more affordable than what you spent on hiring a massive workforce for lead generation. Now, as the lead generation gets sorted the next step is a lead nurturing process that plays a vital role in lead conversion.

Lead nurturing becomes a cakewalk if your sales and marketing team has access to accurate and relevant data. Your prospecting becomes quick with access to most potential buyers’ contact information who are key decision-makers of organizations. This direct contact with the stakeholders of various organizations saves your time as it helps you to offer your products and services in front of those who are responsible to make buying decisions on behalf of their organizations. Once your sales and marketing professionals build a strong relationship with stakeholders of various businesses it becomes easy for them to convert those leads into valuable customers. Hence the lead conversion process gets accelerated by using accurate and relevant business data.

Therefore it is essential for any business today to understand the significance of the accuracy of data that eventually helps in growing the business by leaps and bounds in no time. It not only simplifies the lead generation, lead nurturing and lead conversion process but is also effective in generating a good number of sales and higher revenue quickly. So always keep in mind that accurate and relevant business data is the ladder to success for any business today.