Why You Should Be Thankful for Simple & Intuitive SalezShark CRM Software

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Published on February 25, 2021

The market scenario at present is highly competitive; to survive this competition and to get an edge over your competitors, you need to opt for the SalezShark CRM software. It offers you a perfect customer relationship management system that enables you to not only meet the expectations of your customers but exceed them which results in strengthening your bond with them. It helps you in managing your customers in the best possible way and empowers you with the capability to plan resources and establish a strong and personalized relationship with your past, present, and future customers.

Let us explore why you should be thankful for simple & intuitive SalezShark CRM software:

Drive Customer Interactions Effectively

SalezShark CRM software enables you to build healthy relationships with your customers. It enables you to create contacts with comprehensive details like contact source, address, mobile number, etc. that results in driving impeccable customer interactions. It offers you a unified platform to drive personalized interactions through various intelligent insights. It ensures that you experience the best contact management software which automates your customer interactions & workflows.

Filter & Search

Say no to the hassle and struggle of searching for the right contacts when you need them the most. SalezShark CRM simplifies your contact search by locating any contact or organization information in a few clicks and within a few seconds by leveraging its advanced search functions. You can set various filters enabling you to narrow down your search based on any specific requirement.

Schedule Your Tasks

One of the best features of SalezShark CRM software is creating and scheduling tasks. It provides a complete tool kit attached to the database that enables you to schedule various tasks like email, chat, product demo, etc. that helps in enhancing your customer engagement. Any task performed successfully is termed as an “Activity” in SalezShark that helps in tracking the interactions made with contacts resulting in better customer engagement & retention.

Track  Activities

Be more vigilant about the interactions you made with your customers. Keep a track of activities performed with customers and also track the task growth if it is proving out to be productive or not. SalezShark CRM is also equipped with a unique tracking feature that enables you to track contact activities through its web analytics which tells you what attracts your contacts and draws them towards your web page. It gives you details like web pages your contacts visited, time spent on it, etc.

Import Contacts

SalezShark automates your lead capturing process and you can import contacts automatically from websites, emails, and Gmail mailbox with just a click of a button. It also automatically imports contacts via 3rd party app integrations like Facebook/JustDial/IndiaMart/EventBrite. Any lead that connects with you through these platforms gets directly connected to your SalezShark CRM. Also, you can manually import contacts into the system via CSV. format file.

Get a 360-degree view 

SalezShark CRM enables you to gather various aspects of the customer journey that helps you in getting a better and deep understanding of how your customers may act in the future. A 360-degree view of contacts records customer’s interaction history and maps out an outcome for each event. Hence it helps you to design or customize the products and services as per your customer requirements.

Make Sales Simple

SalezShark CRM empowers your team of sales professionals with real-time access to leads, customers, opportunities & order history. It helps them to handle opportunities effectively at every sales stage across status, revenue, key contacts, notes & related documents. Your sales reps. can easily get access to a detailed view of all leads and opportunities in the sales pipeline. Also, they can keep detailed records of all interactions made with leads and convert them into quotes and sales orders.

Forecast Sales Accurately

Sales forecasting is an essential part of your sales process, which gets better and simplified with the SalezShark CRM software. It gives you an idea regarding the progress of your sales and helps in making smarter and informed decisions. In a few clicks, you can get a comprehensive view of all possible deals and evaluate the forecasted revenue. Hence you get an estimate of the number of sales expected within a particular time period through sales forecasts.

Make Marketing Magnetic

SalezShark CRM automates your marketing campaigns and gets them aligned with your sales campaigns. It empowers your team of marketers to maximize the value of opportunities by initiating rapid responses. It automates your lead capturing process and automatically captures leads from multiple sources like websites, search engines, emails, and so on. Also helps you in drafting and sending automated email marketing campaigns that resonate with the pain points of your target audience and make marketing campaigns magnetic.

Leverage the Power of Advanced Analytics

Get access to highly customized dashboards; displaying real-time performance reports of sales & marketing campaigns with SalezShark CRM software. It helps you in evaluating the performance of your sales and marketing campaigns with personalized key performance indicators. You can evaluate your marketing benchmarks like the number of website visitors, leads generated & customer acquisition costs that make reporting accurate.