5 Unique CTAs You Are Probably Unaware Of

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Published on January 10, 2020

5 Unique CTAs You Are Probably Unaware Of

Undoubtedly you have come across hundreds or thousands of calls to action throughout your life, even if you did not realize what they were. Any time you have seen a “Download Now” button on a landing page, a “Sign up To Newsletter” button on a website page, or a “Register Now” button for an event, you have witnessed a CTA in action. These are the most common examples of calls to action that brands generally use.

Calls to action can be used just about anywhere from your website pages to your blog entries to your social media posts and your emails. Sometimes, your website visitors need a little bit of a push to do what you want them to do. And the call to action helps them get there. Whether you want them to download your whitepaper, to check out your new blog, to sign up for your event, to call you for a consultation, or to buy your product online, a CTA is used. Let us explore five unique CTAs you are probably unaware of:

Get Started

“Get Started” is one of the most useful CTA that can be used in the SaaS space, and boosts conversion. It is an actionable word that educates your visitor will be able to move forward to using your product and service when they click on it. If you are not sure what CTA to use on your website or landing page, “Get Started” is a good go-to.


Another CTA that invites good conversion is “Discover”. This CTA suggests your visitor that by clicking on it, they can get access to complete and detailed information on products and services. They can get an opportunity to go through the features of your products and services in detail that helps them in their buying decision.

Contact Sales

There are times when you need to be assertive and straightforward to save time and fuel the conversion process. In such scenarios, “Contact Sales” CTA is good to go as it let your visitors know they will be connected directly to a salesperson through chat, call, or appointment.

Book a Demo

Another unique CTA that boosts conversion rate is “Book a Demo”. This CTA is mostly used when you focus more on the process of showcasing a product or service to create a sale, not just for the sake of a demonstration. It generally happens before a sale as a means to highlight the business value.  You can also link a product demo if you have prepared any. Directing visitors to book a product demonstration is a bit more inviting than a CTA like “Contact salesperson.”

Sign Up Free

Another CTA that is pretty direct is “Sign Up Free” as it sets expectations for your visitors, letting them know they can use service after creating an account. Adding “Free” to the CTA makes it clear they won’t need to pay any amount at this point in the signup process; thus, increasing the conversion rate.

So these were five unique CTAs that help you to convert web visitors into leads or leads into prospects successfully. CTA is a vital part of the conversion process; make sure you get it right.