Tips For A Successful CRM Software Implementation

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Published on March 3, 2021

Undoubtedly, CRM is an invaluable tool that can streamline various business processes. But the challenge lies in getting employees to embrace the change and accept the new application and unfamiliar processes.  There are many things you can do to motivate your employees to use the CRM software the way it is intended, so it can serve as an effective tool for your business. Here are a few tips for a successful CRM software implementation

Seamless Integration

While adopting any new CRM software, ensure that all your systems can be easily integrated with the different systems and tools you use in your organization. Integrations help save time, improve functional capabilities, and promote collaboration by providing access to various tools from a single platform. SalezShark’s super-rich API ecosystem ensures you are able to integrate all your systems, such as third-party data search, chat, telephony, lead connector etc. easily.

Intelligent Insights

The power of analytics in CRM provides a plethora of opportunities for the business. It incorporates customer information in an intelligent way and creates insights into customer values, spending, and interests. It improves targeting with strong target segmentation & helps in generating real-time customized reports. CRM analytics enables businesses to create strategies that lead to more satisfied and loyal customers. Let SalezShark CRM software help your business that results in reduced operational costs, better client retention & improved productivity with an AI-driven sales automation platform.

Look for mobile capabilities

Other than connecting everyone via calls, smartphones run a whole host of applications that serve your petty to chief purposes. Subsequently, when it comes to mobile CRM and sales support, it gives immense opportunity to small and mid-size business owners to manage their customer relations at their fingertips. With SalezShark mobile app, you can directly add customer information into the CRM dashboard and can keep a track of your employees’ performance, even if you are miles away from them. Providing real-time insights, save time and ultimately predicts your business’ growth model towards a positive direction.

Handhold & Exceptional Service

SalezShark intends to create a happier customer base with live training and personalized demos with round-the-clock monitoring & maintenance. Fast track your post-sales activities with technical assistance, email/chat support, and 24×7 call availability.

Dynamic Sales Dashboard

It is a big-time challenge for any sales rep to achieve the sales target within the stipulated time frame. When it comes to access real-time data, the sales dashboard at SalezShark provides you the complete statistics of the leads generated by every sales rep. You can also view any open opportunities in your sales account and the share of the revenue you have contributed this month/year. Another effective way to boost productivity and accountability for your sales analytics process is to present a sales leaderboard among your sales professionals.  A leaderboard helps to increase transparency and sales activities so that managers can check the real-time performance and drive better results against a time-bound target.

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