Effective Tips to Create Engaging Facebook Ads

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Published on May 22, 2020

Social media platforms are one of the effective modes to reach hyper-targeted audiences with engaging content. Based on your business, goals, and core demographic, Facebook Ads can offer you an impeccable portal to boost leads, spread your brand awareness, or increase website traffic. Setting up the Facebook Ad is not rocket science; it’s easy to create however there are certain effective tips to keep in mind while creating engaging Facebook Ads.

Tips to Create Engaging Facebook Ads

Understand Your Goal

In order to create an engaging Facebook Ad, you should have a clear picture of your business goals in mind. Ask yourself why do you need an ad on Facebook in the first place? Is your purpose to get more web form submissions or more page views or increase in website traffic or spreading brand awareness? If you want users to stop scrolling their newsfeed and take interest in your ad, then you should have an understanding that what you want them to do just after seeing your Facebook Ad. To achieve this objective, place the call-to-action button in your Ad which should be a simple statement that is encouraging users to complete some action. By clicking on the call to action users should get a feeling of achieving a solution to their problems. So it is necessary for you to create the content of your Facebook Ad that revolves around a specific set of business goals.

Understand Your Audience

Another effective tip while creating an engaging Facebook Ad you should have a clear picture of your target audience in mind. Think about the age range you wish to target or maybe is there any specific interest or hobbies of audience you targeting or any specific geographical location like any city or country you wish to target. In a nutshell, you should create a buyers’ persona. Based on that your Facebook ad should be compelling enough to generate curiosity among users to engage with the content and convert. Try to know how your target audience would like to engage with you. For example, Facebook Ads entailing videos have the highest engagement but depending on the products and services, static image ads with a compelling message can also be a good option.

Work on Ad Copy

Undoubtedly images and videos play a vital role when it comes to the visual appeal of your Facebook Ads. But at the same time, the content of your Ad holds equal importance. The content of your Ad copy should be crisp and clear that can persuade your target audience to click on the Ad leading to your website. If you keeping an image or video in your Ad then make sure your Ad copy matches your visual. Create your Ad copy in a manner that acts as a solution to your target audience’s problems and compel them to click on your Ad.

A/B Testing

Your Ad copy consists of multiple variables like call-to-action (CTA), headline, and so on. So you can keep a combination of these variables in two different Ad copies. Run these two Ad copies for 3-4 weeks and then analyze which one is getting a better response. This is what all A/B testing is about, where you can change the combination of variables and run one Ad copy finally that brings the better rate of response from your target audience.

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