The Rise and Rise of Emoji Marketing

Written By salezshark

Published on May 4, 2017

“A picture is worth a thousand words!”

Even the most complex ideas can be communicated effectively with the help of just a single still image. In today’s millennial age, where texting has taken over talking as the preferred mode of communication, this saying has more value than ever now.

This generation wants to communicate in the shortest and quickest way possible where feelings like happiness, anger, joy and more can be expressed with simple emoticons or emojis.

This growing trend of emojis has widely caught the attention of brands/companies across the world who are now using it to cater to the young demographic.

Why Emojis? 

The Rise and Rise of Emoji Marketing

Emojis is a universal language that can be understood by almost anyone.

The growing consumer love of emojis and the emotions they invoke has made this tool a strong contender in marketing campaigns to engage end users, encourage higher usage, loyalty, and conversions. They enable brands to add an element of fun and personalization in their communication.

A look at a successful Emoji campaign

searchBrands are now turning emojis into marketing campaigns to drive their key messages across in an effective and engaging manner.

Vodafone was one of the first brands in India to successfully capitalize on the emoji trend to boost consumer engagement for its superNet network. The brand decided to use its popular brand mascot Zoozoo and launched an interactive campaign during IPL.

They amplified their Zoozoo emoji with a video and a #BeSuper hashtag by inviting their followers to share how they were making their day “super” using the #BeSuper hashtag and Zoozoo emoji.

By doing this the brand took advantage of the opportunity of not only targeting their active Twitter followers but also of engaging with the IPL audiences. The campaign ended up generating an estimate of 90 million impressions in just 2 days of its launch on Twitter.


Emojis can be brilliant for brands looking to be a little more innovative fun, and playful, in their approach towards attracting their audience. They can work successfully for your marketing strategy too!

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