The Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing

Written By salezshark

Published on August 29, 2017

With time, mobile devices have succeeded in becoming an integral part of human lives. Studies reveal that 44% of cell phone owners sleep with their phones next to their beds, for fear of missing out. This has certainly made the whole industry sit and realize the importance of this tiny device—it is being used by the people consistently throughout the day, emerging as an important tool for marketers and consumers alike.

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing

But…..Why does marketing need a mobile channel?

The ubiquity, paired with proximity of the mobile device itself extols why mobile has become requisite to marketers. A mobile channel truly enables marketers to connect at the right time, in the right place, with the right individual. Marketing via mobile devices conducts a double duty of both Lead Generation and targeting through customized communication, at the capacity of a few programs. Therefore we can safely say that- Mobile marketing is modern marketing.

Yet, you must be wondering how to channelize this powerful medium for your own benefit. So, here’s a clear cut plan on how you should proceed with mobile marketing:

Create Your Customer Personas:

The first step is to develop customer personas for different types of customers, including your ideal one— keeping customer demographics and behavior, along with motivations and challenges, in mind. This should help you target efficiently, culling out the useful from the fluff.

Set the Stage:

The crux to designing an efficient mobile marketing strategy is to resolve on what you are doing now for mobile engagement and determine your future goals. Keeping clarity of your goals is the best way to proceed, post which, you can start to map out your plan and avoid undue confusion. A lucidly sighted plan is a verified path to success as you can easily detect where you are going and to what extent you want to stretch the campaign.

Create powerful communication:

This can be considered as the heart of the whole plan. In the modern era of content marketing, content remains at the forefront in selling. Hence, an engaging communication is what you need to bring the fly to the trap. Be crystal clear in your offering and create impactful messaging through utilization of sights and sound to enrapture the consumer, while generating interest.

Communication Timing:

Frequency and Relevance are important deciding factors of effectiveness. How often you send customers communications and at what time, require being acquiescent with your mobile strategy. You need to ensure that all communications are in sync and are working towards the larger goal. Strategically timing it right will hit the target at bull’s eye, providing a boot to consumer engagement.

Combining Mobile and Marketing Automation

Connecting your mobile strategy and marketing automation platforms empowers you to improve the customer experience through automation, personalization, and analytics. It augments customer experience by listening and analyzing behavior in real-time and delivering personalized experiences.


Take Away: Mobile marketing is universal. It applies to all kinds of businesses and marketers, leaving its impact on multiple levels of engagement. With this veritable tool in your kitty, you can ace any situation in the market, with accolades coming to your side.