5 Tips to Hire the Right Sales Team

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Start Ups

CRM SoftwareYou may be a master of all trades, however, to speedily flourish in business, you will certainly need additional people to help you heighten your company’s sales.

Today, it is crucial to hire the right workforce who can contribute to enhance the sales and marketing management trajectory of your company. An efficient workforce who has the ability to work with diligent efforts under extreme sales pressure and unfavourable market conditions to achieve a common goal. Here are a few quick tips/ activities for you to keep in mind before you hire your sales team.

Focus on Skills, Not Experience

Bring in a team of raw smarts who are ambitious and more passionate to prove their mettle. Freshers tend introduce the right energy. Also, with a league of young, innovative and ambitious employees you are more likely to integrate cutting- edge technological innovations such as sales automation software in your business to fuel sales while safeguarding organisational success.

5 Tips to Hire the Right Sales Team Look if the person is coachable

Avoid hiring from the over- confident lot as they are usually not open to feedback or coaching. Moulding such employees and incorporating your company ethics, learnings and best practices in them. turns out to be a gargantuan task in many cases. Instead, you would want to hunt for people who are open to learning and who can quickly adapt to new environs.


Giving a live scenario to perform on the spot and assigning roles during interviews gives you a clear picture of the person’s strengths and capabilities. Asking them to emulate a scene is the best way to initially judge a candidate, even before rolling out an offer. Many business leaders and HR professionals harness this practice to best understand the candidate and their skills and abilities.

Lead Management ToolsConduct Multiple Interview Rounds

Let the candidate go through multiple screening tests before you take the final decision. Various interview rounds including one-on-one dialog, roleplays, group discussion and more will help you best understand the candidate. Multiple rounds can take a lot of time but certainly is the best methodology to hire the right talent for your organisation.

Look for the DNA of a Sales Representative

Hunt for the right sales aptitude in your candidate. Check if the candidate is proactive, customer- focussed, open to constructive criticism and gains insights from mistakes. Also look at sales- centric traits such as their ability to work under pressure, meeting the desired deadlines, selling skills and more.

Recruiting a superstar sales team is an ongoing challenge for most organisations. However, by implementing these tips and techniques in regular hiring practice, you can easily overcome such odds. Once you hire the right team, empower them with latest technology from Sales Automation CRM to Lead Management Tools and more, to shoot up your sales.

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