Get the Most Out of SalezShark New Features

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Published on September 29, 2020

SalezShark is here again with a new set of features to elevate its users’ experience to a new level. These new features entail “SalezShark Notifications”, and “Map Dependency”.

1 SalezShark Notifications

CRM Notifications alert their users about various activities or actions that occur in the CRM. These notifications are action-based alerts that can be related to actions performed in any of the existing accounts. These notifications help users to manage their workflows effectively and help them to keep track of any change happening in any of the accounts. Generally, CRM notifications are in the form of email, SMS, in-app, and push. CRM notifications are highly customizable as per the user preferences, so users can customize their notification preferences. SalezShark CRM provides a large selection of different notifications that alert users for any action performed in the CRM.

SalezShark Notifications feature allows users to receive action based notifications in the application. These notifications are alerts associated with an action performed in the CRM across the modules: Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity, Activity & Task, Forecast, Campaigns, and Reports. SalezShark notifications can be received by users in the form of an Email, SMS, and In-App. The app will enlist all alerts under the Notification (bell) icon. Let us explore what are the main features of SalezShark Notification:

  • All SalezShark CRM users can use the Notification feature.
  • Notifications are in the following types- Email, SMS, In-App, and Push, for specific actions.
  • Users can configure their notifications from the Notifications Settings Tab under User Profile.
  • Notifications across Modules: Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity, Activities, Forecast, Campaigns & Reports.
  • By default, the in-app notification can be enabled for the actions performed across all modules.
  • Users also have an option to disable Email, SMS & Push (Later Release) notifications.
  • If any notification type is disabled by the user, he/she will not receive that notification type for any of the actions performed in a particular Module.
  • A new animated notification alert icon has also been added to the application.

2. SalezShark Map Dependency

Salezshark’s Map Dependency feature will allow users to create dependent fields whose values depend on another field’s value. For each value of the selected Parent Field, users can enter the corresponding values for the child field. These values are mapped to each other and can be used in the various Salezshark forms.

Users can create dependencies between fields in a module where there will be a parent field or the controlling field and a child field or the dependent field. The parent field would control the values that need to be populated in the child field. . Let us explore what are the main features of Salezshark’s Map Dependency feature:

  • The Administrator or a user with the “Admin” permission will be able to set the Map Dependency in an Organization
  • Admin can create the Map Dependency for all modules- Lead, Account, Contact & Opportunity, from Customization Tab, in their Administrator module.
  • Users can create any number of Dependencies in any module.
  • Users can create dependencies between fields in a module where there will be a parent field or the controlling field and a child field or the dependent field
  • For map dependency fields, the parent fields must be a single pick list, and the child fields can be a single pick-list or a multi pick-list.
  • Once a field is added as a child field for dependency in a module it will not use as a child field for other dependencies in a module
  • To remove the parent field from the form with the child fields still in the form, users need to remove the mapped child fields before you can remove the parent.