What is Sales Management?

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What is Sales Management?

Sales management is the synchronization of people and resources to generate the desired goal efficiently. These long term goals can be ranging wide, but they are generally increased sales volume, contribution to ROI, and continuous growth. To achieve these goals, sales the upper management of any business has vast responsibilities entailing demand/sales forecasting, setting quotas/objectives, budgeting, manpower planning, hiring, imparting training, compensation, and sales performance analysis. Ultimately, the major role of sales management is not to manage sales directly, but to organize the people who make the sales. Sales management is an essential aspect of the business as net sales of products and services draw ROI of the business.


Sales Management is all about establishing seamless coordination across all the sales efforts in the organization to ensure the achievement of sales targets, sales promotion tasks, and so on. Sales Management is an abstract concept, but it can be defined very objectively using proper strategy.


Importance of Sales Management


Sales Management is the most essential and decisive factor in any organization, along with marketing. It is important to keep track of competition and to build an effective and economical distribution system to decrease costs. It becomes more essential when new products or services to be launched and when distribution costs to be reduced. It is the attainment of sales in an effective manner, and all the tasks involved in sales are managed. Sales Management’s final goal is to attain the sales objectives of a business.


The sales department is an essential division of an organization, and it ensures that products or services made by the organization are sold and converted to revenue. Now for a large size business, sales offices can be spread across different locations along with sales professionals. In such scenarios, Sales management proves to be very beneficial as it leads to the accountability of the sales across geographies.

Process of Sales Management


Sales Management process primarily consists of following steps required to manage sales-related activities efficiently in an organization:

  • Recruiting and managing sales professionals
  • Establishing targets for each sales personnel
  • Analyzing the targets achieved by the sales team
  • Reporting the sales achieved back to the organization
  • Forecasting sales targets and sales force for the next sales cycle


Sales Management Activities


Sales Management entails multiple activities like:

  • Formulating sales strategies, for example, account management policies, sales force compensation policies, sales revenue forecasts, and sales plan
  • Enforcing the policies and strategies
  • Sales Evaluation, Price fixation, setting sales territories and co-ordination of sales
  • Recruiting manpower, setting goals, regular tracking


SalezShark Sales Process Management System


If you wish to scale up the ROI of your business, you need to analyze the efficiency of your sales process. As per the random study, sales reps spend more than a fifth of their time on non-sales-related tasks while working on core sales activities is down more than 25% over the past five years. In such scenarios, sales SalezShark Sales Process marketing System is proving time over time to provide a unified solution to freeing up valuable selling time and creating more of a hands-off approach to your sales process.


Empower your organization Sales Process Management System- and give your sales team exceptional visibility into every aspect of the customer relationship. It streamlines the collection, analysis, and distribution of data in a sales pipeline. Initially, the sales process management system was focused on streamlining tedious but unavoidable daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. The sales process management system is designed in a manner that is efficient enough to reduce manual and repetitive work that enhances efficiency.  It facilitates your sales team to focus their time more on the core sale activities that are more likely to close into a valuable customer. It allows your sales team to gather vital information and intelligent insights about prospects, therefore increasing the effectiveness of sales efforts.

What is Sales Management?

SalezShark Sales Process Management System comes with the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics that provide data-driven insights. These intelligent insights are in the form of real-time reports which help your sales team create more qualified leads, establish better relationships, personalize their approach, and develop a better understanding of customers’ needs.


It acts as a unified portal for multiple sales teams where they can work together, store contacts, schedule meetings, and important follow-ups. These appointment schedulers and follow-up reminders help your team to never miss out on any opportunity. It is highly customizable, so your sales team can create a sales funnel as per their needs and segregate that funnel based on interactions made with leads. As the lead progresses towards being a customer, your sales team can move that lead in a funnel accordingly. Let us look at how it helps your business:


Manage Leads: Get a 360-degree view of all your leads. Scan all necessary contact information under a single platform. Analyze your leads with Lead Management to create detailed marketing and sales strategies and enhance your lead conversions.


Account & Contact Management: Streamline your contacts based on profiles and divide them under specific accounts for quick traceability of all connections. The relation between the account and contact records is one-to-many. This means that there can be many contacts associated with a single account, or we can say an account, known by the organization name, can have multiple points of contact listed under it.


Opportunity & Sales Tracking: Any lead coming to your CRM is an opportunity that refers to a potential lead. SalezShark Sales Process Management System plays a vital role in tracking a potential lead as it gives an idea where the lead is lying in the sales pipeline and what are the chances that lead to turn into a customer.


Activity & Task Management: Activity refers to any event that happened in the past, and Task Management refers to a task that needs to be completed in pre-defined time. Task Management feature saves your time by scheduling meetings, tracking assignment completion, and activities through calendar schedulers. It’s simple to create new tasks & track all the activities on any particular lead/ contact/ account/ opportunity that help your sales team to enhance customer engagement & retention.


Quota Assignment: Set a sales target or sales quota in the SalezShark Sales Process Management System. It can be set by management for a particular sales team or individual sales reps for a defined time. It is set for a daily, monthly, or quarterly period.


Inventory Management- Products, Orders & Invoice: Manage the products and services you offer to the customers and associate it with the accounts. Track inventory and the interest of the customer as well as maintain the price book, generate orders & invoice directly from the system.


Sales Forecasting: Sales forecasting is an inseparable part of sales, which becomes easy with the SalezShark Sales Process Management System. Sales forecasting is like a compass; it gives you brief about where your business is heading towards and helps you in making smarter and informed choices. In a few clicks, you can have a brief view of all deals and can analyze the forecasted revenue of your organization.


Advantages of SalezShark Sales Process Management System

The sales process is the most crucial and vital part of any company. Most of the time Sales teams work under pressure of target, and in such scenarios, it is the duty of Senior Managers of the company to motivate their team, generate positivity and look for something which can make their sales process a smooth sail. The challenges which generally any sales team face are related to lead generation, building a robust B2B database and company directory, managing leads, converting leads into sales and creating sales reports. Apart from all these tedious and repetitive manual tasks, they also need to arrange a meeting with customers over the call, write emails, address queries of prospects, and engage existing customers. These manual and repetitive tasks consume a lot of productive time of sales teams’ which can be utilized in core sales activities. To fix all these challenges, SalezShark Sales automation System works as a savior for the sales team. It guides them to focus more on core sales, formulate sales strategies, and implement them to achieve desired goals.


SalezShark Sales Process Management System manages leads or contacts and tracks the progress of prospects. It stores a B2B database and helps the sales and marketing team to identify new leads. It handles tasks for sales and marketing teams by analyzing data and defining useful customer groups.


Sales Process Management System facilitates your sales team in automating the manual, repetitive tasks like documentation, writing and sending emails, inventory management, contract management, and pricing. It helps your sales team in reducing the tedious and repetitive manual tasks and allows them to work on core sales activities. It makes your sales team’s work simple in identifying leads and converting those leads to valuable customers. SalezShark Sales Process Management System offers some other significant advantages too that helps you to create a business roadmap to success. Let’s look into a few:


Quick Closures of Deal: SalezShark Sales Process System amplifies the process of deal closure. Shooting personalized emails and quotes to prospects and existing clients becomes comfortable with SalezShark Sales Process Management System. Undoubtedly any organization’s primary objective to use a sales process management system is to manage their contacts and account to enhance sales productivity.

Lead Identification: It helps your sales team to track more leads through various metrics. You can also gauge the performance of your marketing campaigns, which facilitates you to create and present reports in front of decision-makers.


Boost Productivity: SalezShark Sales Process Management System also mobile-friendly, so it helps those businessmen and employees who are engaged in meetings and conferences or always traveling; it allows them to access their sales and marketing campaign performance anytime from anywhere. It also helps senior managers to get in touch with their subordinates remotely.


Intelligent Insights: It helps you to make the right decisions at the right time. Through various reports and dashboards, you can analyze the performance of your campaign and can build future sales and marketing strategies.


SalezShark Sales Process System helps your business to grow leaps and bounds. It gives you a competitive edge as your sales team gets more time to perform core sales activities and achieve desired results. It is an essential part of your sales that automates and simplifies the entire sales cycle. It helps you to nurture leads more effectively, streamline your sales pipeline, and also track your ongoing and future sales opportunities. In the absence of a sales process management system, your sales team may miss out on an upcoming sales lead or forget to follow up with a prospect. These are only a few benefits of the SalezShark Sales Process Management System; however, the list is endless.


Hopefully, now, after gaining a better understanding of the Sales Management and Sales Process Management System, you know how it benefits your organization. To get the most out of the Sales Process System, you have to be selective regarding the features that suit your business requirements and can boost our organization’s productivity. Your selection of the best Sales Process Management System can either make or break our business. You must think about our organization’s objectives; analyze your long-term and short-term goals when investing in Sales Process Management System. Choosing the right Sales Process Management System is not just a monetary investment, but it is also a time-consuming process for your sales and marketing team.


So, don’t wait more and stop wondering if SalezShark Sales Process Management System lives up to the hype.

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