SalezShark MyOperator integration offers everything your business telephony needs

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Sales

If you want to boost your sales efforts by using the telephony integration then you must go for SalezShark MyOperator business telephony integration which offers you the ability to make more sales through its efficient time management and effective tools. It is easy to set up that offers a highly user-friendly UI that is easier for you and your team to adapt. It also amplifies your marketing activities by automatically keeping a track of pending marketing calls and follow-ups. This powerful integration automatically generates a daily list of calls and follow-ups so you can contact the right prospect at the right time. Hence none of the leads is missed and you can maintain strong communication with leads. Let us explore how the SalezShark MyOperator business telephony integration helps.

 MyOperator integration

Call to customers/prospects

SalezShark MyOperator business telephony integration automatically logs your call list into the contact database portal and enables you to say no to manually uploading call data. If you wish to make a call outside the CRM then it also gives you an option to manually upload your call data. It enables you to generate tele-leads by calling prospects directly from your system.

Record calls

The powerful SalezShark MyOperator business telephony integration records every calls dialed or received that later helps in providing training to sales and marketing reps.; also it comes in handy when any reference is required from the call history. Hence it helps you to train your team of sales and marketing executives that help in delivering impeccable customer service and anytime you wish you can track the call records.

Forward calls

In case you are not sitting at your workstation you don’t need to worry you just need to simply use the call forwarding feature to attend calls while you are away from your workstation. You can also forward calls directly to your smartphone or to other landlines. Hence even in busy schedules and situations when you are away from your workstation you can dial and receive calls from prospects/customers and stay in touch with them.


By leveraging the SalezShark MyOperator business telephony integration you can create automated follow-up calls in a few clicks.  Even after every call, you finish the follow-up call can be scheduled to stay in touch with prospects. By using this feature of automated follow-ups you can never miss a follow-up with prospects and existing customers. You get follow-up reminders and notifications that help you to contact prospects at the right time.

Audience Segmentation

SalezShark MyOperator business telephony integration also enables you to segment your contact database based on age, gender, location, preferences, and so on that helps in delivering a personalized customer experience. Hence by segmenting your contact database based on the geography, previous call interactions, and so on it gets easy to personalize with customers and quickly address their issues.

Reports & analytics

Last but not least, SalezShark MyOperator business telephony integration tracks the call of every sales and marketing agent. It automatically monitors their conversations and identifies gaps to upgrade the upcoming sales strategies. These auto-generated reports help the sales and marketing teams to understand what went wrong or right in the past interactions and how they can make it better in the future.

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