Implementing Business Intelligence Service in a Sales Call

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Sales

Since time immemorial, sales have played a major role to shape structure, trajectory, growth and future of an organization. It has the ability to sabotage business and the potential to elevate success of a company, lifting it from a micro to macro level. At present, it has progressively emerged as an essential part of a success plan, efficiently poised to spur economic growth.

Today, to achieve success against all odds, businesses are consistently integrating sales management software in daily operations. Such technologies have helped businesses to harness the power of sales and achieve success at a fair pace. Beside innovations in technology, it is equally imperative for a sales representative, to know the client. Making calls, converting prospects into opportunities is no child’s play. Speaking right things at the right time plays a crucial role to build relations with the customer alongside marking sales. Let’s take a look at a few important aspects that can help you bag some great opportunities!

a.  Research- Do a thorough research on your prospect on Sales CRM Software. You should be well versed with his business background, his interests, the products that his company uses, even his business partners. When you know the person you are talking, you are more likely to frame your sentences in a way that he would like to hear them. You will be able to give out the information that your prospects actually seeks, thus fulfilling his requirements effectively.

b.  Be Professional- You can imagine the number of sales calls a business head would be receiving all throughout the day. So, it is important that he finds something different in the way you communicate with him. Standing outside of the crowd is the key. Hence, make sure that you set a professional tone right at the beginning of your conversation. Create a professional greeting instead of simply saying “hello” like the other 100 sales reps who may be calling him.

c.  Introduce Yourself- An effective introduction is a must. Jumping straight to selling your product will only lead you losing the prospect completely. When you introduce yourself and your company, the client would understand that you really mean business and are not merely interested in selling products that he may not require.

d.  Meeting before Presenting- After you have generated curiosity in his mind for your product, it is now time to really understand your prospect’s requirement. Schedule a meeting or a call wherein he would give out the information for you to be able to draft impactful product information. This will give you an idea for customizing your sales presentation accordingly.

e. Follow Up- Post the discussion, when your prospect gives you a presentation date, ensure that you send a conformation mail immediately after the call. This will give your prospect a chance to save his date and have his calendar marked. By doing this you are also reducing the chances of him cancelling the appointment.

Today, to be ahead of market competition at all times, it is imperative to implement the above practices. Alongside, maintain prolific record of each customer in a CRM software for future reference, to deliver best-in-class results with heightened sales.

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