Best Voicemails Strategies to Get You More Callbacks

by | Aug 1, 2017 | Sales

With the ascension complete Sales Automation, bolstered by the powerful CRM software, technology has taken up sales force by storm. Yet, one would be foolish to give up old tropes of technology for the new, and use of voicemails is at the top of the list.

Best Voicemails Strategies to Get You More Callbacks

Voicemails should be an integral part of any overall contact strategy as it increases the rate of response. Suppose you have not got hold of the prospect due to his/her busy schedule prospect and have left a killer reminder- this would intrigue the prospect to get up and reach out, as they open their eyes to your unique solution. The question doesn’t lie in whether to use the power of voicemail, but on the quality of voicemails doled out.  Here are some things to think about:

  1. Maximise on the start

For an excellent result, the start needs to be stellar. Every voicemail starts off exactly the same way: “I am xx from xxxx”, a statement which is so basic that prospects end up not paying attention.  The purpose of grabbing attention for the value you bring, gets lost. Come up with a fresh opening line- quirky and engaging. If you pack in the punch at the start, chances to come out with a loyal customer would be more likely.

  1. Keep it snappy

We, as humans, have always struggled against the constraints of time. No wonder, the statement “too much to do, too little time” has been more than often quoted. As working individuals waging a battle against the gods of time, a meandering, mundane voicemail can be the cause of sheer annoyance. To be considerate of the prospect’s precious time frame and to capitulate on their constrictive attention span, it is wise to keep the message short and snappy.

  1. Cut off the pitch

You fundamentally can’t sell your solution in a voicemail- a point that sales professionals often forget. It is always profitable to pique interests with a compelling value statement, instead of the over-reiterated sales pitch. Prospects are wary of the term “sales”, so you need to tread carefully. Prospecting is all about earning their interest, as sale happens naturally after that. Aim for attaining a response of “How do you do that?”, mirroring that of a live conversation.

  1. Get personal

We are all trained to pay attention when we hear our own name. So dropping prospect’s name in   midst of the conversation may sound simple but in actuality, it is very effective. Familiarity is a feeling that comes as a refreshing change to the age-old conversation of fulfilling mutual demands. Referring by the first name signifies a solidarity and warmth towards the prospect, keeping respect in mind.

  1. Create mystery

Our love for mystery has been as old as time, so no wonder this tactic can be effectively used by a sales professional leaving a voicemail. An ideal voicemail piques the interest- it leave prospect wondering, urging him to respond on an immediate basis. Leave a unique proposition for your prospect to latch on. When cold calling, leaving voicemails, sending e-mails, you should always try to stand out in some way. Make your USP shine through the slew of competition.

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