Top Sales Questions to Ask on Sales Call

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Published on August 19, 2020

During calls, where you simply ask, “Tell me about your greatest difficulties with your present arrangement,” and proceeding onward, isn’t sufficient. You should test with follow-up addresses that will give your leads the certainty to share the genuine obstacles they’re confronting.

Here’s an extensive rundown of top probing sales qualifying questions you can request that purchasers get personally acquainted with their circumstance and figure possible arrangements. Furthermore, remember: examining questions are as much about tuning in as they are tied in with talking. Ensure you’re truly tuning in to your leads’ reactions, so you realize just which inquiry to pose straightaway.

Sales Questions to Ask on Sales Call

Table of Contents

1. How can we help you?
2. Do you have any preference with regards to the solution?
3. Is there anything I may have missed?
4. Have I covered everything?
5. What other alternatives have you considered?
6. Could you please give me some background on your current role?
7. How are you seeking to do this work/project/engagement?
8. Why isn’t this particular service/product/situation/issue working for you right now?
9. Can you shed light more about the current situation/problem?
10. How long are you having this issue/problem?
11. How is it affecting your organization/customers/employees?
12. How did these problems/issues first come about? What were the original causes?
13. How severe is the problem?
14. What kind of return or payoff will you be expecting if you get a desired resolution of the problem?
15. How often do you think the problem has come up where you weren’t even aware of it?
16. Who is ultimately responsible for this?
17. Can you share an estimate as to how much it costs you?
18. Why have you been dealing with this for so long?
19. What’s your role in this situation/issue/problem?
20. What bothers you the most about this situation/issue/problem?
21. What have you done in the past to address the problem?
22. Did you use this type of product/service in the past?
23. Does this affect other parts of the business?
24. What has prevented you from fixing this in the past?
25. What kind of timeline are you looking forward in fixing this?
26. How long have you been thinking about it?
27. Do you have any idea about the plans of your competition in regard to this?
28. Do they also suffer the same problem?
29. Is this problem new to your organization?
30. Is this an industry-wide problem?
31. What is your strategy to fix this type of problem?
32. Who supports this action?
33. Does your competition also faces these type of problems?
34. What goals and objectives do you have for this?
35. What is your biggest challenge?
36. What are your key objectives?
37. What options are you currently looking for?
38. What options have you already tried & tested?
39. How important is this need (on a scale of 1-10)?
40. If you could have things the way you wanted, what would it look like?
41. Have you got any questions you’d like to ask me?
42. What is important to you in finding a solution to this?
43. What are your top three requirements that this solution just has to have?
44. How soon would you like to move with this?
45. What other factors have we not discussed that are important to you?
46. Are there any other areas I haven’t asked you about that are important?
47. What sense of urgency do you have here?
48. What else should I know?
49. If you could design the perfect solution, what would it look like, how much would you spend, and how long would it go for?
50. What are the long-term effects of the problem?
51. What are the intangible effects of the problem?
52. Do you know in what other areas the problem is costing you money?
53. Can you see how much money you/your organization loses every day by not solving this issue?
54. Does the issue cause problems with employee morale?
55. Is this problem affecting productivity?
56. How does the problem ultimately affect your current customers?
57. Can you see how this problem/issue can give your competition a competitive advantage?
58. If you were in your competitors’ shoes, how would you take advantage of this?
59. If you were your competition, what would you do right now?
60. How much does this problem cost you in man-hours/time?

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