Sales Hacks to Close More Deals

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Published on May 27, 2020

Sales reps face a one of a kind arrangement of efficiency challenges; their days are managed by the impulses and likes of clients and possibilities. Inarguably, we can’t subvert the significance of sales management in current organizations. They might be the troopers out in the field, however, sales management endows them with walking orders, preparing them for the fight to come. In every sales team, sales managers are the most remarkable purpose of influence, and equipping them with the right tools and preparing to deal with the salesmen will deliver profits far into what’s to come. We’ve done a huge amount of research on sales hacks to close more deals, and how it very well may be simpler and progressively effective for you as the business head. Presently, we’re putting our useful sales hacks across the board place :

Mirror your prospect

According to successful sales managers, mirroring your prospective client’s tone and cadence can help you win them, get his/her attention, and consequently influence them. If he/she talks loudly, then you should talk loudly too. If he/she draws long pauses in between sentences, do the same. If he/she starts jumps out of the window, you know what you have to do!

LinkedIn Ads

It’s a well-known fact that LinkedIn can be a powerful (and free!) tool for researching and connecting with prospects. #LinkedIn Ads can help you filter and target your specific audience where you can easily create personalized ads for the decision-makers at companies you want to connect to. You can easily offer a free trial of your product, or offer tips to solve a business challenge through the Ad. To instantly grab their attention, be bold, forego generic protocol, and call out their company by name!


They say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. In this modern era, your frienemies! Salespeople are always taught to connect to the target audience through LinkedIn, but befriending (on social media at least) your competitors will help you map and track their actions. Not many are aware of the particular privacy setting, where you can see when the people in your circle have a new connection. The trick is to connect with the reps at your competitor companies and via news feed you will be notified when they have a new connection. Use this time-sensitive information to send an email! It’s a make or break situation in Sales!

Tighten your lead selection criteria

Use your Sales CRM, sales management software and lead tracking management to identify the type of sales leads that are more likely to convert to customers. Kill the unlikely ones immediately. It might feel like you’re cutting corners, but spending your time on highly qualified prospects who have expressed interest rather than with ambivalent leads, is definitely worth it. CRM and sales software can help you prioritize leads that are most important to your business.

Set the bar high

When sales goals are high yet achievable, there is something worth pursuing and your team needs to believe that anything’s possible. If you achieve only 70% of a stretch goal, you’re doing better than achieving 100% of a mediocre goal, as long as there is collective effort to fuel the success!

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