Sales Reps Should Check 7 Things before Hitting ‘Send’

by | Jan 7, 2020 | SaaS


Sales Reps Should Check 7 Things before Hitting 'Send'

As a new year begins, it’s an excellent time to assess our tactics, routines, and strategies. Are you satisfied with the revenue that your email campaigns generate, or is it time to re-work on certain practices? Sometimes, we get stuck and need a little refresher to ensure our email marketing practices continue to engage and get more subscribers. As per one random survey, email is 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than any other social media portal like Facebook or Twitter, but in the end, it will only be effective if you are using it right. Here are seven things that any sales rep should check before hitting “send” on email campaigns:

Inspect the test email thoroughly: Inspect your test email thoroughly, check twice if the images are in-line as expected? Check size if it fits in your screen, and is it readable? Is the text rendered correctly? Is the font size right? Are the custom colors helpful or disturbing? Also, open your message on your mobile to check for the very same things. If you have any tablet or a large monitor, then try them too.

Check the links: Make sure the links work by clicking on each one. Check if they open the right websites? Run this test in an incognito mode of your window. Maybe few links display the right content for your admin account but are useless for other users.

Proofread: Proofread the email several times. Read it thoroughly from the recipient’s perspective. Think whether everything is making sense. Use a spell checker such as Grammarly to spot the most obvious errors.

Will the subject line convert? The subject line creates a first impression on recipients’ minds, and it impacts their decision about opening your email. Make sure the topic is making sense. Give the recipient an insight into what they can expect inside instead or using very generic subject lines. Avoid spammy titles too. Also, check the length of the subject line as the ideal length of a subject line should be 50 or fewer characters.

Make the message short and concise: Check if the main message of your email is precise, readable, and directly meeting the recipient’s needs or not.

Check CTA: Your email should have an appropriate CTA that prompts your prospect to take some action. Your CTA’s can be like, “Let’s Fix a Meeting” or “Let’s Schedule a Demo”.  Using Call-to-Action enhances your chances of getting a response to the email. Your CTA should encourage a click, and in your email, there should be one clear CTA that gives your email recipients a clear direction.

Are the images loading quickly? Check if the images are getting downloaded quickly from your test mail. Many recipients aren’t that patient and will move on to the next email before yours get loaded. If the image size is heavy, then resize your images without losing too much quality.

So these were few measures to keep in mind before sending marketing emails. You just need to analyze a bit more and you will stumble upon ample other valuable tips. As we know, practice makes perfect, so the more emails you send, the more ideas you will have for improving your next email marketing campaign. If you work on it diligently, it will yield results swiftly.

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