Best Responses to “Sell Me This Pen”

by | May 18, 2017 | SaaS

Coined by Jordan Belfort, the question, “Sell me this pen” has become the mirror for the salespeople to demonstrate their selling skills. The way it’s answered is a reflection of salesperson’s street-smart skills, along with an in-depth knowledge of the consumers.

Best Responses to “Sell Me This Pen

Importance of Pen Question

When interviewer/buyer asks to “sell me this pen”, there is no scope for gimmicky answer – he/she desires to witness the marketers capability in efficiently executing a basic sales call. One might think that something as basic as a pen can be easily sold- on contrary, often, there is no foolproof answer with salespeople to answer it. Yet, confidence and charisma are the two deciding factors that help here. A single lacking from the marketer’s point and the buyer immediately calls out his/her ruse.

The Best Answers I Have Ever Heard

  • What’s in it for me-Features based: Every consumer would seek the benefits he/she would be rewarded with, before buying any product- it should be a lifestyle augmentor. So, here you list a bunch of exciting features that the product has. Focus on customers’ needs and provide unique value to their daily functionalities.
  • What’s new in it for me-Solution based: Everyone has their unique set of demands and hunt for novelty factor in whatever they access. The product that provides the closest possible solution in a novelty-based fashion is the one that garners a huge fan following. Unsheathe the distinctive aspects of the product to potentially solve his problems.

And now comes my favourite..

  • Why do I buy it right now-Need of the hour: Here you answer the requirements in a timebound-scale! You have to be on your toes to prove that their product/service is the messiah of the hour. Highlight the problem and then the enormity of the solution provided to them. As every sinking ship requires the timely use of lifeboats, salesperson must build up an opportunate need of the hour to efficiently convince the prospect.


Moral of The Story

A good sales person is who solves the problem but best are the ones who create and then solve the problem.

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