Reasons why SMEs need SalezShark CRM Today

Written By salezshark

Published on January 22, 2019

Any organization that has grown as an established one; or perhaps still in the growing stage will always be in the need of best Reasons why SMEs need SalezShark CRM Today,  that would promote customer satisfaction, productivity and collaboration in the business. As your business progresses, you will transform the inevitable pains into scalable business strategies that facilitate to adopt a CRM solution for better customer relationships and lead management. With a gradual increase in SMEs like yours, there has been a significant hike in the adoption of CRM system that helps to meet sales goals and drive better revenue. Referring to the research of Capterra, here are some few statistics that will compel you to invest in CRM for future growth & profitability.

  • 65% of SMEs now invest in CRM within the very first year
  • More than half of top-notch companies adopt CRM to boost sales and productivity
  • 80% businesses that prefer to use CRM in their organization witnessed a great hike in lead generation
  • More than half of CRM users reported a significant impact of customer satisfaction in their day-to-day experiences.
  • 6 out of 10 businesses that use CRM experienced an improved access to critical customer data

Based on the statistics, we are highlighting 6 prevalent signs that loudly say your business needs a CRM.

  1. No Clue of Leads & Deals

If your salespeople use excel, Google sheets, or sticky notes to keep the track of sales leads, then it’s high time to adopt a CRM. Your manager is already on his toes to remind you of your sales target and it is your responsibility that any opportunity with prospects or clients should not to be missed, even if it is of any dire consequences.  An investment in CRM would definitely result in the effective sales pipeline management and eventually a planned sales information.

  1. Poor Customer Support

Providing customer satisfaction is always the bedrock of any business but with the rise of social media, it has become the utmost priority to offer great customer experience at every stage. As this Forbes article points out, “It takes 12 positive experiences to repair the damage caused by a single unresolved negative one.“

With a little help from CRM solution, you can plan and implement customer centric approach to resolve customer queries and grievances for better customer relationships.

  1. No Visibility of Your Last Activity

Did you follow-up with your last sent email? Was the call made within the 24 hours of the demo? Did you rectify the customer complaint and reach him again for any further support? In such cases where you are completely clueless about your team work or where exactly the prospect’s interest drop off, you need to implement a sales CRM into your organization. With time-saving features such as scheduling alerts & reminders, you can easily manage & track teamwork on the go.

  1. No Communication within Organization

The sales team is assigned to bring the revenue, while the customer support is dedicated to resolve customer queries. In situations where your staff is not using the CRM, it would be completely difficult to track the sales stage of any lead, or who is taking what next step with the prospect. However, it only adds the already existing sales concerns, both internally & for your customers. The sales CRM can facilitate salespeople to get proper insights of every sales stage and assist in providing significant details about the feasibility of sales goals and target.

  1. Loss of Data

Even in the age of newest innovation and technological advancement, many organizations are at risk of losing their valuable information and significant data when any decision maker leaves the company. In cases when you don’t have a proper CRM, your prospects might just walk away from your door due to the missing information. Hence it is essential to keep your leads data at one place that should be accessible by every team member. Besides, with the implementation of CRM, you’ll have better understanding of data analysis and sales reporting to nurture your customer relationships.

  1. One CRM for Various Department

Even if you are not selling, nor having a formal customer service program, you can still enjoy substantial benefits of CRM by integrating with accounting software for better sales and accounting communication in regard to billing cycle, forecasting and modifying accounts receivables. With such data-sync initiatives, you no longer have to maintain the hard copies of accounts, estimates, contacts and other sales data. If everyone in the organization will be heading towards one specific goal of nurturing relationships with your customers, vendors, clients and partners, you will automatically enhance the team’s productivity.