Quick Ways to Let Your Customers Know You Love Them

Written By salezshark

Published on March 14, 2016

“Customers gravitate towards pleasant experiences”

A good relationship with your customer helps ease the negotiation process, ensures future revenues by making your clients receptive to upselling and open doors to various other prospects. It has the potential to powerfully spur your business growth from micro to the macro level.

To harness such benefits, it is imperative for sales personals to build a rapport with each customer. You should progressively let your clients know that you love them, eliminating their desire to go to a different provider. Currently, through various technology-based tools such as Leads Management Software Solutions and more, you can effortlessly learn customer traits that would assist you to initiate the right conversation & build prolific relations with them.

Let’s take a quick look at a few opportunities/ strategies to strike such conversations:


The Internet has become a brilliant source to communicate with prospects. Mentioned below are the three chief occasions to communicate with customers via the internet.

  1. Social Media: Social platforms mobilize your customer engagement. Today, you can efficiently follow your prospects and existing customers on social channels. Being a part of their social media campaigns through your posts, tweets and comments can help you initiate a dialog as well as get recognized.
  1. Blogs: Subscribe to your customer blogs or find articles that they are quoted in to leave thoughtful comments. This will make you be where your customer is.
  1. Google Alerts: Set up an alert on the person and his company’s name. It will allow you to reconnect with something to offer such as greetings, industry trends or even information about other players. Such alerts give you a chance to build a personal connection with your customers, besides work.


Do u remember the phrase ‘Out of sight, out of mind’?

Ensure you arrange regular meetings with your customers. Meeting and greeting them consistently will keep you in touch with them. Today, nothing beats face-to-face communication. However, in case difficult, you can take the technological- route and initiate a telephonic, email or a Skype conversation as well.


Make your customer feel like a king- This is one of my favorite advices.

Request them for feedback and suggestions on your products and services. Ask them for recommendations/ gratuitous inputs for improvement. Such practice will certainly make them feel important and help you in your endeavour to letting them know that you love them.

Besides this, such advice’s will also help you populate the Sales CRM for your future reference.

Today, building a relationship with your customer is one step. However, nurturing such relationships through all stages completes the entire- lifecycle. Therefore, rapport building should be considered as a regular activity and not just a one- time action.